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  1. I understand it’s literally someone on P&B saying you should sign him but Goodwillie is under contract for next season anyway. There’s absolutely no way we’d sell to Airdrie (or anybody) unless it was for a substantial sum.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Just reading this and thought I’d chip in regarding the teams that could possibly be in League One next season. Peterhead certainly haven’t destroyed League Two. If we hadn’t had points deducted (without taking into account the knock on effect of the announcement of that being on a Saturday morning as we travelled up to Elgin) we would be 1 goal behind them in the table. We’ve certainly more than matched them in our previous few meetings too. They’re a good side - very streetwise with some decent skill as well who I’m sure would hold their own in League One. Clyde are, of course, the team I’ve seen most of this season and it’s been a great season for us, building off the back of our great form towards the end of last season. We’ve got quite a young team that have shown a lot of character this season (I think it’s something silly like 16 goals we’ve scored in the last ten minutes of games) and we’ve picked up the most away wins in the country. We’ve got a few experienced heads in John Rankin, Kevin Nicoll and David Goodwillie and always try to play good football. On the pitch at least, we’ve lost one game since October (and that was on the back of the points deduction announcement). I think we’ve shown ourselves to be a really good team and if we were a) to get promoted and b) keep the team together, we could catch a few teams by surprise. Edinburgh are another big and strong team from what I have seen with another few well known faces in Conrad Balatoni, Josh Walker, Danny Handling and Marc Laird. Blair Henderson has scored loads of goals this season and has been in League Two for a while. Truthfully, he never impresses me but you can’t argue with his record. They started the season brilliantly but since about December their form has been pretty rotten and (I touch wood as I say this given we’re most likely playing them) they’re not going into the play offs with much momentum at all. It was no shock that Albion Rovers beat them yesterday. Finally, Annan, choosing my words carefully, are a physical big bunch. They were late bloomers but in fairness to them, have also enjoyed a good run of form during the second half of the season. They know every trick in the book (not a criticism) and managed to get our goalkeeper send off recently with an outrageous piece of play acting. They are however, clearly an effective outfit and Peter Murphy deserves credit for doing a great job on a limited budget. They’d be my outside bet for getting through the play offs but they don’t worry me hugely based on what I’ve seen this season. 1320Lichtie is absolutely correct however that outside, possibly even the top three teams, the rest of our league is dross. However, any of the teams with a chance of coming up could certainly hold their own IMHO. Pointless post, I’m aware, especially seeing as you may not even be in League One next year!
  3. Clyde v Berwick

    Likewise, I saw a young Berwick fan and, I assume, his dad at half time and the young guy said to his dad, “I think this is the biggest 45 minutes in our history coming up”. They then went back to watch their team concede another four goals in absolutely gutless fashion. It’s possibly because I go to games with my dad and have been in such similar situations myself but I really felt for them.
  4. Clyde v Berwick

    A very comfortable win without really getting into our stride. The idea of having guys like Boyle, Banks and Cogill not playing and knowing that they could all come in is great too. There were some magnificent strikes from Cuddihy, Rankin and Goodwillie for their goals and as other have mentioned, it was nice having five different goal scorers. Berwick were an absolute rabble though and the game looked like two teams who could conceivably be two divisions apart soon. They had nothing up front (only improving slightly when See came on) and were so poorly unorganised - I (sadly) really can’t see them staying up. I really do feel for our players who I believe should be heading into these last two games in pole position (I don’t believe for a minute we’d have lost at Elgin had we not had that news delivered) but that’s all could haves and should haves. We certainly have absolutely nothing to be fearful of in these play offs, not even Annan.
  5. Queen's Park v Clyde

    I’m amazed at people taking this bait.
  6. Edusport Academy

    I’d love to see an FC Venom in the LL next season!
  7. Clyde v Berwick

    It is normally very good at match updates, turning notifications on for it if on a mobile (for the match at least) means you should be kept nice and up to date!
  8. Clyde v Berwick

    I don’t know if it was all the “Friendship Derby” stuff but I have actually developed a wee soft spot for Berwick and hope you stay up. However, through nothing other than clinging onto the hope of miraculously winning the title, I hope we win handsomely on Saturday. Afterwards, please win your remaining games!
  9. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    http://m.clydefc.co.uk/news/2019/04/15/6068/ Appeal chucked out, as expected really.
  10. The Albion Rovers Thread

    A much appreciated reference there, Vic. Yer a good Rovers boy!
  11. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Feel a bit sorry for Harvey after watching that. It’s a horrible feeling being out of your depth in a job and these interviews aren’t doing anybody any favours!
  12. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    A very handsome young chap indeed.
  13. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    Wasn’t his finest game today but he got the right pass away when it really mattered. Well done to the team!
  14. The Albion Rovers Thread

    A good boy Smart. Always liked him.
  15. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    The way we’ve ended this half has been pleasing.