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  1. I assume he's talking about the last night of the season
  2. If that guy Hetherington is the same guy I'm thinking of, I cannae believe he's no died of an aneurysm or stroke, his blood pressure must be off the scale with rage
  3. Probably fans of clubs he's come to with a hype and turned out to just be an imposter (like us) , but thinking he'll bite us on the arse by being redonk good
  4. Houston completely dropped? Not fully recovered I assume...
  5. Tam McManus has us on his charity treble this week, so that's a nailed on Hamilton win now Why's he allowed to gamble when we've still got him on loan at Gartcairn with a recall clause?
  6. Oh Zanatta plays for Accies does he? 2-0 (Zanatta 1, 90+3 (P))
  7. Spitting feathers doesn't cover it Rage quit iPlayer after Maguire fucked that penalty, knew it was only going one way from there
  8. Accies to be 3 up by half-time and Lee Bullen to still wait until 73 minutes to make a sub
  9. If you're a fan of the team you're commentating on then you're 50% done...and honestly if you're a fan of a diddy club you're probably more in touch with the current affairs of your opponents than any of the BBC/Sky/BT "pundits" Very difficult to commentate on a game watching it on the TV though, the camera doesn't follow the game the same way you would from a static vantage point...maybe it's easier on Football Manager or something, I haven't played it since it was on the original Xbox, so what maybe 2001?
  10. Lolkirk are going to pump us, that makes me a sad panda
  11. genuinely thought that was some daft auld c**t that had wandered onto the pitch at first watch pretty embarrassing
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