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  1. This game will have a really short highlights package.
  2. Bannigan and Docherty are too samey when we’re trying to break a team down. You can get away with that pairing when we’re mostly defending.
  3. Leaving early to avoid embarrassment? Already support Ayr so that ship has sailed..
  4. Actually doubling down on this as a football decision…major oof!
  5. We should agree to do business with Dundee but at the last minute, put our foot on the ball and pause..
  6. "Footballer x shouldn't move for money because my team might not replace him with a better player"
  7. I'll clarify my interpretation of a "worthless goal". He will score the 4th or 5th goal in a 4/5 nil win.
  8. No He hides as the slightest hint of a match getting difficult but a minority of your support will gush for him because "he brings something different to the team" or scores a handful of worthless goals
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