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  1. The club are not going to be hit for stewarding and other outlays for the games. I would be more than happy to offer £50+ in order to keep the club on a secure financial footing.
  2. For me the game against Clyde showed up a couple of things that are pretty obvious to us all. Quality up front will always edge out tight games and so it proved with Goodwillie. Also Johnston in midfield for them was far superior to any of ours in driving forward and creating chances. I think i'm right in stating that we would be serious contenders if those guys were in our side.
  3. Done it a couple of times in the season and it is overpriced for what is on offer. The fact that you are not seated at a meal is a bit of a downer considering the price. This is a no brainer for reducing the price and increasing the volume of customer uptake as their overheads are minimal.
  4. Reading the preview it filled me with huge disappointment. Josh like many players believe that their results are due to 'bad luck' or not 'getting the breaks'. I'm afraid that this dillusional view is common with many players. The poor results are due to a lack of quality and poor decision making as everyone knows. It is also down to a lack of confidence at this level. I hope they prove me wrong tomorrow and 'get the breaks' but I won't be spending 30 quid to find out.
  5. I remember going to that opening cup game at Partick and coming away thinking...if only we had given it a real go and hadn't been so negative. We lost as as expected but who knows what would have happened if we'd been a bit more positive. Almost every game so far has been a carbon copy and the manager must own it...not the director of football or anyone else. I'm sure that his mantra in football is self preservation in not losing.....who ever heard of a manager who was sacked for not losing games? We lack quality and confidence up front at the moment with goals scarce from midfield as well. We do not look like we could hurt any team and when we went ahead on Saturday Montrose did not panic because they knew they could out score us...sad days!
  6. One of the things that keep us diehards going back every week is hope that things will get better. From what we have all been witnessing it would appear that this is not the case for a variety of reasons. The most difficult part in football is scoring goals as we have heard over and over. We have watched money being squandered on a variety of support rolls and defensive minded players since the start of the year. We sort of guessed that Murray was all about work rate and avoiding defeat when the likes of Victoria was side lined early on despite being our main goal threat. We simply did not recruit well in the summer with regard to our forward line full stop. All of us were waiting on the club signing some of the best strikers with what appeared to be a healthy budget. I don’t think you had to be a fortune teller to realise that the players he signed were not the answer, particularly with his style of play. We even resigned Carrick who had already proven to us that he wasn’t a goalscorer! To cap it all Murray gets a two-year extension despite not having proven anything. This was the final straw for me and quite a few others…..time to look at other weekend activities!
  7. I firmly believe that the whole situation is the result of the disappointment and utter frustration felt by the majority of the fans at the moment. Ian Murray and the board however are probably looking at the situation and wondering what our gripe is, sitting fourth in the table with barely a quarter of the season gone. From my perspective and many others however I do not see this current setup getting anywhere near the playoffs this season. I have been to every single game and remain utterly disillusioned by the tactics and the team selections. We appear at times to be playing with eight outfield defenders and two attackers who hope to hit on the break. We only seem to be positive in nature when we go a goal behind. Almost every other side has been better in terms of their movement and ability to hold the ball and create chances. We are in a very tight league in terms of ability but as usual the teams who gain promotion are usually the ones with the most potent forward line. On this point we look to be miles behind, particularly when your top scorer is on the bench or out on the wing. Therein lies the frustration part, the fans can see the obvious solutions…why can’t the management? It seems far easier to deal with the fans anger and frustration by treating them like children and telling them to behave! The club might like to remember that whilst it is football they are still in the ‘entertainment’ business where disapproval and ‘heckling’ are the norm.
  8. Worried before kick off when I seen the line up. Too defensive by a long way and even then EF exploited the three at the back to great effect from the second goal onwards. We never got to grips with Liam Watt, on the left and cuts inside to finish. Did no one inform our players of his trademark move? Like others I feel we are weak in terms of being an attacking unit. We seem to have one ploy which is to get Thomson to the bye line to put a cross in. If he doesn't perform then we seem incapable of unlocking a defense any other way. This game highlighted what we all know in that we need a quality creative midfielder who can drive at the opposition and create chances and a forward up front with height and presence. We were well beaten today by a good side but on this occasion the manager must take blame for the original setup.
  9. Eckersley did not have a good game last week in my opinion, he needs to be pushed like everyone else to maintain his standards. Not surprised to see a move in that position, the left back for Hamilton was a standout in the team the other night. Agreed that we need a tall striker with goals in him...who doesn't?
  10. Looks like the 'fee' we got for Cammy was used to pay off Page going by the timing. Would like to think we could bring a striker in shortly.
  11. Think the highlights will show Dillon putting a hand on Smith's shoulder as he was running to goal. Seen them given and not, but as a team we have had worse decisions against us this season already.
  12. Crichton had a very good game as did Smith. I did not realise how much pace this young guy has, looks a great prospect.
  13. Hutton for me is a huge step up from Rohan but it's all relative I suppose. What both of them have in common is that they find it difficult to command a box due to being sub six footers. Look at the Forfar goalie on Saturday, competent and assured at set pieces which instills confidence in the back four. I'm sure this is not lost on Murray.
  14. Forfar are a good side and no doubt will be top three so that makes the defeat more bearable. What hasn't changed from last season is that we are in a very tight league where games will generally be decided by the occasional mistake on/or one side having a more potent forward line. Today we just did not get going, Forfar had done their homework and we eventualy ran out of steam. With Kirkpatrick, Hilson and Jackson in their lineup they were always probably going to shade a tight game. What concerned me today however was the fact that we are playing guys out wide and out of position, we are not creative enough in midfield and Hutton cannot seem to command a six yard box. Compare us with Forfar with McCallum in goals with Tapping and Hilson driving forward.
  15. We knew exactly what we were getting with Wedderburn. He's not the quickest but holds the ball better than just about anyone and rarely misplaces a pass. Thngs that were sadly missing last season. No comparison with Conroy in my opinion.
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