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  1. Finally got under 30 mins at Parkrun today.
  2. Couch to 5k done 8 weeks or so ago. 10k race booked for November (now up to 11k distance without stopping). 1/2 marathon booked for March. Edinburgh marathon booked for May. Must be mad but feeling healthier (physical benefits and huge difference to mental health).
  3. Thanks will give it a go in a few weeks when I’m up that way
  4. Great time, well done! Watched it on TV- very jealous. What was different from the traditional course? You just drive down for the day?
  5. @Gnash and @Gaz what is the Stirling Uni parkrun course like? Undulating? Trail/road?
  6. Really good advice thanks. I’m getting people telling me I need a gel every 30 mins during a half marathon!
  7. Help please: Firstly, I’m training for 10k and will then go into a half marathon plan. I’m doing an easy pace ‘long’ run increasing in distance by 10% weekly, an interval run (source of my confusion), a hill run, and a 5k per week. I’m not sure I’m on the right track with interval runs. I want to use these to get some speed in my legs. As part of the above plan (10k then half marathon), what should my interval training look like? Next, I was reading about fuelling (ahead of half marathon work) and the internet is a cavernous cesspit of contradiction. Can someone give me a really basic guide to gels and stuff. I love running for it’s simplicity- I’ve done other sports like golf where I’ve experienced paralysis by analysis and can’t be bothered getting bogged down in this. In my dad’s running days, he got by with water and some segments of orange!
  8. I’d like to produce music for adverts from a home studio.
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