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  1. What about ticketing if they do merge the two games into one? The same seats will have been bought by different people
  2. I dunno if the guy hosting the draw's got mixed up with the Nations League but he just said our game with Ukraine's been rescheduled for the 7th of June
  3. Is there any indication when a date's getting confirmed for the final? Some of us have hotels with free cancellations to worry about.
  4. I'm sure she was quick to point out that although there are poor souls who've had further more serious medical issues a year or so after contracting covid this was clearly pre-omicron and irrelevant in terms of how we should be managing things now. Unless of course we're pushing the we just don't know rhetoric for the rest of time.
  5. Saves him an inevitable amount of close up abuse from the punters in the main stand. He's probably relieved.
  6. Imaging how raging you'd be if you were Chapman. Left Miami for Dundee and not even a covid crisis can get you a start.
  7. I agree it would definitely complicate things but I can't see either FIFA or ourselves rejecting it purely on the basis that we/they'll look like massive arseholes. I'd guess we're silently hoping FIFA say no, take all the heat as the bad guys and we pretend we were happy enough to postpone it.
  8. I also don't think the Ukrainian FA have realised that Hampden is already booked for Ed Sheeran, Gerry Cinnamon and Calvin Harris.
  9. I think it'll be postponed because FIFA will know it looks utterly dreadful if they don't but what's the chance the situation's going to look any better in June or whenever's put forward? Not great IMO. The honest truth is I'm just quietly seething because I've probably wasted my annual leave on this and a potential piss up in Cardiff.
  10. Hibs have put up a video of a game against us in 2017. Would you swap our current team for this one? I keep swithering.
  11. They can plow in as much money as they want but they are absolutely clueless when it comes to footballing matters and that fucks over any progression we could ever make in spite of however much they're throwing. It's an utter shambles.
  12. Gutted it didn't work out but absolutely the right decision. Jack Ross please.
  13. What in the name of f**k are the Peter Hitchens Dark blues
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