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  1. Doubt he'd get a qualifying obit but this guy is now gone to the happy hunting ground. http://masterwoodsman.com/tag/mors-kochanski/ Never met him but seen a load of his stuff, was a genuinely nice guy and passionate about the great outdoors.
  2. Its certainly picking up for Deadly December......
  3. Suspect there might have been more than 4.
  4. Rhodes on the highway to hell....... Or the Rhodes to Nowhere if he's an atheist.
  5. Talked the dodgily nicknamed 'Uncle Gaybo' off this years list, was a likely contender to fill the ranks of next years. Doing a bit of tidying up of the subs bench and a few have gone, including the boy who wrote The Pacific. Got some good oldies but unless you get a solo they're not very pointsworthy, what is a boy to do ?????
  6. I've learned a valuable lesson this year, I took the gamble that the low hanging fruit that is Sir Stirling Moss would get more points than the lassie with the new lease of life that WAS Marieke Vervoort. 😠 If the selfish auld git is still going next year I'll be looking to drop him for someone more points worthy, been lining up a few young(er) thrusters to take his place. Got a couple others who could be replaced with potentially more pointsworthy subs although its all a gamble, Leah hung on for longer than expected.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50232957 Another one for the 'never heard of' pile. Julian Keane..... I'll be impressed if anyone has him.
  8. No one can say that you're not a team player mate.
  9. I can't remember who the original quote was attributed to but it was along the lines of "Australian men are the worst lovers in the world", to which the reply was "Yeah, but have you seen what we get to practice on ?". I'll get me coat.
  10. A bit 'if your auntie had baws...'. If you opt for assisted suicide, the clue is in the name I'd have thought.
  11. While I respect the Ref's decision is final, I'd say it falls under the suicide rule. Just raging I dropped the cow after her 'two faced' shenanigans. There's a special place in Hell for the likes of her.
  12. I feel ya bro. Some people have no regard for others....
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