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  1. Whitburn management team have now resigned, this may be where the former Stoneyburn management team end up ??
  2. Wishaw announcing more signings tomorrow.... What price are you getting on Sammy Watson ? My Question is obvious, why didn’t these quality players want to stay at the Hoose ?? Moving on what will attract punters to Park View ?
  3. There will be interest in DD, Sammy and Mattie amongst others, no doubt about it !!
  4. What is going on at the club ? Mikey Wallace away to Sygenta We find out through the Sygenta FB page. Aiden Ward and Ewan Herriot away to Wishaw, again we find out through the Wishaw FB page. All very quiet at FUFC... Any news on a new manager ? Should we expect a mass exodus of players ? 3 quality players have left... Silence is deafening !!! What does the future hold ??
  5. See it now thanks [emoji106] Confirmation will be at the next game !! Who is present ! Hopefully get a game soon [emoji460]️
  6. Thanks for the reply Pasty Man I was informed Deano had left as well ?? Stephen McMillan helps out in emergencies! Who is Scott Edgar ? Maybe as low as 15 with 2 goalies ?? Rather depleted - Not Great ! Or is your list confirmed ?
  7. Who are the confirmed leavers in recent weeks. I understand the manager and all the coaches are away.. What players have left ? Do we still have sufficient squad numbers to compete for silverware ? Messi, McIlveen, Azza are away... Anymore ? Any arrivals ? Nothing much at all coming from the official / fans FB account.
  8. Sorry to hear that JC but you have to stand by your morals and principles. I am just concerned how things progress from here.... Still in strong contention for everything domestically. If there is a massive exodus of players, coaches as well as the manager things are looking rather grim !! I am coming from a community viewpoint. The quicker we have a clear statement on recent events and the plans for the future the better !! It’s always a concern when an EGM is called, Something is clearly amiss All the best going forward, you certainly brought more professionalism to the Hoose. Conduct suspect at times but let’s put that down to passion [emoji23]
  9. Very well said !! The longer it takes the more attention it gathers. It would seem the FUFC hierarchy find themselves in an uncomfortable position ??
  10. Announcements and comments on social media, but no official statement from the club. Deafening Silence !! Poor show, what players do we have left ? Who will lead the team during the interim period ? Do we have a team ? From the outside looking in when the squad is being strengthened surely it’s with a collective vision for the future from everyone involved at the club ?? Have the management and players been led up the garden path regarding moving out of the East Region Juniors ? As a mere paying punter who takes pleasure in taking my son along it all seems an absolute shambles.
  11. Fauldhouse very poor today. Livingston thoroughly deserved the victory. Livingston wanted it more, first to every ball and pressed the game. Fauldhouse have hit a poor run of results. Clear at the top of the Super league and now sitting 3rd. First 2 goals came from short corners being swung in, Fauldhouse not switched on and Livingston much sharper ! Is this just a blip ? Or is it down to changes in personnel ? team morale ? lots of arguing and bickering going on... It’s like self destruct, form is plummeting ! Let’s get back on track starting next week at Pumphy !!
  12. Signing news tonight... I’m hoping JJ Henderson has put FUFC onto a couple of his Ex Whitburn teammates.... For me Reece Duncan / Martin Russell would slot in nicely. Martin is a winner and has a good bit of dig Reece is a flying machine - Quality player.
  13. Excellent performance Everybody to a man burst a gut tonight. Pass marks all over the park. - Wardy covered every blade of grass. - DD’s goal was breathtaking (was like did that just happen ?) - Matty in goal what a talent MOTM
  14. No doubt gribbs is class but at time of him leaving smikes and Jack were holding the Jerseys and he is at the stage he just wanted to play at his age and I couldn't guarantee that at that point. Unfortunately circumstances change with players works, personal lifes ect that cant be helped or controlled and when they become unavailable this late in the season it's not ideal for a manager. With our current financial situation due to this league we cant go buy anyone so it's a case of using contacts to find available players to replace boys. I'll admit this season has been horrendous for boys having to give up Saturday's due to work I've counted 6 this season alone for us these are things that weren't an issue when boys sign but unfortunately its situations we need to deal with and get on with it. I've lost out on top junior players purely down to the travelling in our league. We have had boys rave about our set up ect then put off with travelling. I get the fans frustration but I can assure them nobody is more frustrated than myself I understand the Gribbs situation.. JC Hutchison I believe needed to play as well, Yes the players coming in reflect a lack of transfer funds, bringing in free’s, loans and ex players. Travelling is a nightmare, hopefully there will be more local matches and revenue as a result of league reconstruction. It must be frustrating for you, another downside of current status is the lack of competition for places, ideally if there was strength in depth the players would all have to be on their A game and peak fitness. One things for sure your captain is a great example.. no frills just 100% effort and commitment leading by example.... Thanks for taking the time to reply in detail.
  15. Can I ask why its worrying? And yes there is loads the paying fans don't see or hear about Losing fringe players I understand, I also get the fact that players come and go. It’s a concern because the overall quality of the team suffers when you lose decent players. I watched Gribbs first game for Armadale in front of a healthy crowd at Volunteer Park he was a class above.
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