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  1. I got a text from someone who runs a supporters bus
  2. Compared to the freezing temperatures i had to suffer up at Aberdeen on Wednesday im sure Cowdenbeath will be like tropical weather on Tuesday night.
  3. That isnt really an issue as stadium requirements are gonna be relaxed anyway.
  4. I left after GM and co were finished with their part, sounds like i missed some fun.
  5. I wasn't gonna head to the meeting but i have decided that i am gonna head along.
  6. Yes the club to an extent i did not say i was giving up, I was merely saying my interest in this whole thing was waning call it being realistic that in all likelyhood the game is up So an honest feeling makes someone a bad person?
  7. I guess that makes me a w****r then. I wouldn't go anywhere near that far but my interest in this whole thing is waning
  8. This meeting or SSN on transfer deadline day no contest for me it has to be SSN on transfer deadline day.
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