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  1. On a completely different topic, it's great seeing Mark Radcliffe looking so well
  2. Great stuff. Technical ability of both these teams is superb
  3. Japan playing out the back is great to watch
  4. I doubt it. In fact did he not argue for the Secretary of State for Scotland to be scrapped?
  5. Ross Thomson Secretary Of State For Scotland Just let that sink in
  6. I think Argentina took the free kick before the sub could get in position. She had literally just stepped onto the pitch when the ball was launched into the box
  7. Good to see some victims starting to push back against these conspiracy nutters https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jun/18/sandy-hook-massacre-victim-father-wins-defamation-lawsuit
  8. Shooting The Past currently up on BBC IPlayer Stars Timothy Spall and written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff. Tells the story of a photographic collection which is in danger of being broken apart and sold. Might not sound that gripping but I can't rate it highly enough. Wonderful piece of drama.
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