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  1. While that woman who was stranded for days in the Med survived on boiled sweets alone, all I’d need would be daily images of Ryan Jack in tears.
  2. Ash Taylor, what a guy. Loves a monumental error but he was on it tonight after a long time out. He’d run through brick walls for the dandies, and there’s times when that is all you ask for.
  3. Just a few thoughts on the above: Logan’s defensive frailties will be the reason he was dropped, not the miss last week Confusion at the back was due to it being a back 3 until we went 2-1 up, not sure where you’re comment on a back 4 comes from? On a number of occasions, Campbell was the one who looked to get himself some space and play a positive pass as opposed to some others who were happy to let the ball rotate round the back 3. He’s absolutely in a position to start. There is a need to have someone capable on the ball who doesn’t score goals or create chances.
  4. Have to say, excellent support from the St Mirren fans the day.
  5. Absolutely delighted and completely unsurprised that the Brexiteers are a confirmed bunch of VL’s.
  6. If we’re discussing manbags, this is the latest horror show. Saw someone at a gig last with one. Anyone with this look is an absolute OFTW.
  7. I’d imagine it is as it’s surely IG-88 that’s shown in both trailers Edit: cancel that as the droid is named IG-11 in the casting
  8. 2009, Lloyds basically running Rangers due to debt owed to them. Film called Zombieland came out. 2019, losses of over £11m. And Zombieland Double Tap is out.
  9. Some idiot has climbed a 300ft chimney in Carlisle and got stuck, upside doon no less, at the top. Reported at 02:20 and still stuck with no way to rescue him without as it stands.
  10. gkneil


    Thought it was tremendous.
  11. Nigel Benn, aged 55, planning to fight Sakio Bika. Surely this can’t be allowed to happen
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