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  1. Except none of the supporters team actually support Troon tho do they?
  2. No outcry about blueing up yet just smacks of double standards
  3. I just plucked the 1st 2 teams that came to mind bar the obvious cumnock/Glenafton nothing against either team but surely playing the likes of Ayr,Raith,QOS is more appealing?
  4. So do Talbot fans not fancy the step up to the senior leagues then? I know your committee dont but would you not rather games like that every week rather than Irvine Meadow and Kilburnie?
  5. Saw him on Somerset Road too as i was heading in, shook my head disapprovingly at him.
  6. Heard 1of the Somerset road end auld b*****ds that stand on the left hand side spitting with rage last season, the crime? Shankland missed an easy chance only to be met with " fur f**k sake thats shite...he's done f**k all all game bar score (2 goals as it happens)
  7. Read on Facebook that Jamie is on holiday so you have to contact Jeanne or Lisa to book.
  8. Serious question what are the QOTS banners all about? We know our manners? Order order? was some other odd 1 too
  9. And let's look at what you could have won
  10. This, were they not trying to convert it into flats?
  11. He does not get on with Doc, like really does not get on with Doc. Doc is seeing his sister so its quite a personal 1.
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