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  1. Be hard going listening to the great and the good eulogising him. Even as a kid I couldn't believe that pair were on the TV.
  2. https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2020/03/30/coronavirus-first-royal-death-of-covid-19-confirmed/?ncid=webmail First Royal Corona death, hopefully she'll start a fashion.
  3. Heard the same thing this morning, apparently getting announced tomorrow, or so the story goes.....
  4. If you've filled your team with geriatrics aye..... 😒
  5. If I read you right Miguel, you have no knowledge of Caroline Flack's 'body of work' but you know what Piers Morgan has been getting excited about. Got it.
  6. I've a couple on my long list, one nearly made the cut for this year, its a high risk/high reward strategy.
  7. https://www.aol.co.uk/entertainment/2020/02/11/nanny-mcphee-actor-raphael-coleman-dies-at-25/?ncid=webmail Lots of points for this boy in the unlikely event anyone had him.
  8. She's on the long list already, mostly because I thought she might be a solo shot, not a lot of points when you're in three figures.
  9. Had similar a couple years back for that Japanese business man who was having a death party, was all over the BBC but when he got round to dying, nobody bothered their arses to report it. Its like some of these major media groups just don't care for us dead poolers. 😭
  10. Good drills mate. I'm just hoping its a marathon and not a sprint.
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