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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54818083
  2. Why post it on two separate threads on the same forum?
  3. Result was Arthurlie 4 - 0 Rossvale
  4. Cracking 'Germany' look about the away strip.
  5. https://donateaticket.com/leaderboards/ Some very nice amounts of money raised.
  6. Does anybody know where Neilston are hoping to play their games?
  7. Maybe try the Arthurlie forum, somebody might be able to help.
  8. Tennis, basketball, partying....................hell it's no wonder the idiots caught it.
  9. Djokovic organized tennis tournaments in Serbia and Croatia, it appears that's where they got it due to lack of 'social distancing'.
  10. That idiot and his pals thought they were immune so they were quite happy to stand together shaking hands. They'll no do that again.
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