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  1. I’ve been saying this from the start. There seems to be more discourse about the ‘idiots spoiling it for everyone’ and the BBC have been at the forefront at driving this message. Not to say it isn’t true, but it detracts from the fundamental failures of this govt to respond to the crisis as it has unfolded. I would argue that we’d see more sensible behaviour from the public if the government where able to more confidently present a longer term plan on how to get us through this mess. It’s difficult to get buy-in from the masses when the directions are so muddled and contradictory. Someone will counter with ‘what part of stay home, protect the NHS and save lives don’t you understand?’. However it’s more nuanced than that. How long have we to stay home for? Dunno- 3 weeks then we’ll see. Is this enough to save the NHS? Dunno, we’ve got our best vacuum selling brexiteer trying to make ventilators and staff with no PPE. Will this save lives? Dunno, we hope so, but we also need key workers to keep the place going, including window cleaners. This situation needed a preestablished contingency and leaders with the balls to outline a plan which goes beyond directives changing every two minutes. The Tories have fucked it.
  2. As well as keeping people (most, anyway) in line when the stats are worrying
  3. Don’t think there’s many tv programmes that have two theme tunes.
  4. The ‘public are arseholes’ line is just the excuse the govt are getting their media pals to push in order to push a lockdown situation with blame attached elsewhere. I’d much rather they were strong and set a more draconian directive- it would breed confidence in a scared society.
  5. I like Frey Bentos and I don’t care who knows it.
  6. Didn’t know there was an imminent threat of nuclear war. Just what we need.
  7. Would agree, but would also say that in these times, where panic is legitimate that it’s the government’s responsibility to come out with a clear message to debunk growing myths. Has there been a governmental statement absolutely guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply of essential food over the next few months? People need information. In the post-truth era, the public don’t care where they get this information from, or its accuracy.
  8. Don’t know whether this needs its own thread, but I can’t help trying to predict the longer term impact of the pandemic. No more cinemas Mass repossessions Worldwide recession Mortgage rates an all-time low for a decade 1/2 of pubs and eateries closed for good 1000s more bleak shit
  9. I don’t mind being told to come into work or to stay at home and work. The thing that’s pissing me off is my employer insinuating we should be in, without telling us to do so.
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