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  1. I honestly think he stuck Kerr in there not just because of his ability but because there's been a few comments made regarding the use of young players recently. I've not touched upon this but I'm starting to prefer Freeman over Smith...
  2. We won't get 2 or 3 million for Fuchs unless someone utterly stupid drops that on him in January.... Which considering he's out of contract in summer would be utterly mental. Kerr Smith strolling a game against Celtic at Celtic Park was a joy to behold. Some player for a 16 year old. Reminds me a lot of John Souttar but he'll go much much further than he has (assuming he doesn't pick up the kind of injuries John has unfortunately had).
  3. Fuchs sensational again in midfield. Ridiculously classy player and the ball just stick to his feet when he takes it away from someone. Levitt another amazing player but wasn't too chuffed with the couple of hit and hopes when Hart was off his line when United could have broke up the park with the play.
  4. 2 on 1 at the end and they didn't even work a shot. Feels like 2 pts dropped there rather than gaining a valuable away point.
  5. Absolutely wild that's not a pen. HwVideoEditor_2021_09_26_160108602.mp4
  6. Celtics winger on the left looks dangerous need to make sure he stops cutting in to the box.
  7. I normally dread this fixture because it is usually a paddling. Strangely confident today.
  8. Wonder how we are going to fare without McNulty banging the goals in for us every week Oh wait. Shame for him as obviously he works hard enough but works too hard for the ball carrying it rather than scoring.
  9. That was a half of terrible refereeing from Gollum. Hibs clearly better but the stupid penalty decision has killed any chance of a decent game overall. Ah well good game well played enjoy the semi final Hibs.
  10. Thank god the United bench doesn't look as light as it has in the last few games. Good to see Chalmers back too.
  11. Absolutely hyped for this one cannot contain my excitement. Not really this feels very meh and there's not meant to be a great home support so this may end up an absolute pumping for United.
  12. Cuthbert is an absolute machine. She's up and down the park 90mins and doesn't stop.
  13. My eldest was there with DUGA and going by the twitter accounts I follow there was loads of girls teams from across Scotland, great to see and she was absolutely buzzing when she got back in. It's nights like tonight which give them the life long bug. I've went from having two daughters who last year didn't give a shit about football to both being in the Dundee United girls academy and we've taken in 3 games live between us (derby together, DUWFC Vs QPWFC and watched the Hungary game together) last 5 days
  14. No match thread yet for United/Hibs?
  15. I'll let her know for a bit of extra motivation, they are getting a bit complacent as they are unbeaten in 7 games.
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