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  1. Given how long we were without football, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m ready for the season to finish. Given how little I’ve felt immersed by Pixelott from the get go, coupled by how rubbish we have been this season, I’d happily give up the football and start again in August, hopefully with fans in, and just enjoy what ever league we end up in. It has been a brutal year all round.
  2. Absolutely seething so I am. Rested EIGHT players on Tuesday to fling in an absolutely shocking performance against our ‘rivals’ to then fling in that monstrosity tonight? Very disappointing. Credit to Dumbarton, you looked better than us, that’s for sure.
  3. Absolutely horrible performance. I appreciate that Danny had his budget slashed this year but signing an absolutely rubbish midfield is coming back to haunt us. The glory days of Grant, McStay and Rankin seem so far away.
  4. What has Lennon been smoking to put Lang up top again?!
  5. What an absolute laugh we are by the way. Concede a free kick right on the edge of the box, on the stroke of half time, knowing that we a) ALWAYS concede from set pieces and b) Dumbarton love a set piece goal and there you have it. We absolutely deserve to go down.
  6. I have seen smaller away supports when the stand has been open than in there to tonight.
  7. Can you believe it was really October when we were all here arguing about whether or not Dumbarton should have been liquidated, due to their pitch? Great times.
  8. As one positive, I thought David Wilson had a decent debut in goals. Other than one rush of blood in the second half, he looked pretty assured and couldn’t do much about either of the goals. Looked a fairly dependable pair of hands for a young guy. Well done to him.
  9. I hope we have a bit of a clear out too. I have some fears that we’ll reward absolute mediocrity if we manage to finish 8th. We need to trim some of the dead wood from that squad.
  10. Possibly a slight overreaction but it was a completely expected result even before we saw that starting XI. Had so few chances it was painful. Hopefully Thursday is a little bit more promising.
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