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  1. You can hear the minter in that woman's voice
  2. I saw someone on twitter claiming Chapman's on 3.5k a week and I decided social media isn't for me
  3. I take your point but that wasn't a meh performance today it was fucking stinking. We play like that for most away games and we're not going to be drawing.
  4. A personal favourite of mine. A bunch of kids (and adults) didn't gain shitloads of weight because they were told they couldn't leave the house and ate shite out of boredom, it was that darn long covid again
  5. Most I've enjoyed a game at Dens in years, even at 2-2 I wouldn't have left raging. Enough's been said about the players but fair fucks to the young team for the atmosphere they're generating, makes such a difference to the whole place and it spreads beyond the derry.
  6. I think the only support Luca still has is the teeny boppers and facebook maws, everyone else is rightfully giving him pelters
  7. I voted yes in the last referendum and up to the last election always voted SNP but have no intention to do it again as they're currently being run. Covid has been the single most important issue in my life and I completely disagree with the way the handled almost the entire thing, they can ram it.
  8. Yeah nothing that's been announced today has changed how I (and I'd assume most folk) feel in regards to drinking and getting pulled up for anything. The bad looks you'd get off the text the BTP mob are never for everyone and anyone drinking either though- the 50 y.o plus wifeys with their prosecco, wee cups and Thai sweet chilli sensations wont have an eyelid batted but lord forbid someone has a 4 pack. It's for me triggered an annoyance off the back of the way covid was handled up here of feeling like rules are put in place that achieve nothing other than making folk turn their noise up at others feeling morally superior.
  9. Scotrail are clearly speccy losers
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