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  1. Don’t worry. Low will sanction the next couple of seasons’ budgets in one window, then Colin will have to write it off for his pal.
  2. Wonder if Weir will give money to spend in January as a one off? Just to help correct the utter shit-show of a squad Caldwell left behind
  3. I prefer this thread being dead rather than having political point-scoring being weaved in.
  4. Put Thistle in a 10team accumulator and I’m still in the running!
  5. I'm expecting Erskine back in January as he can't get a game for Livi just now + if Miller gets injured we only have Mansell.. We now have a manger that isn't a total fraud and can build a team so I’m quietly optimistic they will unearth at least one gem we've not heard of The dizzy heights of a mid table finish awaits!
  6. 4pts from 4th place and McCall hasn't even got to January yet, can't wait for the window and subsequent promotion 😎
  7. It’s a nice change to be on the other end of a last 10min bed shitting
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