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  1. I actually feel a bit sorry for Rumsby there. Hung out to dry completely.
  2. Goodnight to this country of beautiful b*****ds. xo
  3. Owen Andrew putting Rangers Colts to the sword. Recall him now so that I can high-five that man.
  4. I would be angry but I’ve been expecting a mess like that since it was announced. Ended up buying Fifa this year as I need a bit of change from playing PES 2020 for the third year running. As a die hard PES fan for the past few years, it did sting a bit but eFootball simply won’t do. To think they didn’t release a full game last year to work on THAT is a disgrace. RIP PES.
  5. I got a bit motion sick watching those. Good commentary and video quality, right enough.
  6. Given the squad we have, and the diabolical Broomhill game, if you had offered me 11 points at this stage, I would have bitten your hand off.
  7. On the website that both have gone on loan to Gretna. Bit of a weird one as they were indeed both at Colts and Broomhill respectively.
  8. Well the one thing that this has confirmed is that Kai McCormack is never a right back.
  9. The Clyde goals are up. Unfortunately, they are butchered by Twitter’s encoding, but that first goal was sublime. As someone mentioned earlier, it’s quite ridiculous that we’re now at the stage where we’ve come to expect goals of that quality and, as such, don’t always appreciate how good it is at the time. An unbelievable player. Not good defending from a QP perspective, mind you.
  10. The penalty was really bad. Goodwillie rarely hits them high either. Tadé was a far more effective battering ram than Jones was. He won a penalty and the free kick we equalised from by getting clattered.
  11. I will also absolutely take a point there. The two quick goals and the penalty miss were peak Clyde against QP. The late goal was unexpected but delightful. Parry looked very slow down to the 1st goal. Still, a point against a full-time team who were top of the league when the game started. I’d have taken it if you’d offered.
  12. A great achievement from DGW. Even if it is only officially 99 goals, the official hundredth goal will arrive very shortly. I’m trying to enjoy watching him whilst I can. We’ll possibly not see the likes of him again.
  13. Can’t see anything but a Queen’s Park win here. Who are Clyde?
  14. I like that the “fall-out” makes noises reminiscent of something from The Clangers when falling to the ground. The fall-out warning noise around 2:30 also made me want to play Skyrim.
  15. Had to have a chuckle at the post-match interview. It’s a rabbit in the headlights, Danny.
  16. Despite DGW’s best efforts you just can’t play away games regularly needing at least 2 or 3 to get a point and expect to be anything but relegation fodder. We could have taken s point there and I don’t think Peterhead could have had too many complaints but that first 20 minutes was a shambles.
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