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  1. It's also a bit of a minter seeing them get chucked on at random points near the end of the game when someone's obviously had it in their mind that they'll let it off during a #scenes moment which doesn't happen.
  2. Someone also chucked one on the pitch right before the last penalty got taken making it impossible to see for basically everyone around me (and I'm assuming a bunch more around the middle of the stand.) I can't really say I'm bothered I missed their winning penalty but it's just fucking moronic.
  3. Fair fucks to the guy it must be funny as f**k seeing everyone losing their shit whilst your finger hovers over the post button
  4. Why is Luke Mccowan not starting every game lmao.
  5. Jordan Marshall also needs melted down into glue. Embarrassingly bad.
  6. Our motm was that boy watching the game from someone's front door and managed about 3 minutes with his top off after the equaliser.
  7. Any streams for those of us not blessed with a firestick would be very appreciated
  8. I refuse to belive Piers Morgan is as raging and bothered about this as his tweets would imply - boy's just tweeting whatever controversial opinion he can to get the most interactions even if 99% of those are calling him a nonce or posting a photo of him with Ghislaine Maxwell
  9. Not true, just strike action being called off as two of the unions have accepted the offer. I do still think it'll go through, however.
  10. My only disappointment from yesterday was Danny Mullen was sat on the bench and you couldn't see his reaction after the GIRFUY he gave us when the first goal went in
  11. Fucking awful game of football today but at least we seem to be a bit better at the basics of defending
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