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  1. I briefly shadowed Craig Howie when starting my old job, back when he was starring for EK. A very nice guy.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if this still catches some bites, to be fair.
  3. I think we can maybe say that a lot of these boys will never get a game for the first team... Except perhaps the goalie who, I’ve heard, had made a lot of good saves despite it being 7-1.
  4. This has sounded like a right barrel of laughs. A fairly worrying run of league form really.
  5. Not in attendance to today but, ‘mon the Bully Wee, ‘mon the Clyde, ‘mon David Goodwillie.
  6. Not a bad point really. Could really do with a win in the league soon mind you. Sadly, tonight also kicked off my absence from games until the 21st December. Only another three weeks to go! ☹️
  7. Relatively even game by the sound of things. Can anyone confirm? Also, are Clyde against the wind in the second half?
  8. Aye, Blair isn’t a bad keeper at all. A great distributor and a very competent shot stopper. As others have mentioned, he was not overly confident with high balls into the box. In saying all of this, I do think Mitchell is a quite considerably better goalkeeper.
  9. It’s absolutely all about opinions and I’m certainly not saying that I have the correct opinion as such but, I’d agree on DL getting rid of Nicoll. The pace in League One would be a bit too much for him at this stage in his career. Thought he was pretty poor today other than his usual committed tackles. Misplaced more than a few passes.
  10. A dreadful game but pretty comfortable. As much as Stirling huffed and puffed and won a few 50-50s they lacked anything nearly resembling quality. Bikey looked nowhere near as good as I remember. Probably helped by not playing against utter tripe like Phil Johnson. Pleased for Darren Smith, a lovely finish today.
  11. Wallace an absolute passenger so far. Petkov in midfield was a sensible move.
  12. What a rubbish game of football. The only enjoyable part has been the goal and Stirling fans wetting themselves whenever Nicoll enthusiastically goes in for a 50/50.
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