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  1. This season like the last one ended in the same way for me. We had our ‘final’’ in the first playoff decider second leg as in Cove last season and Montrose this time. And like last year we were effectively undone by teams who were maybe not as skilful but were physically more powerful and aggressive. This was indeed typified in the last match with Jordan Allan facing up to the giant that is QP’s Fox. It is difficult to find fault with Ian Murray’s selection and signings this season however, as we have watched some of the best football from an Airdrie side in a long time. If I had to be critical however I would look to the fact that we did not have adequate cover for Currie. We badly needed a keeper who could realistically challenge for the position and keep him on his toes. Max is very good for this level but his weaknesses are more to do with how he handles pressure during the ‘big’ games. In this respect I feel that his lack of mental toughness has let him down. Disappointingly, despite having a goalkeeping coach, I could not really see any improvement in this respect. As for Gal, most sides in this division would sign him up in a minute. We have compared him to McAllister etc. but it must be remembered that he does not take penalties. If he did, he would more than likely to have been the league’s top scorer. Gal gets criticism for the fact that he is not a striker that ‘makes things happen’ when you are 1-0 down with 5 minutes to go. His skills lie in being in the right place at the right time as others have said. I look forward to August in the hope that whoever the manager is tries to build on all of the positives from this season. For me, part of the problem in failing to gain promotion every year has been the vast turnaround in playing staff. I believe the present board will have looked at this fact and learned from the abysmal scenarios like ‘director of football’ etc. that have dogged our progress in recent years.
  2. Games like this tonight tend to show who can handle pressure and being in the spotlight. As has been said, some of our side 'froze' tonight against a fairly average team. Murray has a decicion to make on Saturday to rectify this, all is not lost but team selection for this game should be based on who has the character to see us through.
  3. The quadruple substitution from the QP manager was a total admission that he hasn't a clue of how to fix things. I knew from that moment on that we would see the game out fairly easily. QP are a fine group of individual players but their lack of creativity in the final third is astonishing. I doubt there have been many sides this season who have created so few clear cut chances against us. As for us, it is hard to remember when we have had such a well organised and talented group of players. The only missing piece of the jigsaw for me is not having a Megginson in the side. I was hopeful like many that Salim would be that guy but glad to see that Callum Smith is showing us what he is truly capable of.
  4. Agreed that we weren't at our best today but faced a side who is obviously lacking in confidence. It was pretty obvious however that Falkirk were hampered big time by the lack of movement up front from Griffiths and a midfield that were scared to lose the ball against us. Not complaining, it's great to win so comfortably without firing on all cylinders. Special praise however to our best defender and attacker today callum Smith...well done!
  5. I suppose I was trying to get over the fact that we normally make excuses for our strikers for 'not getting the service'. That is clearly not the case these days as typified by Gallagher's atrocious header from six yards out. Agreed that midfielders can miss chances too, as we seen on Saturday, but we have had too many games in the past week or so where we have not benefitted from the number of chances created, especially up front.
  6. The midfield is OK in my book. Twenty one shots last week and one goal to show for it would suggest the forward line is needing to step up. I think we have been too reliant on the midfielders like Easton to chip in with the goals when our strikers are not doing the business on a regular basis.
  7. I was convinced yesterday that Airdrie's claims for penalties were dubious to say the least. I just watched Leigh Griffiths go down in the box for a penalty decision and it reminded me that the refereeing at this level is a pure lottery.
  8. The game, in my opinion is best summed up with the Airdrie stats of 57% possession and 21 shots with one goal. Agreed that Gabby McGill is probably the most potent of our strikers and I would play him ahead of the others for that single reason. He may not be the easiest on the eye to watch but he delivers when it matters. Smith should find a place in the side for his pace alone and the fact that sides are careful in pressing too high. I said at the start of the season that the league would be won by the side with quality in the forward line. This is looking like the case just now, but who knows what will happen when form, suspensions and injuries come into play in the next few weeks. Clyde it must be remembered have strung together a fair few results since Christmas and but for a bit of good fortune we could easily have lost today.
  9. I've seen the cameras follow a linesman's bald head, a white plastic bag and now sea gulls. It is clearly not fit for the pupose for which it was intended. Some are worse than others however and I believe this is probably down a lack of determinationby said club in their efforts to rectify the issues. Peterhead FC obviously have low expectations of the system and do not get too many people asking for their tenner back, so the problems persist. Alloa take £18 from what I remember, and their coverage is excellent. I wonder how many people would have paid that extra six quid on Saturday! As for the commentary, I have no problem with a bit of obvious bias but take exception to some of the passive/aggressive fare that is on offer from some others.
  10. Agreed, cannot think of a worse football steam this or any other season. It is almost as though the camera follows anything but the ball...totally frustrating!
  11. The lineup at Cove for me is about how to stop the great service that their forwards get, particularly from their outstanding wingbacks like Milne. That is why I would have MacDonald and Paterson in their natural positions, with the instruction to make their fullbacks defend as much as possible.
  12. Think the boys deserve real credit today for coming away with a draw. They worked really hard, but it is obvious that the Clyde game had an impact on energy levels. No more so than on guys like Frizell who never stop running for ninety minutes. QP are a decent side, who like ourselves miss that cutting edge up front. They have some excellent players and our guys should not be too despondent about the result. As for us, I stiil cannot fathom why we started without Paterson at left back and MacDonald on the right as the team needed a wee 'freshen up'. Guys like Watson should be more than aware that they cannot play every time, and a seat on the bench for a couple of games is good for the team. Next week will be make or break in my opinion. If we lose I cannot see us catching this Cove side who, even when playing badly, still rack up the points. This is the advantage of having 20 goals a season forwards in the pack and usefull replacements on the bench. Looking forward, we have to be looking for players like this if we are ever going to progress from this league. Whilst it is true we have been unlucky with injuries to Salim and Gabby, neither of them have shown so far that they can compare with the Andy Ryan's of this world, maybe they will prove me wrong.
  13. We must be one of the few teams in the division who do not have real competition for the Goalie position. No harm to Cantley but it would be unfair to chuck him in at this time of the season with so much pressure on young shoulders. Max is a great keeper but I think he has struggled with decision making for a few weeks now and needs a wee 'time out' to work on a few things. As for the goals, I think the first could have been defended better by Watson as Jones was always going to get in front of him. The second was Currie's fault to be fair as that ball should have been turned around the post. As for not scoring, almost every player last night could be blamed for missing real chances. Saturday will hopefully be a chance for a few of the players to make amends.
  14. Great result today with some terrific football at times. The next month however will make or break our season and today highlighted one major aspect for me. We need more height and physicality in the side. When it comes to playing Montrose and Cove we have come off second best in that respect. Against Morton in the playoffs it was our downfall to a large degree. Just watch how Partick's Brian Graham terrorises us on Saturday as is the norm. Here's hoping for some 'big' signings during the week.
  15. What worries me the most is something which we all witnessed on Saturday. Slackness and complacency at the back in terms of the crossfield ball between McCabe and Fordyce. Someone like Morrison will take advantage of this if they don't sharpen up. Having looked at the Falkirk/Dumbarton highlights however Falkirk should not expect the numerous free gifts that were presented to them over ninety minutes. Should be a cracking game and I believe the pressure is all on Falkirk as a loss will make it very difficult for them to catch Queens Park, who will undoubtedly improve with a new manager.
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