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  1. Things seem to be picking up as we're edging towards December.
  2. Whenever I see anything remotely Scoobyish, I think of this.
  3. I'm in no rush, a Deadly December will do me. 😀
  4. Been on my 'long list' for a while, checked him out again recently, doesn't look like I'll get to use my tagline of 'disappeared with a poof'. Damn. 😒
  5. Saw that, while The Big Lebowski is one of my favourite films, he was brilliant as Rooster Cogburn, big boots to follow but Wow ! He owned it.
  6. Well doesn't that Beat It all, he was on the short list for next year.
  7. Went through the 'long list' yesterday and a fair few had karked it, some have made recoveries that would make Ernest Saunders blush. Its a lot tidier and assuming they see out this year I've a few 'young thrusters' to fill the (too few) gaps for next year. This covid thing had better bloody pick up or what's the point of it. 😡
  8. Dunno Miguel, I reckon I could schlep by on 15 million a year. It will still get you a lotta coke and hookers.
  9. Mark C just beat you to it Miguel. They could maybe do a 'Big Country' although (for example) 'Dave and the Maytals' doesn't have the same ring does it.
  10. Sorry to here this, quite partial to a bit of Toots and the Maytals. Pretty sure they still tour too.
  11. Was it murder ? Someone will avenge 'er. Saw her in something earlier this week and added her to the long list, just based on age. She probably wouldn't have made the cut right without something being 'out there' that there was something wrong.
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