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  1. The players have clearly been morons but needless to say they won't have been the only ones out last weekend. I won't be sharpening my pitchfork. Even if the rules aren't clear on what players are and aren't allowed to do outwith their working hours you'd imagine most have been told yesterday/today they're not to be seen out in any pubs in town.
  2. Contemplating quitting your job after waking up a few days into Ibiza. We've all been there.
  3. Worth sticking with to get to 4? I'm nowhere near there yet. I don't think a TV series has had quite as much of an effect on me as S1 of 13 Reasons Why. Pretty chilling tv. Sad to see they've kept going. S2 was nowhere near as gripping. Yeah definitely. Like I said you'll inevitably have thoughts (in season 3) that's its being dragged out but if you found the first season hard hitting I'd definitely stick with.
  4. Last episode of 13 reasons why was a really tough watch, very sad. Overall I thought the season was much better than the 2nd and third though. Didn't need anywhere need 4 but it was all watchable.
  5. I've watched all 4 seasons. First two are the team in Mississippi and then it goes to another school in Kansas. Both coaches are nutters IMO and similar but the guy at Kansas is much more likeable than Buddy Stephens who's a massive hypocrite. The way he acted at the riot at the end of season one sums him up.
  6. Charlie Brooker had me this morning ngl.
  7. Louis Litt


    I know most of the lyrics to the songs on My Musical and I'm not ashamed
  8. His exclusives run dry when they've not been covered on a team's individual forum
  9. As I've already said I'm fine with this if we get reconstruction. If there's not concrete assurances in place that it's happening and he's trusting the word of the most inept organisation in football that they'll hold talks then he's an idiot and deserves all the stick he'll get.
  10. A minter of an attempt to fish for greenies before sticking his tail back between his legs with the 'serious note' at the end.
  11. I'm fine with this if we see a 14 team top flight. If it's just for a back hander of cash or a friendly against Timothy then Nelms can f**k off and then f**k off again.
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