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  1. No jokes about their centre half’s name? Disappointing.
  2. Rangers β€˜fans’ in their natural environment: on their sofa, emblazoned with knock-off GSTQ-FTP type fruit of the loom shirts, surrounded by cans. β€˜Ahm a massive blue nose’. Up them. Up them all.
  3. A direct GIRGUY to my neighbours with blue, white and red bunting in the garden. Nom.
  4. Give it to Charlie Adam until the start of the season
  5. I’d be chuffed with a plucky Arbroath win, but similarly smug with an angry Dick Campbell puss. Win win.
  6. You can moan about the poor quality of Scottish Championship football all you want, but the quality of the match tonight is absolutely eye gouging pish.
  7. What can you say about Partick Thistle? Absolute shite from the ref’s first whistle.
  8. My heart really goes out to Arbroath. Really, it does. Really. No, really.
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