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  1. Thinking ahead of this game, as a Kilmarnock fan, I hope Kilmarnock win this game.
  2. I had no idea. I’ll be getting that bought!!! What about this Labo thing- needed? Sounded very much like a private lady part to me.
  3. How many points should a team be awarded for hitting Tav with a pie?
  4. Love a Christmas dinner. I get that turkey can be bland but combined with stuffing and cranberry sauce, it’s superb- especially if you have a knack of ensuring it’s not overcooked/dry. I’ll combine that with a roast beef and horseradish sauce (another superb combo), braised red cabbage, roasties and fresh veg. We repeat the process the next day- a real family favourite. Worth going to the effort. Sack going out to a restaurant- Christmas Day is a relaxed affair where you can eat what you want and when you want- not a day for keeping to a schedule, and in the true spirit of the day, it’s about avoiding the general public. Love the prep, the cooking, the eating and even the washing up (dishwasher on strongest mode- it’s the one day of the year I don’t rinse the plates- wow do I spoil myself). Then it’s time to sit on my arse watching the kids enjoy their new toys. Absolutely love it.
  5. Awful game with absolutely no quality on show from either side. Next.
  6. Yes. You could then write a wee skit about taking the ring into cash converters
  7. Just embrace the relegation. It’ll make the rest of the season better on your blood pressure.
  8. Anyone know where to get a usb/memory card chock full of old games for ps1 or PS4?
  9. Getting the kids a switch for Xmas. Getting Lego Jurassic Park with it and going to look at picking up Mario kart, Mario bros, Pokemon, and donkey kong on the 2nd hand market. Excited (for them).
  10. Unsolicited scheme references. It was a draw mate- stop hurting.
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