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  1. Did we find out what the script was with Tree House Tam?
  2. I've seen them outside my shop all this week doing the same. I can say from experience the vast majority of Xplore drivers are simpletons.
  3. I'm in an unfortunate position. Worked was shut today, on our shifts app it's been marked as an authorised unpaid absence. I've agreed to go in tomorrow to help set up a home delivery service. No idea what's happening with wages so going to take whatever hours come my way atm. At least being in the shop and just prepping stuff for delivery means it's just me and at most my shop supervisor and no public so risks will be minimal. Clarity by the end of the week from the directors. I can get by on 80% of my wages atm thankfully but don't know when it's coming. See for zero hours folk, are the government basing this on average earning over the last year or how is it being worked out or is it being left to the employer to work out?
  4. Gman, I see Livi distro has ground to a halt. Stores had news of this yet? Someone tag him I can't find his name haha
  5. That's my store supervisor been told to self isolate because his brothers fiance got sent home from work with persistent cough and fever. They all share a flat together. There's just the two of us that work in the shop. Fairly wee place as well so if he's caught it, I've got it too. Pray for me lads.
  6. Well that's fine as it's just paracetamol
  7. I think this is where the don't take ibrufen thing has came from https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/14/anti-inflammatory-drugs-may-aggravate-coronavirus-infection
  8. I honestly think average points over the season is the fairest way to decide the leagues if games aren't able to be played out in terms of the sporting aspect. To make it fair to the clubs financially or to lessen the blow, closed door games should have live streaming provision available to all but season ticket holders (who get free access). There's not going to be perfect a solution it's going to be a mess regardless.
  9. Seems like the EPL is riddled with coronavirus.
  10. It's alright but after playing PUBG since release on PS4 I'm not taking well to the sloppy gun play. I'm playing warzone atm though cause the latest patch on pubg has been a disaster.
  11. DCC have a senior management meeting today to discuss impacts on health and social care alongside education. Can see them shutting services soon after.
  12. Folk in the US and UK are going to be absolutely done over by this. Not because of how dangerous COVID19 is but by how their respective governments deal with this. I'm shitting it incase they shut shops etc, I work in retail and can't simply afford to not be working. Absolutely brutal.
  13. I am. I reckon we'll finish top 6 after a couple of astute signings by Neilson and Ashgar. We'll sign a commanding ball player if a centre half. Sporle will transform over the summer to a skillful Latin left winger, backed by a Norwegian mental case of a LB and Glass will become Gilmour-esque in hsi techinal ability and attitude. I may be slightly sarcastic here.
  14. I was reading somewhere that a big issue with coronavirus is that a lot of people are asymptomatic or experiencing very mild symptoms so putting it down to seasonal flu/colds. The headline numbers are just those positively tested and you can likely add another 30-40% on top of those that are mild/asymptomatic. Which is worrying as the incubation period is fairly long and you are infectious whilst incubating so it can spread quite readily.
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