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  1. Tony is apparently away. I think that's probably bullshit tbh.
  2. Nah but Arabs lording it over the Dee's in a potential play off game will only have one outcome and I'd rather your lot didn't have that over us. You're forever in our shadow but one inch closer to sunlight is a mile too far.
  3. United should sign the mentalist Canadian international that's been released by the Whitecaps
  4. Was saying this last night, the keeper has been getting pelters but he's had to deal with a shambles in front of him.
  5. Not really comfortable with fellow Arabs spouting off atm. Pride before a fall and all that. Team looks rotten. Another insipid performance when Mulgrew is in the team. He still thinks he's got it which he sadly doesn't. His one touch clearances which go straight to opposition players another feature again. Graham just pinging it constantly rather than taking a more simple pass contributing to Killie getting an attack and shot on goal constantly. Edwards actually pick of the back 3 for me done well aside from a couple of stramashes he was involved with. Smith can gtf. McMann done well. Most of the team looked dejected last night and need a manager who can change it up when required. For all the possession we had we done nothing with it.
  6. Started the game well but absolutely fell away after Fletcher's shite soft penalty. Much much more needed in the 2nd half. If this team can't come out and win this it's a sure sign of how relegated we are.
  7. Ryan Hardie from Plymouth doing the rounds now. Must be choppering him in for a medical
  8. I'd imagine St Mirren won't have got him without covering most of his wages as he could have went to KV otherwise.
  9. Tbf if Watt goes to St Mirren and does alright against the teams around us I'll be happy. Frees up a wage and brings someone else in who might have a point to prove.
  10. He's already there apparently. 2 loans and a full signing coming tomorrow supposedly also.
  11. 50/50 on this. If we get over the 35pts line with this squad I'll be surprised. Injuries to come surely and there's no one up top to cover Fletcher.
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