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  1. A UK-equivalent of Borat targeting the right wing is required.
  2. Hibs have built a good squad and despite the penalty not being a penalty, you can’t deny they were the better team. Nothing happened for us today, but we’ll plod along this season with no major dramas. We go again etc.
  3. Absolutely crushed all series over the course of a couple of weeks a few weeks ago. Outstanding. Quite close to perfect. I was genuinely sad watching the last episode knowing I was done. Will definitely watch them all again.
  4. 1. Don’t spend what you don’t have 2. Stressing over things never change the outcome 3. It’s unlikely that you’ll reflect on life wishing you worked more, other than educationally 4. Plan a wedding you want, not what your guests want 5. Stop. Pause. Live in the moment more. 6. Chips, cheese and curry is actually pretty good.
  5. If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning.
  6. Perhaps I didn’t make my point clearly. The team we beat 3-0 produced the worst performance in a match against Killie I had ever seen up til then, and since. Hope that calms you down a bit.
  7. Thanks- I remember this game because Hamilton were the worst team I had seen in the league then and ever since. Honking defending.
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