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  1. https://www.aol.co.uk/entertainment/lisa-banes-gone-girl-cocktail-081709503.html Lisa Banes ???? Me neither.
  2. Its Geoffrey that was the worrying one, VERY strange tastes in football teams...... 🤢
  3. Much underrated film I think, small touches like having a dartboard with the Queen Mother's head on it when Charlie has to go and 'light a match' is genius. Right at the end of this clip.
  4. Whenever I hear ANY BCR song I can't help but default to this.
  5. #metoo. Every time I look in the mirror I think I need to lose weight.
  6. I didn't really watch any of them other than small snippets but it wasn't really a social experiment, these people were all selected, its not like they got genuine randoms, they picked the ones who would get the most viewing figures by being phuqwits. I'm sure it grew arms and legs as it went on but I've heard the "social experiment" stuff trotted out plenty times before which gives the whole sorry saga more credibility than it deserves, at least for this Barry Norman.
  7. I'll try not to be judgemental but you have strange tastes if you consider the Chookie Embra a "dish".
  8. https://www.aol.co.uk/talladega-nights-star-houston-tumlin-dies-aged-28-162302951.html Always sad when its someone so young but these Holy Grails are out there for us deadpoolers.
  9. He was a cool cowboy but what about this lad..... For clarity, Sam Elliott, not 'The Dude'.
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