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  1. I stand corrected...still though, hope the big man does well
  2. Was sure it said manager, rather than assistant...could be wrong though, it was just a passing glance
  3. Mark Kerr taking the reins at Edinburgh City...good luck to him
  4. Ayr United's #1 Fan of the 2022/2023 season...you should be getting a seat in the directors box for the opening game
  5. Hoppy is on colour comms for the QP v Airdrie game on Alba if anyone wants to hear his wonderful insights on the beautiful game
  6. Hopkin and Duffy to reunite the old team and relegate the Pars to League 2
  7. Hoping I can squeeze in a wee pint when I'm over. Kids allowed in?
  8. I'll have 3 kids season tickets to buy come August
  9. Okay, one of the posters in this thread HAS to be @simpsonsspfl on twitter
  10. First time for a while there's been a big crowd and we haven't shat the bed Hope the season tix are on sale next week when I'm over so i can get one for the wee man again!
  11. Hoping to see the Bruins pick themselves up a bit for the Playoffs...it sounds a bit weird to say inconsistencies have been killer in a season the team amasses over 100 points but these lapses will kill us in the post-season!
  12. We should be saying that to all prospects, but the thing about potential suitors is they're reluctant to pay fees to teams at this level unless the player is unbelievably good
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