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  1. Next Permanent Kilmarnock Manager

    Worth sticking a few grand on? Pay for Euro trips.
  2. It's all about the fonts

    Reverted to 2017. Much better.
  3. It's all about the fonts

    These fonts are as bad as those spammy ad pop ups
  4. The shit pictures of food thread.

    What in the name of f**k is that thing? A photo
  5. Juice-Crisps-Chocolate

    Can of Tab Clear Pack of pizza flavour pringles Spira or taz bar
  6. Rockall

    Fockall there.
  7. Learning new languages

  8. Getting Forwarded to Spam Sites

    Yep happening to me again. Defo linked to DUFC hackers.
  9. The Famous Aberdeen’s European Tour 19/20

    Nah, the final. Curtis Main to score the winning penalty after a 0-0 shitfest. Tears in the eyes of Di Matteo at the end.
  10. The Famous Aberdeen’s European Tour 19/20

    Congratulations on your European place gifted by Celtic sheep fans. See you in the group stages?
  11. At least Hearts can take solace in the fact that.... erm..... aw... hmm this is embarrassing
  12. Killie's European Tour 2019/20

    Keep forgetting to check this bit of the forum. Quite nice in here.
  13. Next Permanent Kilmarnock Manager

    Poyet would be good, but Jimmy Calderwood has the be the obvious choice
  14. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

  15. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Fartin Bammy