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  1. The thing is, we need players in for the squad on Saturday, despite it still being very much pre-season, so it’s not wholly surprising to see two younger players come in today. As Danny mentioned in the recent Daily Record interview, players and clubs are holding out until nearer the beginning of the league before committing to clubs, or loaning players out. It’s not unlikely to think that guys like Cuddihy and Livingstone, or loanees such as McAllister or Jamieson, will be back either at us, or another part time team, but I’d be surprised if we saw many transfers like that for another couple of weeks.
  2. As per, I find myself wishing it was someone of a slightly higher calibre but I shall give the young man a chance. Hard to find out much about his background before signing too but hopefully there’s something there.
  3. SIGNING CLAXON! And a meme from The Office. Well done Clyde Twitter admin, well done.
  4. Andrew is an absolute VL in there. Sitting there in a wee huff at the end. The boys are certainly not hanging about anyway.
  5. Found this one earlier on the BBC. Really recommend you give it a read, mate. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62030282
  6. Tbf, Airdrie played yesterday too and, for the most part, have a relatively decent pool of players already. Today is a much more ‘experimental’ line up.
  7. If Football Manager has taught me anything it’s that we’ll be in for a car crash of a season after such a positive group of friendlies.
  8. This would be delicious. I have a strong (possibly irrational) dislike of the whole circus and I would LOVE for it to crash and burn. Oh, and Paul Slane was utterly shite even when he could be arsed. Goodness knows what he’ll be like as part of this publicity stunt.
  9. Ray Grant is just so handsome in a Clyde jersey. Missed you, Sir Raymond.
  10. Heard the trialist was a promising young starlet by the name of Ross Clift. Anybody heard anything more about him?
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