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  1. As a Clydebank supporting neutral at this game, I can confirm there were scenes.
  2. I’m going to the Clydebank game tomorrow as my dad was a Clydebank fan in his youth (now a Clyde fan and season ticket holder after moving to Cumbernauld in the 80s). It’s always been a hot topic who he would support if we were ever to play each other and personally I’d love to see it.
  3. Those goals are even worse (from a Clyde perspective) watching them back again.
  4. I actually feel a bit sorry for Rumsby there. Hung out to dry completely.
  5. Goodnight to this country of beautiful b*****ds. xo
  6. Owen Andrew putting Rangers Colts to the sword. Recall him now so that I can high-five that man.
  7. I would be angry but I’ve been expecting a mess like that since it was announced. Ended up buying Fifa this year as I need a bit of change from playing PES 2020 for the third year running. As a die hard PES fan for the past few years, it did sting a bit but eFootball simply won’t do. To think they didn’t release a full game last year to work on THAT is a disgrace. RIP PES.
  8. I got a bit motion sick watching those. Good commentary and video quality, right enough.
  9. Given the squad we have, and the diabolical Broomhill game, if you had offered me 11 points at this stage, I would have bitten your hand off.
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