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  1. No news about Rennie but I’ve heard Cunningham is out today.
  2. Was disallowed for a hand ball. I thought it looked like one where I was sitting but the referee also blew for it about 15 minutes before the ball was put in the net which I found quite amusing!
  3. Ah yes, we’ve reverted to type this second half.
  4. Four subs and two are goalkeepers. Get JBH on in midfield for a laugh.
  5. He worked for a bank. My dad and I were the (now) ex-workmates!
  6. Should do a job. Certainly a better pedigree than anything else we’ve had there although, Craig’s had a couple of decent games. We could desperately do with another midfielder though (and that was before Roberts received his red card on Saturday). ETA: Just realised the loan deadline closed at 5. There goes that idea, I suppose.
  7. No Duthie in the squad tonight. Shame that, was hoping there’d be some glimpses of him coming back into the frame.
  8. Kennedy was on crutches on Saturday so that would possibly explain why we've recalled Rodden.
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