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  1. @Leicesterlichtie defeats gkneil by resignation. A hell of a slog that one, and one I’m disappointed to have not got anything from. great game min
  2. Losing both Knights was intentional and all was going to plan until you played Ne6 in response to my check. I never spotted that, thinking you'd have had to use a bishop and I'd pick your Knight up. I also missed the chance to play Qe5+ a move earlier as your Knight on C6 was pinned by my Bishop. Still, you always had Ne6 and missing that ruined all my plans
  3. Aye, was an enjoyable game. I can't believe I missed the en passant opportunity on move 16. And yes, I decided to go all out to see if I could force a mistake through checking your King. But you didn't put a foot wrong
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