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  1. Well we certainly dug that one out in the end. Good to see Hampden absolutely bouncing.
  2. Obviously. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/7505/LIAM-FOX-APPOINTED-AS-DUNDEE-UNITED-HEAD-COACH.html
  3. Official now https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/7505/LIAM-FOX-APPOINTED-AS-DUNDEE-UNITED-HEAD-COACH.html
  4. As a composed and clinical second half I've seen from Scotland in my life time. Played calmly and to every player's strengths. Mental how much of a better side we look without Robertson in the team. And that's a compliment to the 11 on the pitch not a dig at Andy!
  5. Aye big month ahead. Need to get points on the board and every one of those games is winnable.
  6. I fucking greeted for days after Scott took his own life. Knowing someone who through their music and influence literally saved my own life by lifting me from suicidal depression took theirs in such a tragic manner absolutely destroyed me. Certainly not a tear shed when the Queen died. Quite the opposite in fact.
  7. I'm already cringing at how much of an absolute flag shagging orgy this is going to be.
  8. Uhm. Unless Well had a world class performance that I didn't see in the 1st half then there wasn't much to say they should have won it in the second. I wouldn't say United were amazing 2nd half but seemed to have far more intent. So a point would seem fair to me.
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