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  1. Threave conceded 86 league goals last seasonwhere as Gretna have only conceded 46 goals this season so far, marked improvement, I'd say.
  2. never seen a defender dive like Tom Daly
  3. League BSC Glasgow 2 - 1 Vale of Leithen Image Cup Semi-Final Lothian Thistle 2 - 4 Gretna Sunday 17th League Cup Final Gretna 3 - 1 East Kilbride[
  4. Doesn't really matter who got the final touch it found the back of the net much to the annoyance of Star's no.5 punching the the turf in disappointment.
  5. Lowland League BSC Glasgow 3-2 Gala Weds 29/04 Lowland League Vale of Leithen 1-3 East Kilbride Image Cup Whitehill Welfare 2-3 Lothian Sat 02/05 Pyramid Play-off 2nd leg Brora 2-1 Edinburgh City League Cup Knock-out Dalbeattie 2-1 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean 1-3 Gretna FC Spartans 3-1 Preston
  6. [Play-off Competition, Semi-Final, First Leg[/b] Edinburgh City 2 v 0. Brora Rangers (SHFL) Scottish Sun Lowland League BSC Glasgow 4 v 2 Selkirk Dalbeattie Star 1 v 4 East Kilbride Image Printers East of Scotland Qualifying Cup, Third Round Vale of Leithen 3 v.2 Gretna FC(2008)
  7. Gretna's squad has melted away with the likes of Rea, Rudd, Greenall, Blake, Wright and Slattery no longer at the club . Maybe a reason for the drop of form.
  8. Hardly Gretna's fault, Edinburgh City home team called the game off.
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