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  1. Was that not a seat the tories were confident of holding?
  2. Went to school with Kez. I've said this many many times. Her heart is in the right place when it comes to what she wants to happen it's just a shame she choose to try and enact that change being part of Slab. Jenny has got her heid turned anyways she voted aye.
  3. Tbf Arbroath shouldn't see much snow but Dundee will. Forgot this was away πŸ˜‚
  4. Leaving aside the impact it has on Scotland its shameful for the teams in their qualifying group to have to go up against potential cheats. Brings the game into disrepute.
  5. Inject this directly into my veins. For all the shite you give us on here; to see you post this through what must be gritted teeth is glorious haha
  6. Anyone got a clip of the goalies goal? Or any info on it. Intrigued by this one!
  7. Hmmm dunno if a poll like that is good or bad for the indy cause. Will maybe wake a few up thinking it's a shoe in. Or on the other hand it might make a few go f**k it what's the point.
  8. Yup 100% Alloa are winning this. United won't look at the races at all since we've had a mini break. I'm fearful that will be our momentum lost for the season and this game will be the start of a downfall.
  9. As much as I'm aghast at the raving loony Stuart Campbell has become, the woke brigade aren't exactly covering themselves in glory either. I've got a few mates who are trans (both mtf and ftm) and they think all the TRA/TERF stuff that goes on twitter is horrific. ScoPol twitter is an absolute cesspit filled with roasters of all creeds and colours.
  10. Butcher signs contract extension till 2023. Fair play even in the prem he's a decent enough footballer.
  11. So no word on who the trialist was the other day for the reserves?
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