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  1. I don’t get all the fuss about the Celtic fans’ banner. Surely they can show their disapproval of a Netflix series without action being taken by UEFA.
  2. Where would you be without Ayr United players ?
  3. I'm still waiting for the example of my tribal 'bollocks'. The main thrust of my point throughout this debate has been that supporters of all of our clubs are treated badly. Instead of trying to score cheap points over our rivals, we would be better employed in trying to make it better for all of us. That means calling out our own clubs when they treat away fans badly. When away fans come to Somerset, they should be given the choice of the west stand, Railway end or the away section of the North terracing. If it costs more money, too bad. They've paid good money to be treated properly. Instead of Morton forcing Ayr fans into the end of the main stand, they should organise their ground with a view to assisting away fans in having a good experience. My God, both clubs have plenty of room. The costs they incur in doing this is the price they pay for offering this form of entertainment. I can't see what's sanctimonious about standing up for ourselves.
  4. My point in this post is about the way most clubs, including Ayr United, treat away supporters with contempt. Try reading this again and point out where I indulged in tribal 'bollocks'. If Morton are the home club it is their fault. If Ayr are the home club it's their fault. The fact is that, whether you like it or not, home club are tasked with managing their event.
  5. Apparently not, Wattoo. They've been treating us like this for decades and we've just been putting up with it.
  6. I apologise for that 'virginton' reference in my post. I didn't type that, it somehow autocorrected my post. I'm not interested in that kind of name-calling nonsense.
  7. Surprise, surprise. virginton reverts to attempts at being a smart ass to deflect from his inability to engage in sensible debate. Quick VT, get another red dot in before they run out.
  8. The staffing requirements for a match are the responsibility of the home club. The costs, additional or not are also the responsibility of the home club. Should the home club find it too difficult to deal with the issue of pitch invasions, they would be well advised to seek advice from the police. Liaison with the security adviser of the away club would also help in identifying transgressors to ensure that appropriate action is taken to deal with them and eradicate the problem. If the home club are unable to deal with this, perhaps they shouldn't be running a football club. Most clubs have shied away from having police deployed at matches because of the costs. Instead, they pay a pittance to stewards who are not equipped to deal with pitch invasions. Unfortunately, some supporters adopt tribal allegiances to respond to the problem. I would suggest that you have a preference for punishing 500 people for the actions of a few people, especially if Morton are the home club, due to that narrow mindset. My opinion is not an attack on Morton. I just believe that spectators at away games are treated with contempt. Sadly, some fans are so caught up in their tribal allegiances that they ignore the main issue to focus on the opportunity to have a go at their rivals.
  9. Does anyone have access to scorers in matches from the 70s ? Maybe Duncan ? I'm trying to find the Ayr scorer(s)from the Hibernian v Ayr United match on September 29th 1973. My memory was that Joe Fillippi scored both Ayr goals. If not this match, did he score twice in this fixture on another date ? Thanks for any help.
  10. You're spot on there, Jeff. I know that Roy Provan is in close contact with opposition clubs ahead of all fixtures to exchange information about numbers, security concerns, etc. The problem with all of our clubs being 'prudent' is that it is to the detriment of the supporters. The priority is to minimise the cost and inconvenience to the home club and this trumps the comfort and experience of the paying customers. Therefore, jamming supporters into a corner of the ground, leaving large areas of the ground empty, is preferable to the pain in the neck of welcoming fans and creating a better atmosphere.
  11. Pitch invasions are a separate issue and should be dealt with appropriately by the authorities, wherever they occur. However, as expected, in your usual obnoxious tone, you concentrate on winning the smart ass award instead of addressing the issue. I pointed out that this situation occurs at many grounds we visit and it also happens when teams visit Somerset Park. Maybe the reason you can't see that this is a genuine issue is because you're squeezed into a corner of this thread and you don't have a very good view.
  12. This situation really beggars belief. We have two sets of supporters squabbling with one another about the extremely poor treatment of away supporters (customers) accommodation, with, in this particular case, Morton fans basing their arguments on the team they support. Cappielow has four sides and it might be a good idea to welcome away fans by dedicating an area to away fans where they have plenty of room and a good view of the action. As Ayr supporters we have had many situations where we have been shoehorned into a corner of an away ground with awful views of the match and sometimes not enough room for all of us to fit in. Meanwhile, large expanses of the ground is empty. Away supporters at Somerset suffer the same situation when they are often forced to sit in the far corner of the west stand. There should be less contention between rival fans and more of a joint insistence on every team’s fans being given consideration as paying customers. The argument that clubs need to keep their costs down is ludicrous. If any of our clubs cannot afford the cost of treating customers with a little dignity, maybe they shouldn’t be in the entertainment business. The bottom line in all of this is that Morton and Ayr fans, in this instance, should not be enemies, they should be supporting one another.
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