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  1. I agree, home game for me. Only 1/2 hr for me assuming they do play the match at their home ground. One of my friends Dads helps run them so she is hoping to get a trip to Killie having had to listen to me bang on about us.
  2. I’d go for Chiellini / Broadfoot Centre half pairing, epic levels of shithousery!
  3. 3-0 harsh, signs of improvement. Could always be worse Thailand’s women’s team are currently losing 10-0 to the USA with about 8 minutes to go!
  4. Reminds me of one of Clarke’s first games in charge of Killie when we got beat 3-0 by Hibs but we still cheered Killie off the pitch as we could a) appreciate the effort b) see that there was a a lot more organisation and structure to our play. McLean has been excellent. SOD has had his best game in a Scotland (possibly a bit of backhanded compliment). Fair play to Greg Taylor making your International debut at 21, up against one of the best players in the world and done as good a job at martialing him as many more experienced defenders.
  5. That sounds like a Clarke line up from his Killie time, suspect Burke upfront. Congratulations as well to Billy Bowie for getting that 2 Killie players in every Scotland team clause in the contract when he let Clarke go. Finally thoughts with Greg Taylor, great for the wee man who did this to get a Scotland debut but as it’s against one of the best teams in the world he hopefully will not mind being on the end of a hiding.
  6. Phase IV was a good movie for its time, building a real sense of fear. It just hasn’t aged well. Still 3rd in Ant related movies behind Ant Man and Wasp and the incomparable Them!
  7. It was better than his stint in the EPL with Everton...
  8. I can see something in this and suspect it’s partly the weaknesses in Emilia Clarke’s acting and partly in the scriptwriters. There has been foreshadowing of this throughout the series just maybe to subtle or lost in the myriad of characters and occurrences.
  9. The biggest bit of nonsense about that episode is some of the rubbish written in this thread. Think some of you must have slept through half the series as the episode fulfilled many of the series major acts very well. In season 1 we saw Arya hate ‘The Hound’ for the death of her friend on the way to Kings Landing. She then lost her Father and has spent the remaining seasons being driven by revenge, being trained to be a killing machine. He’s always been dehumanised by being referred to as The Hound, a monster that was created by his truly evil brother, that really wasn’t a monster. When he makes her leave and she then calls him Sandro, the only time in the whole show someone calls him by his real first name, it fulfils the surrogate Father/ daughter role they have had. Great pay off. We then get the fulfilment of the Clegane brothers. The Mountain is a true monster now. A nice little nod to his most eye watering (popping) scene. Followed by a death where it started for them, in fire. Again another great ending to that arc. As for Jamie and Cersei. He’s shown through the entire thing that he loves her and would do anything for her (through a child out a tower, Roger his hand chopped off just to get back to her, give up the one decent person who saw the good in him, etc..). As for Cersei she has only wanted to ever protect her children and saw power as the way to do this. For them to die with Jamie wrapping his arms around her in a protective fashion, though there is nothing he can do to stop the inevitable, with her comment on protecting their child is the relationship in a nutshell. Dany is the inbred daughter of the Mad King. Raised under the cruel hand of her brother. Used and abused. Has then done some frankly cruel things in the name of her own cause, though has been tempered at times into doing some good. Had a husband and unborn child die. Has seen 2 of her only true friends die in short order. Lost 2 of 3 of her dragon children. The only real thing she has left, bar a big dragon, is being the Queen. Unfortunately her lover turns out to be a family member with a better claim, more popularity and not a penchant for incest. Attacking a place she associates with almost everything that has went bad in her world. Not as much of a jump that she is has lost it. Varys also dies due to whispers at the hand of dragon, having been responsible for sending many people to a similar death (burning) with the Mad King. On top of that we get some good action. A good death for Euron. Arya seeing the horror inflicted and if I was betting man the person to kill Dany. Great episode.
  10. I’d still have preferred my first prediction. Think most others did well on predicting the actual minor character deaths, though glad Tormund and Davos survived. While it was difficult to see in places I thought that was great, really added to the sense of terror and dread. The music was spot on. Mormonts take the prize for best deaths, particularly Lyanna. Night King wins for best diss, both to Dany and then to Jon, so a go FY to the supposed equivalents. As others have mentioned the sheer number of main characters surviving is a bit of let down, particularly given the almost improbable odds they were against. Sam would never have survived. Final point I have to say it’s probably the greatest technical feat Television has ever seen. The sheer volume of shots, edits, characters, etc.. was staggering. Fantastically made show even if the plot did have some let downs.
  11. Great episode where the build up emotional resonance with the characters (highlights being anything with Tormund, Sansa and Theon, Brienne’s knighting, Arya and the hound) and also begin to tease out how the game could be played (Sansa and Danny’s discussion, Jon and Dany at the end). So in true GoT fashion we know best layed plans result in a beheading/ poisoning/ knifing/ etc... so I’m now thinking they are almost all going to die and the White Walkers will continue on South, probably a couple of randoms to survive with a Stark (so let’s got for Pod, Sam and Sansa). If they do break the formula then my money is on Arya topping the Night King. Her being the resident Assassin and the White Walkers being a bit of an affront to death and probably the many faced God.
  12. Yes the crew staying and the montage of them dictating letters to loved ones was terrible, the silliness of the other randoms staying just added to it. As well as Pike I’ve also enjoyed the sporadic appearances of the Engineer they rescued whose pragmatism is good against some of the more supercilious other characters.
  13. I’m not sure on that one given the way they have chosen to integrate this story with Pikes canon. I do wonder if the sphere and the knowledge retained there are a nod to the old Borg sphere and the missing data needs to be assimilated. Could be wrong but we’ll find out soon enough. Even with some of these more intriguing strands it has still been a clunker. They seem to have tried to generate some fake emotion with the crew death, Michaels mother, etc... but for me it’s all been bum notes. The new Spock has been unimpressive as well but hard to blame the actor given the recent script, plotting and direction.
  14. Yes that was my assumption on where it was going.
  15. Other than one excellent episode (Talos/ Pike) and the one good episode (the earth community) this has been rubbish. It’s a real shame as it’s a good cast, with Anson Mount really good as Pike.
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