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  1. I will join Club DOSS. The term dece is utterly tragic.
  2. I just bought a case as well today, it is not bad IMO leaves a refreshing taste.
  3. 9-9 now great shot to win the point for the USA.
  4. Appleton just hammered Van Boening 5-0 impressive performance from the Dynamite! 9-6 to Europe over night.
  5. Feijen, when asked about the handshake "It was no big deal" The crowd have been hit and miss they make a cracking atmosphere. However, they have been poor when the Americans are about to hit their shot.
  6. Haters love me.

    Because I am Mr P and I'm awesome!

  7. Just shows how the WWE has falling, Rybak in the main event this better be some kind of joke. Like Parsa said above his matches last like 5 minutes and he is incapable on the mic.
  8. The best parts of the show were Bryan/Kane and CM Punk again. Punk speaks the truth Cena will soon be in triple figures on how many title shots he get's, I understand he does a lot for the company but he should let others get a chance, I am personally hoping he is out for a while and it is Taker vs Punk at HITC which Parsa mentioned above.
  9. Yes, we are combining our two slots on the list, so none of us will be doing a solo just a duet. We will take Parscelona's slot, so someone can fill in the gaps like your game and then Kyle's or something.
  10. TRS, looks like the fun is over, Ludo showed up...
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