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  1. Game’s a bogey. Can’t see this season finishing.
  2. Hello everyone, Marky Munro has become the latest jobber to sign for Clyde. I noticed he spent a bit of time at yourselves, what kind of player might we be getting (if the season makes it far enough to see him play). Thanks in advance.
  3. We have signed one of the two trialists who have been with us recently. Another pretty uninspiring signing really. Hopefully does us a turn.
  4. Jack Boyle was quite good when he was on loan iirc.
  5. Chris Fahey has left the club to concentrate on his business and raising his family. Seemed a really good guy to have about the place. All the best to him!
  6. I mean, if anyone could fix the pitch, I’m pretty sure it’d be David Marshall *swoons*.
  7. I would be very happy if this was postponed. I’m shitting it from the Thistle juggernaut.
  8. Pretty much this. It’s not that said people post annoying things like this all the time. It’s quite literally just a petty thing that gets on my nerves. ETA: To clarify, because it wasn’t at all clear, I’m referring to a series of stories I saw yesterday of people posting their “highlights” of the year. Perfectly entitled to share them, I just quickly grew tired of seeing the stories of very similar pictures.
  9. 1) People posting “2020 was tough for us all but...” statuses. Birthday caird pish. 2) People sharing what they did during 2020 all over Instagram. I really don’t care that someone I went to school with had a nice cocktail in April, climbed Ben Lomond in July and received Christmas presents in December.
  10. Thanks for the responses all, glad to know it’s not just me. Can’t tell if it makes the real prospect of relegation better or worse, knowing that if we’re relegated I’ll probably only really feel too bothered by that when I’m back watching us lose 2-0 to Annan or similar.
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