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  1. Good workmanlike performance that gives some hope.
  2. A very good appointment in my view....I’m sure there’ll be double shifts to the co-op...doubles not singles going about
  3. Well. As you know, I’m not one to speculate but what I’m hearing is a good appointment (bear in mind this was at the same Stables I heard)
  4. I bloody well hope not. look at we’ve become. sad times
  5. Were you in Owen's before the game? Yes! We’re you?
  6. We all know what goes on...if you can’t see it then that’s up to you.
  7. Totally agree. Aright game I guess...great to get points on the board. Onwards and upwards (ps shit chat at the shit bar beforehand) I
  8. Truth hurts. There’s many good standing people that have walked away due to what goes on. If you can’t see it that’s up to you
  9. I guess there will be double runs to the co-op whilst the committee make up their minds
  10. Great that you had a good day in Brechin, always welcome!
  11. The reason being is they can make no difference with the bearers already in position.
  12. Yes, indeed. Apologies for the illiteracy of my predictive text whilst the blood boils. There are alternatives which are actively being pursued. Wholesale changes are required. And for those that say the Board give their time for free etc, yes correct. However, their Boardroom perks are a plenty (just check Martin Smith doing the weekly booze run down the co-op). A change of manager may help (although given recent history with our Board not having the balls to take action I doubt this will happen anytime soon) however there is clearly an issue at the top of the club.
  13. just got in after this disgrace. it is no exaggeration to say that we are in a crisis. emotions are high but i wonder if there is any appetitte from supporters to call an EGM (I'm happy to propose) and over-through the Board - start from scratch. drastic measures but these are clearly drastic times.
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