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  1. Todd absolutely desperate to bend his hoop to the Russians in order to get his hot tub back on. You just know he would have been one of those snivelling shitebags cosying up to what ever invader it may have been in order to fluff his own nest. What an utter c**t!
  2. Serbia a bunch of shitebags if this doesn't kick off at full time
  3. I've always held a suspicion that company's would deliberately underestimate your DD payments in order for you to build up debt thus making it harder for you to switch. Only a suspicion mind
  4. If only the yanks could shoot on target they would have had this group wrapped up. Weah with another shot blazed over the bar
  5. Already done so. England v Wales holds absolutely no interest for me. USA V Iran has the potential to be a cracker
  6. Watching ITV4 at the moment and the looks Roy Keane is giving to Ian Wright, fucking hell. Think there might be a murder during the break
  7. Yes. Struggling to think of a poorer team to ever appear in a world cup
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