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  1. You've got to love the Dundee United fan twirling his invisible scarf 😂
  2. What's wrong with pedantry ? For example, I like to point out that interfere has an e on the end of it. I didn't realise there was an 'official' definition of a club. Which official definition are you quoting ? Oxford English ? Cambridge ? Webster's ? Chambers ? I'm quite comfortable with the definition I used but thanks for your valued contribution.
  3. You've got yourself into such a pickle here that by now you must be wishing you hadn't made that initial post. Don't worry, I'm going to let you off the hook now, you've suffered enough.
  4. Clubs do not equate to people ? Seriously ? I feel very fortunate to have someone as well informed as you to help me with my comprehension. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to point out the definition of a club for clarity in this debate; 'A club is an organisation of people interested in a particular activity or subject who usually meet on a regular basis' The Rangers and Celtic fans are undoubtedly an integral part of their respective clubs and also a ' collective of people'. I think it's reasonable to assume that you were referring to them. Let me ask you one more thing: Did you make a mistake in your original post when you referred to 'teams' or is it actually the players you hate ? It's just that you changed the term to 'clubs' in your later post. If there is one thing that is certain from your comments it is that you most certainly have expressed a hatred of 'collectives of people'. That's why I pointed out the contradiction. Maybe omit the bad language and concentrate on explaining who or what it is that you hate. You seem very confused. Now, go and reflect on your comments and try a little harder next time.
  5. So, let me get this right. You hate Rangers and Celtic but you don't generalise a hatred of collectives of people ? Do you happen to see the contradiction in your post ? I'm sure there are many more decent Rangers and Celtic fans than there are decent Ayr United or Airdrie fans. Purely down to scale, of course. In conclusion, I would guess that it's your hatred that's blinding your reason, on both counts.
  6. Pity you didn't give them the job of organising your banner for today. What was the person responsible for that banner thinking about ? Events conspired against you today folks. A wee bit of luck and it could have been so different. Good try anyway and good luck for the rest of the season.
  7. Must be in with a shout for the 'Most Embarrassing Banner of All Time'.
  8. If my memory serves me right, in the 60s/70s ?, we were once drawn in a group with both Rangers and Celtic. I don't think it detracted from their European campaigns. ETA: Yep, just found it. 1971. Celtic, Rangers, Morton and Ayr United. Home and away also. Partick Thistle destroyed Celtic 4-1 in the final. Celtic won with a 14-0 aggregate, followed by a 10-2 (before going out to Ajax) in the European Cup Rangers went all the way, winning the European Cup Winners Cup
  9. I could just imagine how that would pan out; "Oh, you have so much football in you Hippo"..."Yes, but you're so strong Austin" ..." Thanks Hippo, by the way you look great in that top" ..."Oh Austin, I was about to say dark blue is definitely your colour "
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