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  1. I’ve loved Better Call Saul but was a bit disappointed in some the recent episodes, particularly this last one. I was going to put in a few spoilers to explain why but will give everyone time to watch it.
  2. Other than the bit of the motorbikes a very enjoyable start to the new series. Nice that they felt confident enough in the characters to jump straight into that.
  3. killieshire


    Really enjoying the series so far, episodes 5 and 6 were fantastic.
  4. The defence, particularly the centre halves, looked like it was the first time they had played together (as it was). Gallagher in particular needs to be more aware of where his defensive partners are but as it’s debut you cannot be too harsh. I pity Clarke as he’s not been able to have a consistent selection with drop outs/ injuries and the fact that many his options aren’t up to much. Christie was the pick of the attacking players. Our 2 more holding players, Jack and McGregor failed to dominate their Cypriots counterparts however this has been the case for quite some time no matter the pairing. Suspect it’s just the overall decline in quality of player we have available to us. McGinn continues to show good timing to get on the end of chances but would like to see him contribute a bit more to our overall play. The ref had stinker between the Efrem shot then booking Taylor for getting kicked while not sending on the Cypriot number 6.
  5. Obika looked decent for you. Certainly held the ball up better and created a few chances with his passing. Your corners were a sight to behold. 2 of the worst hit I’ve ever seen in the 2nd half in the space of a few minutes, the first was so over hit it almost went out on the full on the other side of the park for a throw in then the next was so under hit it didn’t even clear the first man.
  6. Fair play to the Midden fans for creating a good atmosphere. Your team looks better than the last couple of years, certainly defensively more sound. As for us... Dicker and Power immense. Burke did well in his cameo even with the miss. While we are defensively sound we offered very little going forward until Del Fabro went off and Alessio was forced to have more attacking players on the pitch. Not the most entertaining style but cannot complain about the results. Millar looks frustrated, needs to work on the team playing the ball infront him to run on to and then not overcooking it. Brophy has one of the most thankless tasks playing in that setup and is unlikely to score much from open play. He does need to work on creating a yard of space for himself. Branescu is a good shot stopper but needs to get off the lone and command the box more. Very Lekovic like.
  7. killieshire

    The Boys

    As it’s source is Garth Ennis you expected the pitch black humour but what I really enjoyed was that it actually had a bit of heart as well. The characters had more development than you will see if most Marvel and DC movies/ shows.
  8. Agree that you’d expect it to be able to hold a couple of guys however watching it back there are 4 on it with a 5th climbing up which in fairness to the club I’d not really expect a temporary roof to be able to hold. That issue alone isn’t worth getting all the attention however it’s just one a series of issues on the day. From the usual behaviour around the ground (chucking empties in the street and gardens around the ground, pissing in people’s gardens, shouting abuse at everyone, signing Sectarian songs, etc..). To then their behaviour in the ground where they forced open the Chadwick stand gates and the mob ran in, to sitting in the home end shouting abuse at everyone, jumping on this roof and injuring one of their own support, jumping on the roof of the building at the side of the Frank Beattie stand, the pitch invasion and continuing the Sectarian song book it adds up to why most other supporters think they are an absolute shower. To be fair though I’ve seen the same or a variation on it from your lot as well.
  9. Exceptionally harsh on an 18 year old lad. From the reserve matches I’ve seen and watching the Stranraer highlights last season he’s got a good physical presence, a decent touch and an eye for a goal and an assist. Time will tell but with continued good attitude and the right coaching he could have a good career.
  10. It was 8300 and something. They announced after the whistle had went so some of the booing may have drowned Gav out. And speaking of Gav he provided about the only highlight of the match from our perspective when the sprinkler got him at halftime. Have to congratulate the Nomads and their supporters on a fine result, they were as expected very physical but credit where it’s due the first goal last night was good football from them. As for us the second half was about as poor as I’ve ever seen us play. Passing was well off, movement was poor and we lacked creativity other than Chris Burke. AA made a fair few mistakes - 1 upfront clearly wasn’t working, 3 central midfielders whom all have similar styles with 1 asked to play as the more attack minded and looking like a duck out of water, he was way too slow to make substitutions to react to these, taking Burke off was craziness if tactical (though I’ve seen it suggested Burke requested to come off). Other than Burke’s performance the one bright spot was I thought Innes Cameron looked useful when he came on, Brophy certainly looked better trying to run on to the knock downs.
  11. I agree, home game for me. Only 1/2 hr for me assuming they do play the match at their home ground. One of my friends Dads helps run them so she is hoping to get a trip to Killie having had to listen to me bang on about us.
  12. I’d go for Chiellini / Broadfoot Centre half pairing, epic levels of shithousery!
  13. 3-0 harsh, signs of improvement. Could always be worse Thailand’s women’s team are currently losing 10-0 to the USA with about 8 minutes to go!
  14. Reminds me of one of Clarke’s first games in charge of Killie when we got beat 3-0 by Hibs but we still cheered Killie off the pitch as we could a) appreciate the effort b) see that there was a a lot more organisation and structure to our play. McLean has been excellent. SOD has had his best game in a Scotland (possibly a bit of backhanded compliment). Fair play to Greg Taylor making your International debut at 21, up against one of the best players in the world and done as good a job at martialing him as many more experienced defenders.
  15. That sounds like a Clarke line up from his Killie time, suspect Burke upfront. Congratulations as well to Billy Bowie for getting that 2 Killie players in every Scotland team clause in the contract when he let Clarke go. Finally thoughts with Greg Taylor, great for the wee man who did this to get a Scotland debut but as it’s against one of the best teams in the world he hopefully will not mind being on the end of a hiding.
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