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  1. They're in the spar up from ninewells too.
  2. I was drunk when I posted that. I can only apologise.
  3. I didn't go today because I cba but I'm gonna guess we're united in thinking that we're pish and that Mcpake will bottle the play offs at best?
  4. Stayed in the pub. Can't say I'm disappointed.
  5. Kerr dropped after his best game of the season is bizarre.
  6. Charging the normal going rate for a football strip. Mental indeed.
  7. Adele's just fucked any chance of doing well in the show with that prejudice nonsense. Minter.
  8. Caitlyn last night saying she appreciates Ian's effort trying to make the rice. He'd have lost it if he heard that 😂 A definite contender for a head's gone
  9. The best scenes on tv since Tom fucked it with Maura before their night in the hideaway
  10. A student photographer just got knocked unconscious in the Georgia Auburn game 😬
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