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  1. Grant looking for full-time football but McStay’s headed home to Australia.
  2. I’ll be honest here, the Airdrie kits are staunerific.
  3. Grant, Rankin and McStay all away? Ooft. Anyone want to pull on the boots to play in midfield this season?
  4. Not that I can recall. He normally had any given combination Chris McStay, John Rankin or Mark Lamont in front of him so was always the holding midfielder. Was always very good, mind you. ETA: Can only comment on what I watched in the three games last year but he would be an upgrade on Gomis.
  5. Aye, but what’s the away strip going to look like?
  6. Can confirm he was definitely a holding midfielder for us. To be honest, I’d be really happy for the guy, if Ray ended up at Falkirk. Whilst I’d be, naturally, a wee disappointed if he went to a club in the same league, I’d be delighted at him getting something sorted at an established full-time side. I really can’t understate how big a loss he’ll be for us. Shame we could only offer him peanuts as, from what I’d heard, he was originally happy to extend his contract. He really is a Rolls Royce of a midfielder, hardly breaks a sweat yet is always in the right place. Keeps the ball very well too. Really nice guy into the bargain too. Did a lot of coaching in the community for us and was always happy to attend supporters events and have a chat with the fans. A beautiful set of locks too.
  7. I have come across a few things the lad has posted on Twitter before too. Comes across as a bit of a throbber, but is possibly just a little naïve and overly enthusiastic about supporting his team. The biggest thing for me is why Low decided to say that “Scottish Football is corrupt to the core” (or whatever the quote was) is okay to include. Blair is a young man, Low is the Chairman of the club and for someone with a PR and communications background, to even engage in the conversation, is incredibly daft.
  8. I was at this final, in the Inverness end (sorry gav, it was a random choice) and can confirm that the goal celebrations were absolutely shite. On the other hand, the Falkirk celebrations at the equaliser were indeed #scenes.
  9. It’s okay, that makes two of us!
  10. That was an extremely surreal experience. IIRC, Thistle barely had to get out of first gear, never mind second, to win that game. It was a pretty decent Thistle side (I think they were promoted that season) against a Paul Hay led Clyde, mind you.
  11. Depends who you ask. Clyde fans say yes, I’d say a fair amount of Thistle fans would say yes, but also that we have been insignificant for a long time to them. A number of younger Thistle fans would probably say no. Not sure whether or not this is the young ultras acting the big man or we have genuinely been an irrelevance for that long. It’s possibly even a bit of both. ETA: If any Thistle fans would like to meet for a socially distanced scrap at 12 Ruel Street, on 17th October, please bring yer maw.
  12. Talk of relegation a bit premature. Still a long time before any football is played. Danny Swanson would have been nice but I’d take a left back, a centre half and a Ray Grant replacement ahead of him all day long.
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