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  1. Are you looking for programmes from when QotS played these teams? From Palmerston or the away grounds?
  2. Came in here to post this...would they re-arrange a re-arrangement?
  3. Is that some AIDS infested Hesgoal type thing? My work computer won't let me on that and I'm not subjecting my phone to it Sounds like I'm not missing much though
  4. It was almost me, he was just above Dipo and I was hovering over him Can't watch the game now though
  5. Bet365 suspended all betting on the game and deleted the page for this game?
  6. Someone who attaches themselves to an opposition team or to Ayr United? I use this verbiage because these kinds of mouth breathers are not fans.
  7. What they should do is reach out to the hospital relay broadcast team, who have commentated for the hospitals and visually impaired fans for decades
  8. It was a drug haven when it was McArthurs too - got to launder that money somehow!
  9. I thought we'd discussed that a while back on here and it was roundly believed it was that wee scumbag rat Jonathan Tiffoney
  10. Was it Nisbet we had on loan who took the huff, feigned injury then was never seen again?
  11. We had an induction appointment so there was a good few hours to kill in the labour suite, managed to catch the game on Bet365 It's a good "on the day I was born" for the future since it was also the birth of the start of Ayrs generation of domination of Scottish Fitba
  12. Also, Dipo gets a brace and then 2hrs later my twin daughters are born, such a happy day - no way my wife is letting me give them Oladipo or Akinyemi as middle names though
  13. We've had two Afolabis at the polar opposite ends of the spectrum Glad it's Dipo and not Jonathan we've got tied down
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