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  1. Ex wife is called Karen. I can confirm that she was/is a bitch!
  2. Good to hear that Boris is now taking direct control of the Covid response. Can someone tell me what the f**k he's been doing for the last 3 months.
  3. Sounds like the Westminster Government are starting to peddle back on the 14 day quarantine for new arrivals into the country.
  4. Yip, had a chuckle to my self when police started reporting a masked man on a shop roof with an assault rifle. Turned out it was the shop owner protecting his business. Police were quite happy to let him get on with it. Also reports of gang members clashing with looters
  5. Listening to this after you posted. Sounds like a fucking war zone
  6. Tea for the Tillerman/Cat Stevens Remember growing up in the 70's my mum would have this on all the time. Fair brought back some memories
  7. Sounding like they might have to abort due to weather Edit Welshbairn beat me to it
  8. £100 bet to the charity of your choice that the covid infection increase over the next two weeks. I nominate the MS Society
  9. 'Expected' is a load of shite! Should be compulsory and enforced with a truncheon to the face. Seriously, this is a no brainer
  10. Folk scraping on English beach yesterday. https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/26/huge-fight-breaks-crowded-beach-involving-least-15-men-12759240/ Nice little video of it all kicking off
  11. Boris trying to shut down the Cummings questions
  12. Journalists smelling blood now. Loving it!
  13. It's like a 10 year old has written this shit
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