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  1. Yes Big Granty from Bannockburn. Another good signing by Mick. Nightmare for defenders Granty. Be missed in the Fosters by his team mates but not by Defenders. They will be happy he’s away back to the Juniors. All the best to the big man.
  2. A Gentleman of the highest order. My condolences to his Family, Friends and Uddingston Anvil AFC at this difficult time. RIP 🙏
  3. Hammy ex Ashvale and Penilee 35s
  4. Colville 0 Whitehill Welfare 4
  5. Fullerton v Kilsyth will be Stepford Sunday 1400
  6. See screenshot from Council page. It’s on the main Waterside Road just as you come into Kirkintilloch from Cumbernauld. If coming from Glasgow head towards Kirkintilloch High School. Then your two mins from the pitch. Enjoy the game.
  7. Took on board what you said and lines now fixed. Be it August or January pitch is one of the best in Amateur football.
  8. Needs to get the string line out. But in defence guys all work and running from job to get pitch ready in time not ideal. Fantastic pitch and the guys are very friendly. No need for a pro to come in and line pitch - leave to the Committee.
  9. Good signing for Stedfast. Refereed Stedfast v Glasgow Island - Friendly and “Beats” played in Defence at end of last season. Strolled through the game and passed on his knowledge to the younger Stedfast players. Had a good battle with the young winger for Glasgow Island on the day and I’m sure the young lad enjoyed the battle with an Ex Pro. Well done to everyone at Stedfast for getting Beats onboard. Welcome to the League and congratulations to Stedfast in their 60th year. Not easy nowadays with the amount of established teams folding.
  10. One of the best parks in Amateur football. Only if the lines are straight 😂🎣.
  11. Mad as a brush but very good keeper. Distribution top class
  12. On current form most folk would say Yes - The next in line would be John Black’s Drum United team - Premier winners 2007-11 West - 2004-2006 - 2007-08. Scottish 2006-07 and a few names of note in that team. Then Harestanes double Scottish winners 2001-2003 then 2014-15
  13. Big striker is Skelf. Very good player and works so hard for his side. I was surprised Chrissy Craig on the bench today. On his day Chrissy unplayable and good for a bit of banter. But Mick got the result and Colville under Michael finish with the big prize. New chapter for Colville under new Manager and Joe John and Andy. Michael off to Junior and I’m sure he’ll take a few of the Colville boys with him. I’ll miss big McD’s grunts when he’s attacking a high ball. Wish Michael Gerry all the best in the Juniors. Dale - 10 - missed the penalty. Usually cool calm and lethal from the spot. Tyler plays in defence and goes up front if chasing the game like today. Would have made game a bit more edgy if penalty had went in. Chris has a very good young side bar a few older heads Rennie Craig Logan my best moaning pal Bj Johnston- plays with his heart on his sleeve and the guy who should have started today big Chris Dunnett. So the future under Honeymonster Stevie and Brogan for the next few years looks bright. First team from Cumbernauld to get to the big Final. Lots of positives to take from this season for Eastfield and two games then campaign finished. Will they beat Bannockburn and then the Cinema Cup v John Black and DrumPossil. Best of luck to both teams in the Final. Hope Ryan makes a quick recovery from his broken jaw sustained in the Final today
  14. Yes Stevie two boys play with Eastfield
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