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  1. East Region re-structuring

    Having re-read the proposals for the AGM next Tuesday I like the make up of the re-vamped East Region cup. Additional fixtures against teams from outside your own league. Interesting...
  2. East Region re-structuring

    Looks like Newburgh are definitley South next season Only thing to be cleared up is the DNE or Kirrie in top (frightened to call it Super for fear of recriminations) league..
  3. East Region re-structuring

    Looking forward to meeting you all - I think we played about 10 years ago in the Fife & Lothians and I think you are right it was decided on penalties.
  4. East Region re-structuring

    We will face more travel in the South than the North. I don't see this as a problem and can't understand why it always seems to be raised as an issue. Surely every team want to progress and move up the leagues which in doing so will bring extra travel with the de-regionalising of the upper league structure in the Superleague. This can also be mitigated with possibly taking a minibus to the longer away journeys to transport the majority of the team cutting down on player travel expense. It really is only 6 journeys a season across the Forth that will add the miles. We lose the connection to the Tayside teams but in saying that we lost the connection to almost all of the Fife teams in the last shuffle. Swings and roundabouts
  5. East Region re-structuring

    I bow to your superior knowledge on the SFA policies as I can't quote them ad verbatim. I did however ask that we keep this thread positive about the restructuring and not get dragged into the maelstrom that exists elsewhere. The guys on the committee are doing their best to pull together a league structure to keep the likes of me, a junior football committee member and supporter, happy. It isn't perfect and it maybe isn't ideal but they have to make the best of what is now the East Region of Junior football in Scotland at very short notice. Could things have been handled better? Undoubtedly yes but they can't be changed now so we need to move forwards. I wish every team that has entered the EOSFL well for the future, they have made a decision to move that they feel is best for their clubs and quite rightly so. However the time for mis-crying the Junior game is over. It is frankly tiresome and I for one will not engage in any further posts that put the grade down. I look forward to a positive future, which for me means attending a multitude of games where Newburgh will win, lose or draw, we will meet new faces and old faces visit grounds we have been to before and new grounds for the first time and enjoy supporting my local club. Who knows what the future will bring....
  6. East Region re-structuring

    No surprise the East Region don't know the rules. The SFA don't care how the Champions are arrived at. And therefore no harm in continuing calling the league Superleague Thanks for clearing that up
  7. East Region re-structuring

    Possibly written into a document somewhere that "Superleague" champions gain entry to WH Scottish Cup and the committee covering all bases by making sure a Superleague stil exists Sensible approach I would have thought as I could imagine how they would be castigated on here if the cup place was lost on a technicality of changing the league name.
  8. East Region re-structuring

    None were adoted Al this is for AGM
  9. East Region re-structuring

    There was mention that Super league had to be used to allow the winners to gain a place in the WH Scottish Cup
  10. East Region re-structuring

    16 to l7 was corrected from the floor last night I think it was just an error
  11. East Region re-structuring

    Consolation may have been a poor choice of words by me. This may not be on the table it was just one of the several proposals.
  12. East Region re-structuring

    Newburgh, who I follow, have not been consulted on any move. I don't think we would be keen to move to GA. 17 would be drawn accordingly I assume with a prelim
  13. East Region re-structuring

    With the region in need of a restructure due to the departure of a considerable amount of clubs it has been suggested by the Region committee that there are several options available. Decision 1 was made last night at Inverkeithing with clubs present opting for a 3 league structure of Super League with two regional leagues sitting below this level. The Superleague is to be made up of the top 12 teams based on last seasons finishing places and the regional leagues divided up North and South. The proposal was to have 2 relegated from the Superleague with the two regional league winners automatically promoted. There was also a suggestion to have a of a play off between the two regional league runners up with the winner then moving on to a play off with the 3rd bottom team in the Superleague. The leagues were proposed to have 22 fixtures with additional fixtures possibly coming from a re-vamp of the East of Scotland Cup. Moving to sections of 3 with home and away games. 12 section winners move to a knock out with the 24 other team possibly playing in another cup. So 22 league fixture - minimum 4 East of Scotland (or new name who knows) - followed by consolation cup if knocked out or straight knockout if section winners. Fife & Lothians a straight knock out as per this year with the remaining F&L teams taking part. Happy to be corrected if any of this is wrong as it is my interpretation of what was discussed last night Thoughts? Lets try and keep it positive if we can please as I am sick of reading all the negative stuff - now is the time to move onwards and forwards...
  14. Sorry dont know how the previous post got distorted Better quality upload this time Lawrie was at our home game yesterday at Newburgh and brought this photo for our clubroom wall How we could do with a player of his quality now!!
  15. Scotland team who played England 1971 - 72 Lawrie Swan - Newburgh far left standing