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  1. The bottom bit I'm absolutely in agreement with. I should probably clarify, afaik he's played a fair amount of time in midfield at unders level which is why he's viewed as so versatile by the club. Think we're just debating finer points here. Kid has massive potential to be a decent scottish premier league defender with an element of being possibly able to go higher. Technically decent, decent at defending, good awareness and passing range. I don't think he's quite as far as Graham (who's got 2 years on him) but I definitely don't think he's far behind and Ross has had great reviews since he's came in.
  2. You might be right about him being a bit slow but I would put that down to a lack of sharpness due to lack of game time. He's definitely got ability and he is still not properly recovered from a serious injury. Definitely worth keeping rather than bringing in someone else for defensive cover. I actually think he'll end up playing DM more than CB as he's decent on the ball and highly thought of at the academy, it was more a board decision as an offer came in. Lad might fancy getting picked up by a team down south so won't sign though.
  3. Alan Forrest. Highly probable Tiffoney. Approached but has other offers Anderson. Almost definite Mullen. Maybe maybe maybe Hungbo. Not likely but available
  4. Not entirely sure of that. I think he just promotes US players regardless.
  5. Half a mill from Europe if we get put out in QR3. Pretty decent ticket sales for the home leg I'd imagine. I reckon we'll get Man U because the universe works that way with the Levitt connection
  6. I'm thinking of this European adventure awaiting us as a nice glamour friendly with a decent payout attached to it. If we win we get another nice glamour friendly with a decent payout attached too.
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