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  1. Vale of Clyde vs Kilsyth Rangers game abandoned due to an injury to one of the Kilsyth lads fell awkwardly after heading the ball….ref called the game off after 75 mins waiting for the ambulance to arrive…Vale leading one nil at that point……Best wishes to to the involved hope it turns out to be a minor injury……
  2. Danny wish you the very best in your new position, go strut your stuff bud, every faith in you......
  3. Mark, which players are leaving the club bud........
  4. In his time at the Vale of Clyde he was quite prolific and a really strong player akways did his best for the team....superb move Sal could be just the start of a long stint in the professional league... x
  5. Mark keep them coming bud, very hard season ahead when ever it starts...Mon e Tin Pail
  6. Mark, Not good news bud, but we pick ourselves up and go again a chance for someone to take their chance and step up to the plate for us. Nicky,s looked a bad one last Saturday....... Mon e Tin Pail
  7. Can’t lack the effort from the Tin Pail, but failing to take chances is the killer, we had a lot of chances but fair play to Lugar they had chances as well........ two bad looking injuries sustained by Nicky and Stuart, any update on them regarding availability for the weekend....... We go again next Saturday Mon e Tin Pail
  8. Vale of Clyde vs Kilsyth or Neilston
  9. Newmains 2 Vale of Clyde 4 68 mins
  10. Man in the lobby you pay your money and are entitled to your opinion, football is all about opinions and how we all see the game differently......... there might be reasons as to people not starting missing training etc.. the team choice is down to the manager is it after all his opinion who should play, personally the lad in question who you have singled out twice is not my personal choice either in the centre mid position......but that is opinion. On saturday two subs were made to remove the chance of the poor ref sending off Kieran and Kevin. The end of the game losing two bad goals in the last five minutes has all but killed our season league wise I would think, we have a cup tie next weekend and go to Greenock hoping for a win. we will regroup and go again, when you support the Tin Pail life is never plain sailing but we will turn up again support who is the choice of the manager on the pitch. Mon e Tin Pail
  11. Vale of Clyde 5 Yoker 2 excellent result for the Tin Pail
  12. Very heavy rain overnight in the Glasgow area any games in doubt....?
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