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  1. Pretty obvious, David Attenborough. Would also go with Ryan Reynolds
  2. Apologies for dropping into your thread but I'm heading through to Falkirk on Monday to see the Killers. I've got no idea about where's best to park! Any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. Said it on the original thread, this place can be brutal at times but it's good to see that when the shit hits the fan we can all pull together. Get well Hoose Rice, I'll be looking out for you on your return
  4. Despite being a pars fan there are times when I fucking love football
  5. Can only advise to persevere, the payoff and storytelling is well worth it
  6. This is fucking brilliant!!
  7. Released in cinemas on the 25th of this month the film is getting rave reviews from critics who have seen it. Still got fond memories of sneaking into the cinema to see the first one as I was underage at the time. Thinking that this will be one of those films that has to be seen on the big screen to fully appreciate it
  8. Hellblade:Senua's Sacrafice This was one of the first games I downloaded from Gamepass when I got the Series X over a year ago. Tried on several occasions to get into it but just couldn't. Thought I would give it one last try over the weekend. f**k me! Absolutely loved it. It's only about 9hrs long, the gameplay is fairly linear, puzzles and combat are relatively basic but what a story. A serious attempt to depict psychosis through your character, a pictish teenager called Senua, this game moved me in ways a game has never done before. Don't mind admitting I was in absolute bits by the end. Sequel coming out later this year, can't wait!
  9. Yip, me too. It's been a bit dodgy the last few days but it's now completely unusable
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