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  1. I'll whisper it to be safe, but recently I've thought that Cammy has looked solid.
  2. There absolutely was an incident in Dundee very recently where a girl had to get checked out in the hospital after a clear as day injection mark and bruising around the site could be seen. I couldn't tell you what it was found to be but I'd put a lot of money on it not being saline. I'm sure these cases are very rare but it absolutely has been happening and it's the behaviour of an utter c**t.
  3. I can hardly be arsed getting there for 6pm to watch it so I'll not judge.
  4. That was utter shite. If Griffiths spent as much time in the gym as he does appealing for fouls he'd maybe hit match fitness.
  5. Literally anyone else starts this thread saying the Dundee Derby is the best in Scotland and its an easy greenie but hell will freeze over before I greendot OldMan Danger for anything.
  6. 3k plus concessions rocking up to Tannadice on the 19th of September lads.
  7. Maybe this is better suited for the quick question thread but can a parking charge notice from a private company affect your credit rating? I ask because my girlfriend's sent me a letter this morning not impressed after I got one of those horrifying letters when I was using her car for work. After telling her to stop being a fanny and chuck it in the bin she's now moved onto claiming it can affect her credit rating (with 3 exclamation marks!!!) Ideally I'd just like someone to point something out to me that I can send her that proves she's wrong.
  8. We were the better team until Adam went off. Since then we've looked bloody hopeless.
  9. Aye I'm completely against this too. Football's hypocritical as f**k (I love Paul Mcgowan more than my own dad) but there's a level and what Griffiths did is beyond it. I suspect this has been leaked so the club can gauge the general reaction of the support and from what I've seen I think I'm in the minority.
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