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  1. Scott Wright looked excellent in that second half. More energy than that entire celtic team combined.
  2. Didn't even attempt to save it at the end hahaha. Get it right up you.
  3. Football has a funny way of cream rising to the top.
  4. Those miserable and moaning b*****ds in the coxy causing us to be nervy as f**k at the end again... 🙄
  5. Rangers on the basis that the folk I know who support them are a lot less paranoid and a lot more tolerable than the folk I know would support Celtic. Some would quite literally never recover from losing 10 in a row and it would be fucking hilarious.
  6. The persistence with Jack Hamilton is all the more annoying when you see the number of players we've signed and money we've wasted on literally all other aspects of the team. That St Mirren howler was well over 2 years ago now and I dunno if I'm being harsh but I can't once remember walking away from a game and thinking he'd saved us a point(s).
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