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  1. Week 7 and still really enjoying this but worried about what happens after I finish the programme. Keen to do some park runs but need a new structured programme to keep me focused. Any tips for life after couch to 5k?
  2. Killie have: Won one but lost it; Won one and won it and; Drawn one and won it Looking forward to taking 3 points when Stranraer scud us
  3. Just learning as kids have taken an interest. Why is this checkmate? Can’t king take white queen?
  4. Gammons. Gammons everywhere.
  5. The overzealous use of the phrase ‘recovery runs’ by co-commentators over the past year
  6. ‘Did you know…?’ YES, I DID. What little-known facts are repeated so infuriatingly often to the point of being commonly known? 1. The arrow on the fuel gauge of your car points to the side your fuel cap is on 2. The British flag is called the Union Jack only when flown on a Navy vessel 3. Glass clinking is done as the 5th sense when drinking 4. The skin is the largest organ in the human body 5. Gram for gram, tea has more caffeine than coffee
  7. The Greggs post reminded me to ask whether P&B had a dieting thread. Haven’t read one and looking for some tips.
  8. I got some great shoes- what a difference! On week 4 now and feeling really confident- it’s ridiculously addictive. Shins not sore at all now (really bad in week 1). Need to sort the diet tho….
  9. Well done. I’m on week 2 having never done running before. I’m in shocking condition but doing well so far. Only issues is occasional really sore shins after and sometimes during a run. Any advice on this welcomed. I am running with a standard athletic trainer- when is it time for a good running shoe and again any advice welcomed on buying these.
  10. Enjoyed that first half. Reddies issued to all the moaners saying Sir Steve is out of his depth. Massive 45 ahead. Whatever happens, they’ve done us proud.
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