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  1. We've been allowed to start our ice hockey season for winter. Social distancing regulations in the city permit a roster of 16 players, but only 8 per dressing room, even though we are all crammed onto the same bench So regardless of the country, the rules are contradictory in nature
  2. Looks like a pretty good system https://www.pixellot.tv/about-us/about/
  3. Will us foreigners be able to stream all season or are clubs just going to stop it as soon as fans get in?
  4. Frank Ross has signed for Go Ahead Eagles in the Dutch league
  5. Was there a particular time that they were releasing the fixtures?
  6. I'd love to be able to get legit online streams to watch Ayr in good quality and would be happy to pay for the privilege The streaming that the betting companies use tends to be viewable on Bet365 in Canada and I've used that for a few things in the past by casting to the TV from my phone
  7. He was the GK when I was the mascot, he told me to slap Stevie Kerrigan on the back when he was putting deep heat on his shoulder
  8. Speaking of goalie howlers, anyone remember David Castilla punching the ball directly to an opposition player who then volleyed it into top bag? I want to say it was Chic Charnley, but I was quite young so might be misremembering
  9. I think I'm younger than you...but I could be entirely wrong on that
  10. Doesn't roll off the tongue the same as Walker Templeton and Sludden eh?
  11. On google streetview, who is the player standing in the door at the gymnasium? Argued with my dad about it last night Also noticed a CPR dummy looking out the back window of the office on Back Hawkhill Ave
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