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  1. Danny has definitely broken multiple xbox controllers
  2. They could put in place all the measures that Pagel and other experts recommend before they're definitely, absolutely 100% happy and comfortable for us to get back to normal living and they'll still always manage to think up something else that has to be done or another target that has to be met. It's depressing reading the replies to these sort of tweets, I can't see their attitudes changes but thankfully it feels like these people are in the minority now.
  3. I much prefer pie and bovril but it'd be a real shame if it did indeed close and I had less things to read whilst skiving at work.
  4. You'd assume the guy who runs/owns it would write a longer message to at least explain why he's packed it in. Weird as f**k.
  5. I reckon Liam and Millie could be a decent shout to win it.
  6. Me now after being unimpressed when we signed Mcmullan
  7. I quite like chloe for sheer entertainment value.
  8. That foul was Darren O'Dea on Tom Rogic like Beautiful.
  9. At least there's a recoupling tonight.
  10. Is it certainly criminal though? It's absolutely beastly and he's a total creep but the messages he's sent are (probably intentionally) ambiguous where although everyone and their dog know what he was hinting and asking for he's not actually asked for them. I'm not defending him, but (with no legal expertise) it doesn't look like it'd be easy to actually convict him of anything.
  11. I don't mind table service tbh but the apps/online links to order can get so far to f**k. I was at one of the busier bars in Dundee on Saturday where the signal is pretty shit indoors and the WiFi wasn't working. One of the guys serving eventually came over and let us do table service after explaining the situation but the whole thing is still a pain in the arse.
  12. It's pretty vile to push the narrative that anyone who doesn't wear a mask when not legally required to do so doesn't care about their community. The woman's an absolute rocket.
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