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  1. Agree about Canning, to many people today pointed the finger at him, banging on about how he wasn't standing up, or shouting at them, which wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference. It was a very frustrating game in that we didn't take our opportunities to put the game to bed. First half, both teams were rotten, so we were a bit lucky to go in 1-0 up. Second I thought we were the better team, four golden chances I counted, Crawfords volley, which was well saved, cut back to Docherty, Crawfords free kick, and the obvious one, Roy clean through. Killie only really had the two chances, and the second was some strike. Longridge had a good game today, which is good to see, as others have said Imrie had a bit of a shocker. I hope Mcmann comes back soon, Lyon looks really shaky, and Gillespie is to weak on his left. Full backs should be a priority. I think a couple of people are pushing the panic button a bit early, it was only the second game of the season. And give the new players a chance before writing them off, I seen comments saying Sarris and Roy aren't good enough, surly they should be given more time.
  2. From what i've been hearing, It could be contract news on Ziggy.
  3. Been hearing that we're in talks with Cuthbert about signing a pre-contract with us, as McGovern is almost certainly leaving in the summer. He is out of contract with Raith in the summer and obviously hasn't signed on. Interesting if true, I had fully expected McGovern to leave in the summer, but I thought we'd have give Martin a shot, but I suppose we would need another anyway. But i've also heard that Falkirk want him, so if they come and we go down, then it goes without saying who'll go to. But again in all honesty, he's more likely to go to Falkirk in any outcome, as we have no promise what so ever.
  4. A lot at stake in this game, a Motherwell win could see them more or less safe, barring a late bottle crash, and making Accies survival hopes all the more bleak. But an Accies win and we pull them right back down beside us titering over the play off spot. Obviously there's no guarantees no matter what the outcome, but if we lose this its hard to see how we won't end up in the play off spot, we got a good result against Celtic, but it means nothing if we lose this. Can see him going with the same team, but I'd like to see Brophy and Morris up top to start, I feel we really should take the game to them early and rattle them, before they get a rhythm going.
  5. Yeah seems to be the case, I posted Peterhead after changing my mind from dumbarton, I suppose it doesn't matter, neither won
  6. Tong Andreu is joining Rotherham on loan. Not Accies chat I know, but thought it'd be worth a mention. Hope he does well.
  7. Though is he not a Celtic fan himself, so he may want the move
  8. Week 1 Raith Rovers Week 2 Dunfermline Week 3 Forfar Week 4 Albion Rovers Week 5 Dumbarton
  9. Kieran MacDonald and Daniel Armstrong have both been released this afternoon. Understandable MacDonald wanting to leave with Kurakins coming in. Armstrong looked decent in the under 20s the few times I saw him, but there's obviously a few kids ahead of him, maybe find a club in the championship.
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