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  1. Shut the club down, torch the stadium, pretend Falkirk FC never existed.
  2. Just came on here to say the exact same thing.
  3. No point moaning on here, no one looks at it, get on to the Twitter or Facebook page, then the right people might see it.
  4. Seems to be a different ‘formation’ every week. You don’t get anywhere with that
  5. Anyone completely lost interest? Not going to games, a break in the season and the team playing shite has left me the most disinterested I’ve been.
  6. If Dumbarton had not scored then it would’ve finished 0-0 anyway.
  7. What a goal, what an assist, Francis done more in 60 seconds than Morrison has done all game
  8. Another mistake by M and M. Putting a team out to get deliberately put out the Scottish cup and failing miserably. M and M out.
  9. I thought that after he beat his man and set up Morrison on Saturday.
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