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  1. I think Malin might be the nicest bloke to ever appear on tv
  2. It's Guising. Get this trick or treating in the sea. And yea, it's turned into another money grab for the supermarkets. Fair play to those who make there own costumes but the off the peg numbers just don't cut it
  3. I'd always assumed MASH was set during the Vietnam war. Only found out recently it was actually the Korean war
  4. New trailer for the Mandalorian Looks fucking ace to be fair
  5. What I find really annoying is tv and radio news presenters telling you the gist of a news item before going to the reporter who then proceeds to tell you the exact same thing almost word for word. Annoys me far more than it should
  6. Japan in full flow are an absolute delight to watch
  7. Went to the 6pm screening tonight. Phoenix' portrayal of a man decending into madness is both heart breaking and terrifying. There were moments in the film when I wanted to just look away but couldn't, it really is a tough watch in bits but the pay off is more than worth it. I was a bit concerned with the level of violence that was being reported in some of the msm as that sort of thing doesn't really float my boat. Feck knows what film some of the reviewers were watching as there's very little and there was only the one scene where I thought it was remotely graphic. Finally the score is one of the best I've heard in any film ever. It's simply stunning. 9.5/10
  8. Didn't even know this was a thing Mini series starring Robert Carlyle to be released this autumn. Great to see it set at the time of the book and album rather than in the present day. Might be worth keeping an eye on
  9. Offt! D.A.F.C going full Malky. You never want to go full Malky
  10. Doubt it. Possibly tomorrow, more likely Monday Edit sweeper beat me too it!
  11. I've gone with the dwarf based solely on the fact he's got a Scottish accent. Only spent a couple of hours on it so far and have no idea what I'm doing. Going to have to read a couple of guides/YouTube I think to get a better idea of how all the stats and what not impact on the game
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