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  1. Continued Lack of Officials

    Correct. Only home game Girvan have had linesmen was in the Scottish against Cutler.
  2. Girvan

    Think it was William Watchings
  3. By your same logic it should be fine then for Glasgow teams to come down to Girvan midweek. So both renfrew and girvan have no game next wed, so it makes sense to play it then.
  4. I think everyone at Girvan are wanting and expecting midweek games going forward. They will probably play Mon, Wed next week, probably being away to Yoker or Maryhill on the Monday night.
  5. Most of Girvan's players are from Kilmarnock and Ayr so midweek ties to Maryhill, Clydebank and Yoker wouldn't be too bad.
  6. Weather watch

    How's the Rutherglen park looking for today Glensmad?
  7. Games Off Saturday 6th Feb

    Maybole vs Cumbernauld is on
  8. Ardrossan are playing Hill of Beath on Saturday. Does this mean the game against Maybole is a reserve fixture incase that game is off?
  9. Weather this weekend

    Games are rarely off at Dam Park so think Whitletts game will be on.
  10. GAMES ...ON...21-11-15...

    Maybole vs Blantyre vics is on
  11. Festive Period Fixtures

    So guess clubs have not had the choice to not play on 27th as there is a full card of fixtures up for this date