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  1. U.B lost a lot of players then? Seen them last season a few times and they were very tidy.
  2. Mentioned it already in the video thread, that's absolute embarrassing refereeing for those 2 penalties, absolute hopeless.
  3. Absolute embarrassing refereeing in both penalty instances there.
  4. muller


    Some c**t tell us what got said on twitter.
  5. muller


    Dnt post drunk lads.
  6. muller


    brand new content
  7. muller


    whoever tries to make out this is a big deal.
  8. imagine waiting on anything to do with me.
  9. Colville are on a different level this year If they take every competition seriously they will win the lot this year imo.
  10. You think in 30 years time weans will be running about telling each other there grandas won a couple a medals at amatuer fitbaw level?
  11. More chance of him leaving then you managing to spell the word govan by looks of it.
  12. Well done shortlees have bit of banter with them all the time but still adamant some of the stuff on here is way exaggerated regardless how good they are. Seen Owen Quigley in line up tonight as well right good player and all round good guy good on him and wish him all the best.
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