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  1. I'm frontline NHS If you clap at 8pm you're a minter.
  2. 1. Edge of Glory 2. Speechless. 3. You and I IMO
  3. Hello my derry brethren If anyone has any good pictures for @Romeo's signature then please offer your suggestions. Unfortunately this photo of Darren O'Dea cleanly winning the ball is too large
  4. If a worker is symptomatic then they'll need to self isolate and that'll be that. If a worker is symptomatic and tests positive then a number of their colleagues will also need to self isolate and it'll make the staffing crisis even worse. That's the obviously unofficial line I was told after one of the meetings on Friday.
  5. There's a lot of 'could' in that article. Hypothetical clickbait IMO.
  6. Ninewells are converting 4 additional wards on top of infectious diseases to only cover coronavirus. Better hope no-one in Tayside breaks any major bones because there's gonna be no ortho wards.
  7. This is a public safety issue, Mark. All the necessary steps must be taken.
  8. Louis Litt


    Yeah no chance March madness is going ahead. The Steven Smith burner account has been very funny lately.
  9. Louis Litt


    Imagine being named back to back defensive player of the year to then be remembered most for this
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