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  1. Worried before kick off when I seen the line up. Too defensive by a long way and even then EF exploited the three at the back to great effect from the second goal onwards. We never got to grips with Liam Watt, on the left and cuts inside to finish. Did no one inform our players of his trademark move? Like others I feel we are weak in terms of being an attacking unit. We seem to have one ploy which is to get Thomson to the bye line to put a cross in. If he doesn't perform then we seem incapable of unlocking a defense any other way. This game highlighted what we all know in that we need a quality creative midfielder who can drive at the opposition and create chances and a forward up front with height and presence. We were well beaten today by a good side but on this occasion the manager must take blame for the original setup.
  2. Eckersley did not have a good game last week in my opinion, he needs to be pushed like everyone else to maintain his standards. Not surprised to see a move in that position, the left back for Hamilton was a standout in the team the other night. Agreed that we need a tall striker with goals in him...who doesn't?
  3. Looks like the 'fee' we got for Cammy was used to pay off Page going by the timing. Would like to think we could bring a striker in shortly.
  4. Think the highlights will show Dillon putting a hand on Smith's shoulder as he was running to goal. Seen them given and not, but as a team we have had worse decisions against us this season already.
  5. Crichton had a very good game as did Smith. I did not realise how much pace this young guy has, looks a great prospect.
  6. Hutton for me is a huge step up from Rohan but it's all relative I suppose. What both of them have in common is that they find it difficult to command a box due to being sub six footers. Look at the Forfar goalie on Saturday, competent and assured at set pieces which instills confidence in the back four. I'm sure this is not lost on Murray.
  7. Forfar are a good side and no doubt will be top three so that makes the defeat more bearable. What hasn't changed from last season is that we are in a very tight league where games will generally be decided by the occasional mistake on/or one side having a more potent forward line. Today we just did not get going, Forfar had done their homework and we eventualy ran out of steam. With Kirkpatrick, Hilson and Jackson in their lineup they were always probably going to shade a tight game. What concerned me today however was the fact that we are playing guys out wide and out of position, we are not creative enough in midfield and Hutton cannot seem to command a six yard box. Compare us with Forfar with McCallum in goals with Tapping and Hilson driving forward.
  8. We knew exactly what we were getting with Wedderburn. He's not the quickest but holds the ball better than just about anyone and rarely misplaces a pass. Thngs that were sadly missing last season. No comparison with Conroy in my opinion.
  9. From the highlights it would appear that if Kerr had stepped out then Goodwillie would have been offside. If anything Crighton was maybe guilty of watching the ball and not the man.
  10. In my opinion the reason for playing todays formation was down to the midfield covering for the backs. Gallagher and Roy were in those positions to cover in defence where needed. This reminded me however of Gary Bollan's sides which were defensively set up and changed during the game when we went behind to a more attacking option. Nothing wrong with that but like Bollan's sides we lacked any bite up front. As a supporter I would like my team to have a go from the outset and take the game to the opposition. Today we could have started with Hawkshaw and O'reilly but left it untill we were chasing the game. This was not helped by having Carrick as the thrust of the attack. Love the player but like many others today..in the wrong position. I don't think I'm too far off the mark here....the first player last year to 'disappear' was Victoria...great goal scorer but not to keen to track back. C'mon let's be a bit more positive against Clyde..
  11. Cannot fathom why we had Gallagher and Roy on the wings with Carrick in the centre from the start. Looked totally toothless up front today and didn't really cause Partick any problems. The manager obviously hoped it would work, I'll be really disappointed if that's the lineup for the forthcoming season.
  12. I think he'll be great for us, we constantly lost possession in midfield last season, he holds the ball up better than most. Not the quickest but he rarely mis-places a pass and as Murray says...will bring a real presence to midfield, something sadly lacking last year.
  13. In terms of what Scotty offered the side I feel that we will probably replace him with someone equally as good. He was never a right back and was forced into that position. As a right midfielder his final ball improved to average. Where he scored was in using his height and physique with boundess energy. He stopped other sides pressing us down that side, and in my opinion that is why Arbroath signed him. I wish him all the best, he gave 100% every time he pulled the shirt on.
  14. McIntosh will score goals for you, just as his scoring record will make out. Unfortunately he is not the striker to rely upon to pull you out of a hole or score that decisive match winning goal. You get what you pay for... Leighton left us as top scorer and did exactly what we brought him in to do...we can't say the same about some of the other forwards.
  15. Despite scoring in a couple of meaningless games McIntosh was always a valuable backup, sorry to see him go. Compared to Carrick he was always a threat, yet people are very forgiving of Dale with his two or three goals. This season like last will be decided by who has the most potent goal scorers in the side. I personally don't see a real threat from the guys like Stewart, Hawkshaw, Roberts and the latest signing. Unless we see Murray signing players with consistent goals in them then I fear it will be like last season.
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