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  1. Pepsi Max Virgin Cola Diet Bru Ribena Coca Cola in a glass bottle
  2. Race season almost finished. Need to use the winter to get physically stronger while dialling down the miles. I have no idea where to start with strength and conditioning training. I know I need to strengthen my core as my form collapses during longer runs. My glutes also need work as I’m definitely carrying niggles from there. For those with the discipline to do regular S&C, what is your routine?
  3. I am absolutely supportive of anyone who is struggling with the Queen’s death and feeling sad or a sense of mourning. What I am struggling with is the blanket cancellation of every day activities, or social expectation of a somber mood at every turn which is actually likely to create a sense of unease and upset in people who have little emotional connection to the Queen’s death. It’s suffocation by reverence.
  4. Went for the ‘put them away early’ Rocky III strategy but achieved the dizzy heights of….erm…hitting the post. Always going to end up in them running out of steam. Huff, puff, shat the bed.
  5. Planning to have a pop at a sub 2 hour time at GNR but it’s going to be a big stretch for me. I also heard that you can’t get moving for 2k anyway due to the vast numbers- anyone confirm?
  6. Crocker going full Partridge now. Put him out to pasture please.
  7. Awaiting the first obvious yellow card challenge that doesn’t attract a card because…you know… Old Firm game
  8. Some defending for Killie’s winner tbf. The inconspicuous figure of Ash ‘wee man’ Taylor ghosting in off the back post was undeniably an impossible spot for the Well defence.
  9. Really didn’t understand his thinking there.
  10. Good old Andy w****r. Who is the HR manager at Sky Sports? I swear I’m putting in for a job
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