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  1. Having walked past the same chap a few moments before the third goal, I think it’s safe to say he had enjoyed his day/evening before the game! We’ve all been caught in the emotion of a goal before but aye, he’s maybe a bit lucky a bit of restraint was shown (something quite unusual for us Clyde fans!).
  2. It’s safe to say I have my reservations about Duffy’s impending recruitment too.
  3. In fairness, it’s hard to blame him! Absolutely brutal recruitment (and a fair few injuries) has left him playing the likes of Liam Scullion, signed from the mighty Fauldhouse United and Messers Cameron and McDonald, both signed from Gretna 2008. Dire stuff!
  4. Not surprised with this so far. Dumbarton have better players in key areas of the pitch. We look miles off it!
  5. Disgraceful from our “midfield” there.
  6. Have you been to a Clyde game before?
  7. Well, this has been grim. Hoofball to small forwards and the defence and keeper looking dreadful. Scullion should do much better initially at the goal.
  8. He was, but we recalled him using this one week emergency loan back thing as one of our other keepers has been injured. I’m fairly sure he’ll be back to Clydebank by Saturday. McLean was a regular up until a few weeks ago when he got injured in the warm up against Airdrie. Missed out against Dunfermline and came on as a sub against Falkirk. He’s been largely fine but Peter Grant and Thicot have started to look semi-competent together so I’m not sure what Duffman will think for Saturday!
  9. Well, Bradley-Hurst is on loan to Clydebank but when has player eligibility ever mattered to Clyde?!
  10. I voted for a Clyde win but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Dumbarton win either. Duffy has steadied the ship for us a wee bit but they have both been games where we've been expected to be on the back foot a bit whereas Saturday should be a bit more of an even game. Our squad is a bit thin on the ground at present too with Ross Cunningham going off with an ankle injury on Saturday to join our already fairly lengthy absentee list. Clyde 4 (Duthie, Bradley-Hurst x2, McLean) Dumbarton 2 (Love, Wylde, McNiff)
  11. It’s also (unfortunately) a complete fabrication of the truth. Most of our squad are on 1 year deals which makes sense given our budgetary forecast for next year. I’d imagine anyone half decent will be snapped up by someone with more money!
  12. He looked in some distress as soon as he went down tbh. There was a lot of rage at his attempt to get back on the pitch but I imagined at the time someone probably told him to, who hadn't yet realised how bad his injury was. His attempt probably reflected that it wasn't high on his priorities at the time Aye, Ross has had problems with his ankle before his time with us and has had surgery on it previously so it was a concern to see him going down in distress. He’s a talented player but he’s has had quite a few injuries throughout his time with us. Fingers crossed it is indeed just tissue damage and he’ll be back in the pitch before too long.
  13. Just passing on what I’ve heard (it’s not official) but the word on the street seems to be tissue damage for Cunningham rather than any broken bones/ligament damage. Hopefully only a few weeks out rather than months.
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