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    Having watched Syngenta in both games against Newburgh this season I would say the following Game 1 at Newburgh ended 4 1 to Newburgh. Syngenta played some really nice football but it was obvious they were a stepping up youth team. Not a bad thing and I am sure as the season progressed they would have become more experienced and started to win games that previously they would have lost. Game 2 at Westfield Park. An obviously different team altogether. Much more dig but maybe not as much football. The game was close and needed the introduction of our 2 subs to change it up for us. We were struggling to break down the defence before this. I dont think any of the shouts etc were any different to what we hear week in week out around grounds and isnt someplace I came away from with a bad feeling about the opposition. Not 100% sure of the politics that are being talked about but for me a combination of the 2 teams we have faced would be a stronger team All the best to them for the rest of the season.
  2. Sauchie v Newburgh is now being played at Newburgh
  3. Not this again......... Please........ Leave us alone
  4. Newburgh 0 Lumphinans Utd 2 first 90 mins of pre-season done!!
  5. Can you clear one thing up for me The pool competition, was it a straight knockout or did you play against everyone else in a round robin?
  6. I'd go back and read your earlier comments, you're looking for an argument where none exists. That's the trouble with some posters. OK - you are correct.
  7. No we got there in the beginning - the information was there for everyone to read - you interpreted it incorrectly.
  8. I am sorry if you feel I am creating a stooshie. I am only trying to point you in the direction of the answer your are looking for which was three of four posts further up the thread. But as you have asked so nicely - even using pretty little emojis.. I will retype the information once more for you The ERJSFA posted on Twitter that all fixtures would be released for the North and South Super leagues and the North Premier league. They have not said they will release the fixtures for the South Premier league. This is because there are ground sharing considerations that will effect some of the new clubs in this league. The host clubs are given prioroity, quite rightly so, so these fixtures will come out once the EOS fixtures are announced.
  9. That pretty much sums everything up in my post...... I will assist you with a summation. Ginaro pasted my Twitter post pointing out to the Scottish Football fixtures twitter feed that the East Region had said all fixtures for the league season would be released on Thursday for 3 of the 4 leagues in the East Region. The South Premier league fixtures will depend on ground sharing sides in both setups. The hosts, quite rightly, will take precedence. His comment was something along the lines that ERJSFA know their place waiting for EOS. Have a read of the content before you comment. It may help reduce the on going animosity that there appears to be between certain factions in the forums.
  10. Why does every thread on here have to descend into a battle for one up-manship between the EOS and the ERJSFA for some folk? How is a debate benefited with comments like this. There are a merry band at either end of the spectrum of posters who seem to want to deride and belittle their opposite numbers for no other apparent reason than wishing to be controversial If any poster looks to question or provide a differing opinion or suggestion than the narrative being pedalled they are backed into a corner or their points are ignored when it doesnt suit the agenda of those being questioned. I wonder how many of the so called football fans on this forum would be able to debate in this fashion face to face. Yes the ERJSFA will wait until the EOS fixtures are out as the host clubs play in the EOS league. This is just good manners is it not? Or am I missing something?
  11. OK I will retreat from the never ending ever decreasing circles of the Pyramid debate with one thought For the good of football, Youth, Amateur, Semi Pro and Professional something has got to change. The only way forward requires there to be a compromise of some sort. Good luck with the season ahead everyone.
  12. This splits the ERJFA and is frankly an untenable position leaving the current Tayside clubs to fend for themselves without regional representation. It also splits the age group pathway in Tayside which is the more important point. The regionalisation of the border for the split would solve this.
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