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  1. Good shout Jack. I’d also echo the shout for Broden’s.
  2. For any away fans looking for a pre-match beverage, there are a couple of options. The Smiddy is an eighteen minute walk, or three minute drive, from Croy Station. From The Smiddy, it’s about another 3 minutes in the car, or 15 minutes walking, to Broadwood. Broadwood Farm (I think, as it has been literally years since I’ve been in) is a carvery so suitable for a spot of mediocre lunch and a drink too. It’s another short drive, or a slightly longer walk, from Croy Station but it’s only a few minutes walk away from the stadium. Here’s an overview of the routes: The Smiddy Broadwood Farm Wishing Dumbarton fans a pleasant trip. In terms or visiting Broadwood (or indeed Cumbernauld in general) July is probably about as pleasant as it gets! However, I still hope we pump you and your silly rock etc.
  3. Airdrie 1 Montrose 1 Clyde 1 Dumbarton 1 Cove 1 Falkirk 0 East Fife 0 Queen’s Park 2 Peterhead 2 Alloa 1
  4. I’d think Dumbarton fans will absolutely be allowed in. There’s enough room in the main stand at Broadwood to allow for distancing with a full crowd (well as many people would usually attend Clyde vs Dumbarton) anyway. Sadly, I fancy Dumbarton will have a more productive season than us this year. Some solid signings that I would have been fairly happy with myself. Mind you, East Fife’s current implosion is helping me feel a little bit more optimistic about our season. Hopefully, Dumbarton’s apparent lack of a goal scorer will help our shaky defence. The potential prospect of Syvertsen up against Mortimer is quite terrifying, but I don’t really know where Syvertsen is being deployed for Dumbarton. It’ll be interesting to see David Hopkirk play in the flesh after he was MIA for us. I’ll pluck for a 1-1 draw. Jones to score a 90+6 equaliser before doing an Adebayor up to the away fans.
  5. Morton TV’s random replays are really quite jarring.
  6. I don’t think we’ve learned an awful lot from today so far. We really could do with another right back (amongst other gripes).
  7. Goodie back into new Number 10 role. Jones was just described as having a good touch too. Hilarious.
  8. Just heard on the stream there that he’s been taken away in an ambulance. The stream cut to the commentary team once the whistle had gone so I had no idea how long he was down for. I hope it’s only precautionary. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  9. Balatoni and Page have looked, IMO, a bit better than Balatoni and Rumsby have. We’ve tried to play some okay football through the midfield but it hasn’t really come off. Livingstone has had a decent game and Gomis has been pretty handy thus far. We’ve offered absolutely nothing around Goodwillie, with nothing behind him or on the flanks. Can’t actually remember us having a shot yet. To be fair, Morton for as much as they’ve controlled possession, and look more likely to score, haven’t created a lot of clear cut chances either.
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