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  1. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    To be fair to Karim, every time we bring him on we seem to shove him in some wide role rather than up front.
  2. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    Suffering Christ this team are frustrating to watch.
  3. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    A side-note but I never actually realised that Barry Cuddihy is only 21. I knew he was young but not quite that young. He’s undoubtedly developed really well under Lennon and he I think he’ll go on to have a good career (hopefully with us etc).
  4. Those highlights were mental. Surely a game of the season contender?
  5. Berwick and Clyde sharing the Christmas spirit by letting each other win a half 3-0. A great point given the half-time score but ultimately we fall further behind the top two. It’s really just about trying to cement a play-off spot.
  6. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    YES! 3-3
  7. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    3-2 now. False hope or another comeback?
  8. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    At least one went in
  9. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Any team that misses this amount of chances in a game deserves nothing.
  10. Merry Christmas Berwick
  11. Scotland v Israel

  12. Elgin vs Clyde

    It was certainly convincing looking at the highlights.
  13. Elgin vs Clyde

    Well done. Great result.
  14. Red Dead Redemption

    It’s in New Hanover, just a bit south of Emerald Ranch. As a tip, just roll with whatever they ask!
  15. Red Dead Redemption

    Has anyone else stumbled upon the Aberdeen Pig Farm encounter?