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  1. Indigo Sun would report record profits in Dundee if he got the job.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    More punted plz.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    It's too early for Gowser to get to the underground, give it until the morning.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Nathan Ralph won the POTY and the Player's POTY tonight. Well done to him, he should absolutely piss the championship.
  5. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    That Steve Clark Don't Go banner
  6. Las Vegas

    Yeah there's no danger I'd be staying in Vegas for two weeks, even factoring in a trip to the canyon I think a week is excessive. Follow VT's advice and head out to California for a bit, you'll be sick of the sight of the strip after that length of time.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    A bit pish this season lads I can't lie
  8. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    O'Dea started off his career with us very well, he's clearly regressed in the last year or two but his service deserves recognition. I clapped him.
  9. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    Sent off on his last ever game of professional football. Some laugh.
  10. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    No hard tackles please.
  11. Jeremy Kyle taken off air

    Love island is quality.
  12. Miller with Mcpake as his assistant waiting to take over when it inevitably goes tits up.
  13. All things Dundee FC

    If David Tanner thinks it's a poor decision then we're obviously doing well, the guy's a fucking rocket.
  14. All things Dundee FC

    Absolutely the correct decision, I'll go against the majority ans say I don't think he'd have been a disaster in the championship, but no manager should ever survive the horrendous run that we've been on and this was the only way to get a lot of fans back onside. A summer break with a new management team and numerous signing emoticons is more exciting than anything we've seen for ages.