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  1. It is quite literally the single worst thing I have ever heard and does sweet f**k all for anybody. Get everyone involved in the sea.
  2. Had booked a trip to Iceland on the 8th April. Haven’t cancelled anything yet but I presume that won’t happen now. I do have the option to rebook the flights and hotel until the end of the year (paying the fare difference, of course) which is something. Portugal is booked for mid-July so that’s a wait and see currently.
  3. Quite literally the exact same steps that I’ve taken. I’m in primary teaching and I.C.T. this week was a refresher course on accessing Glow and Teams.
  4. Seeing the schools may be closed from tomorrow. As a teacher, I’m in two minds about this: Not having to go into work is always quite nice. Preparing lessons from home and posting them online will be a nuisance. Never-mind actually being able to track who has been doing what or providing any sort of effective feedback. Childcare will of course be a massive issue too. Not a chance that some of the parents that I teach will be able/willing to take time off. We shall see what happens.
  5. Interesting question. I certainly wouldn’t ask for money back given the circumstances are way out with the club’s control but perhaps others would.
  6. I really liked the wee vintage filter applied to McStay’s chance after the first goal. Great highlights as always.
  7. Anybody who would rather watch/listen to Paul Slane over AVFTT is a simpleton.
  8. No problem with Jim Duffy here. Yes, he was technically the manager in charge when we finished bottom of the Third Division (as it was at the time) but, he had inherited an absolute horror show of a squad and certainly had improved us somewhat. Two 9th place finishes followed which whilst underwhelming, were no-doubt in line with the club’s budget at the time. Very easy to forget how much of a mess we were in at that time. In his final season we reached the playoffs after a pretty solid season where Duffy got the best from jobbers like Sweeney, McCluskey, Scullion etc and we had a couple of talented young players at the time. That team would never have coped in League One though and it was probably a good thing we stayed down. Overall, Duffy steadied the ship at a time when things were looking grim. Not perfect but certainly steady enough.
  9. Glad to hear it Adolfo. I’m a fan of our Ray’s new hair. He is quite simply, a beautiful human being.
  10. Anyway, enough of this bald men fighting over a comb type pish. Can we discuss what really matters here? Ray Grant’s haircut. What’s our thoughts everyone?
  11. Why did Dumbarton appeal for a handball after a header?
  12. Yes, I know it’s the third time we’ve met but you know what I mean. Dumbarton, not a bad season given half of Scotland had written you off before your first friendly. Not me though, as a first hand witness of #Duffyball for several years, I ken that Sir Jim of Duffy is too experienced a manager for any of that nonsense. No danger of relegation really, very happy for you all. After a dreadful performance last Tuesday, we’ve only gone and resembled a football team for the last couple of games with the yourselves putting together a nice wee run of results too. I reckon if we can win on Saturday, we’ll be safe. It’ll tie the head-to-head up beautifully for the season too. Fancy it lads? Nah, didn’t think so. Ainsley Harriot/Greggy Wallace/Jim Duffy/Danny Lennon memes/GIFs are highly encouraged.
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