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  1. Still in shock. One of my favourite team mate since the day I saw him, in my first training with Kilsyth Rangers, he make me feel welcome straight away, and telling me to sign for us Kilsyth. Always tell me to keep stick in, focus, and chances will come come come & that I will become better and better player for Kilsyth. Very graceful that I sit next to him in the changing room for many many seasons. His changing room banter, hyper, wild & crazy! Always make the lads laugh, smile, buzz mode for the game kick off, bus away trip banter, cards, laughing, always make sure everyone having good time with no matter what. He always got time for everyone in the football, absolutely legend No1 Goalkeeper and a friend Thank your your advice, always make sure I am good and beilive in me all over the years, you always told me not to quit too early and got many years left in me, Kilsyth Rangers & I will never forget you Micheal Duke
  2. No one yet as was focus on GB and been done pre session training with Kilsyth to get me extra fitness, thank to Kilsyth, so I see what happen after GB. Cheers
  3. Hey there, just thought I would update you with the Deaflympics, here is amazing experience Twitter deaflympicsGB or deaflympics2017 same for facebook and website and there got a app as well, plus live stream of diff sports. Amazing In group stage we got Brazil Russia and South Korea we beat Brazil 5-1. We got Russia tonight will be brutal game and Russia is a good team due they get paid by government. Looking forward to the challenge tonight http://dlyr.ec/5TVFnh there my goal from Brazil game. just only giving you website if you all bored at home doing nothing, lots of sport to watch and cheers the GB on GB already win bronze last night Mixed 4x relay swimming, which two Scottish people in that team. Cheers
  4. Yes that is correct. No getting a chance and getting less playing time which it not good for me and GB this summer. Along Medda got a big squad which they are all great player Its a shame as I beilive I can show what I can do for Medda but not getting a chance as I respect the manger and his decision for the team, just bad start to the season after club ex Phyiso telling me my hamstring just wee knox until I decide pay top Phyiso a visit cost me £100 and turn out I had a tear and out almost 3 months then a loan to Darvel, really enjoy it it there then call up to GB which it massive honour for me and back to Medda, but not getting game time and that but. training was superb & the lads is working their socks off, I really wish them all the best they can get back to super premier league as long they keep their head in and dispcline in the game by game.as I am hoping my Kilsyth and Medda get the top two as they both got a best ground, great set up, backroom and of course the fans. Thank you Medda for having me, just a shame I didn't show you fans what I am capable of. Just football is football I guess. Deafness is no excuse.. even at the weekend with GB we play kevin Davies X1 full of ex pro, Blackpool manger was really impress with me and I got man of the match, Time for me to get club asap with playing time get myself back to enjoying football and match fitness. Good luck Medda! You are their 12th man, they need you roar them on game by game.
  5. Lads, the draw has been made. Good group for us, even Russia players get paid by government prob the same for another two team, unlike us GB. And looking forward vs Brazil Massive thabk again Killie pie company for their donate £100 i still got long way raise £500 by April as I don't want to pay out of my pocket. you know any company willing donate me, lent me know please as j got letter to send out even I had over 300 view on this and by your £1 donate will make raise the £500 sorry for bother you as I just want ease my worry on money & focus on football, gym, training to get me fitter also you know any PT willing help me to reach top fitness and that for free i would love that as I know i can be totally fitter and stronger for GB in turkey pm me thank thank for your time to read Dolan
  6. Hey everyone, As you know who I am, one of deaf footballer, ex Kilsyth, Hurlford, Darvel & now I am with Irvine Meadow X1, I am enjoying my football after horrible injury from start of the season, and but now I am back to my best, and getting fitter., enjoying football again & hopefully back to get more playing time with Medda, great bunch of the lads. Now I need to ask a wee favour, as I got picked for GB for Deaflmypics 2017, Samsun at Turkey. Check it out on Twitter, they building everything brand new, new football stadium, and list go on just for Deaflmypics. Buzzing for it. Really looking forward to it, we got a really decent squad & will go for everything to grab gold. Sadly, we still get no support from government, as we had Gary Neville, FA & many company to reduce the cost, but now each player got to raise £500 by April. Without them, we got to raise 2.1k. HTTPS://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/pjdolan1 If you know any good company will to donate me, or anyone. Small or large would be graceful. Many thank for your time to read, and hope every club enjoy the rest of the season.
  7. Yeah that is me, I sign for Medda. Looking forward to new challenge & fresh start to my football career as I just step down from GB after Italy World Cup, with GB over ten year so spending too much money out of my pocket and the travel. Last 5 season I miss lot of match with Kilsyth & Hurlford by GB training weekend. So this season fresh start & they got a decent squad, management & set up at Medda, looking forward to work them & get Medda back to where they belong. going be a long brutal season for every club as any can win the league. Thank for Hurlford for having me last season, it was a big learning curve to learn from the mangers, and the players in there. Enjoy my time in there, Gutted I didn't get much of playing time I would like but that is football. Really enjoy work with them and I am sure they will do even better this season than last season. All the best Ford. So all the best to every club in each league, just simple enjoy the game of football!
  8. Yes correct, number 7. Lots of good video and picture on the website & that. Proud of my lads. Just home this morning, amazing feeling to be back home & now decide for my new season soon Next step - World Cup 2016 in Italy. Turkey players each of them got 35 grand for win the gold at the weekend.
  9. Get in!!!!!!! We win the bronze!!!!! What a great party last night ha! 2-1! Was in the bench for a tactics plan to come on second half to change the game which I set up the winning goal. Best feeling ever for beating Urakine!!! We never lost together as a team 11 player on the pitch! Proud of my lads! Now time for a wee break before back to football!. Thank you all for the good support to GB.
  10. Most of them play semi pro level around England, and few of them play in amateur level but good enough to be in semi pro level, our GB coach are very highly level. He work with England, fa, Chelsea, queen park rangers, Fulham and arsenal. He was a under Ghana under 20 manger which he won World Cup with them. Very good coach. Also we got Harry Allen ( joe Allen Liverpool player his brother) Bronze match 6pm (5pm KO) GB vs Urakine Top four 3 team get paid by government & only GB out of the pockets.
  11. Yes, Jordan Kerr, ex Hurlford & Darvel player. He had a great tournament. GB 2-3 Turkey. We had ten men after red card and a penalty when we was winning 2-1 and from 15 mins left. Refs give everything to Turkey what they want, 12th man, even we had 4mins add on 2-2 and they score after 4 mins add on. I score a goal. Totally gutted for the GB lads, as the best team lost as we deserve to be in the final in Hannover FC stadium. Now we got Russia or Urakine for bronze match on Friday.
  12. GB deaf football got Twitter or Facebook (GB deaf football results) they will do live update score or the euro deaf website but they update of whole game but in German word. There highlight of q finals in it as well
  13. Turkey beat Ireland 5-2. Turkey has two pen and Ireland red card Semi final GB vs Turkey 4pm ( 3pm UK time ) on Weds. I am not decide anything yet for next season as focus on GB
  14. GB 4-2 Sweden We fought a two come back after 1-0 & 2-1 Very brutal battle from Sweden with a park a bus & long ball game. We keep our calm & patience that our time to break them which lead us to semi final. I score a goal and set up a goal. Now we in the semi final. Turkey or Ireland
  15. Right lads. GB 3-0 Czech GB win. That us in the q-final Manger decide to rest few players to keep the legs fresh for q-final, one of them me on bench. Feeling great, focus day by day. Training twm then Sunday q-final 7pm That us top of the league with a clean 9 point. Russia come second, so Germany are winning easily atm so Russia vs Germany And we will possible vs Sweden as they winning 1-0 vs Italy. Sweden is a park the bus style.
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