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  1. A birthday present of a CEEFAX mug perhaps?
  2. I can't believe that I'm sitting here saying that our midfield looks good given the departure of Sir Ray and Chris McStay but I absolutely am. Early days yet but we're moving the ball very nicely at times.
  3. I couldn’t watch this live but have just sat and watched the whole game. Holy s**t that was delicious.
  4. We are the best team ever to play football aren’t we?
  5. Why the f**k would Clarke want to leave out Fraser? He’s clearly one of our better players.
  6. I’m assuming that team was picked with an eye towards the league starting. Difficult to take much from the game, it was played like a friendly really but we certainly created very little. Then again, with Howie in midfield, were we ever going to? The new and unnecessary goalie looked okay. Quite big chap.
  7. Looking okay going forwards but more than a bit suspect at the back. Goalie looks okay, had a cracking save.
  8. Holding off on this until the stream issues are sorted (or we’re getting gubbed).
  9. If it’s any consolation, Clyde’s isn’t looking much better. I’d never heard of our goalie until a couple of hours ago.
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