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  1. Went to the 6pm screening tonight. Phoenix' portrayal of a man decending into madness is both heart breaking and terrifying. There were moments in the film when I wanted to just look away but couldn't, it really is a tough watch in bits but the pay off is more than worth it. I was a bit concerned with the level of violence that was being reported in some of the msm as that sort of thing doesn't really float my boat. Feck knows what film some of the reviewers were watching as there's very little and there was only the one scene where I thought it was remotely graphic. Finally the score is one of the best I've heard in any film ever. It's simply stunning. 9.5/10
  2. Didn't even know this was a thing Mini series starring Robert Carlyle to be released this autumn. Great to see it set at the time of the book and album rather than in the present day. Might be worth keeping an eye on
  3. Offt! D.A.F.C going full Malky. You never want to go full Malky
  4. Doubt it. Possibly tomorrow, more likely Monday Edit sweeper beat me too it!
  5. I've gone with the dwarf based solely on the fact he's got a Scottish accent. Only spent a couple of hours on it so far and have no idea what I'm doing. Going to have to read a couple of guides/YouTube I think to get a better idea of how all the stats and what not impact on the game
  6. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Goonies Ferris Bullers Day Off Stand by Me Top Gun Shawshank Redemption This is Spinal Tap Bladerunner E.T Aliens The Big Labowski
  7. Got it downloading at the moment. I'm a bit shit at RPGs if I'm being honest so not sure what I'm letting myself into. It's supposed to be a bit of a beast by all accounts
  8. I've been in the Dundee casino a few times. It's alright and the food isn't bad either. Always thought there was a musty kind of smell though. Not sure if that's just me/ particular to that casino, or if they all smell like that
  9. Final trailer before it's release in October Think this could be up there as one of the films of the year
  10. Not sure this changes much to be honest. There was already so little time left to do anything constructive through Parliment. All Boris is doing is playing to the gallery and poking the remainer MPs with a big stick. He'll be hoping those on the remain side become utterly seething, turn to the electorate and say 'see, this is what I'm having to deal with' and then go for an election hoping for an increased majority. The depressing thing is it'll probably work.
  11. FFS close the thread! If the chants from the Pars fans are accurate then it's fucking embarrassing (from a pars fan who wasn't at the game). No one is going to police the fans better than the fans themselves. We're better than this. As for Celtic fans taking the moral high ground......Just f**k off!!
  12. Renton dishing out telts like confetti
  13. The Staircase Seen this on Netflix for a while but never got round to watching it. Got through it over the weekend and thought it was superb. Documentary series following the death of a woman and subsequent murder charge and trial of the husband.
  14. One of my favourite characters and film of all time
  15. I hate that w****r more than Boris to be honest
  16. On a completely different topic, it's great seeing Mark Radcliffe looking so well
  17. Great stuff. Technical ability of both these teams is superb
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