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  1. Bought something this week? Let P&B hear about it. This week I bought a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush, cause my old one died, and a breville blender, cause I could. Also got a new motor, but that's not officially bought til next week as I only put a deposit on it. So you'll all have to wait.
  2. Quick Question Thread

    You're a Fanny!
  3. Sums up the last few years I meh life perfectly. Meh names no Willy though!
  4. It's clean living that's killing me, yah c**t. Eh luv getting nutted. Live fest, deh Young. Wel youngish [emoji38]. See when you have this burden like eh cerry aboot, you'd underfuckingstand. Got a couple o hours to play aboot wi, so Ehll humour yeh.
  5. Time to pull up a sandbag and listen to the Dee Dee confessions.
  6. This will, literally, be the death of me.
  7. Last one, fat joe. The very last one [emoji6]
  8. 10 Best British Insults

    Go f**k yourself, with a rake, cockface.
  9. These days should be behind me and this is the last hurrah. Joe, you're no gonna hear f**k all offa me in the morning.
  10. Ehm oot meh fucking eh baw, this will not end well. Mark meh wurdz!
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Nah it's no [emoji12]. Time will tell, Gibster, time will tell [emoji849]
  12. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Nae time for your pish, either. Accept the compliment, albeit thinly veiled, as it is. Otherwise, SYP an please stop REPLYING TO EVERYMOTHERFUCKINGTHING. Thank you.
  13. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Dinna change, Milly, for nae c**t. Variety is the spice o life, yeh shit flinging jakey cup kicking AIDSy spunk wishing silver polling felcher (to name but a few) of a man.
  14. A common misconception, dear boy, I've no got the time for this. Research. Research. Research. Would be my advice to you. You're most welcome.
  15. She has a pus like a careless beekeeper.
  16. Wtf did you expect mate*? *I'm anything but.
  17. Away and "scotch tape" yer dick to yer titties and start daeing sit-ups, yeh c**t. Take yer pus for a shite first, please. Thank you.
  18. That settles it. Widna. Now I need 10 miles of broken gless (work in progress) a standard lamp and Jo brands address.
  19. Wid. However, I'd crawl over 10 miles of broken glass just to w**k over Jo Brands shadow ☹️ Eta. Is the last mile the hardest mile?
  20. It's Friday, I've no long been paid a bumper wage and I've been feeling very sorry for myself, recently. Only one thing for it, ehm awa to get MWI. See yeh later, laddies.
  21. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Or a Fanny pack, if he was stateside.
  22. It's only the thought of killing myself that keeps me going, these days.