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  1. https://www.transfermarkt.com/nathan-thomas/profil/spieler/222024 Technically a "Tam"
  2. 16/1 is a mental price Might stick my winnings from betting against Ayr onto that again this week One thing when Ayr are shite is that I defo win more money cos I have no qualms betting against us
  3. Will they keep it open between 3pm and 4.45pm on game days for those of us who want the matchday experience without seeing the eye-bleeding performance of Ayr United on the park?
  4. Money on the Pars, watch Ayr romp to a 0-2 victory, Moffat hat-trick
  5. I think it'll be 3-0 Moffat with 3 OGs in the 85, 86 and 87th minutes because he's sick of Ayrs shite
  6. Well Moffats wife for one, although she's been a mouthpiece since he played for Girvan anyway...dunno who she follows on social media but it seems like every week she's greetin that he's getting stick from "the fans". I follow a LOT of Ayr United people on soch' and Moffat is typically the only one people have anything good to say about. One of these people that loves negativity because they like playing victim.
  7. The usual suspects on Twitter tonight crying that the club and team are getting pelters for an utterly shite performance... My favourite line is definitely the old addage that people at Asda don't get criticism for doing their jobs badly...of course they do, they just dont have their name in the public eye because of their job choice nor are their hangers-on bleating on about how hard it is to be them on social media Nae sympathy
  8. Beer garden open on all match days even if it's pishing rain?
  9. just give ICT the three points and give the boys a rest week before Partick on the 13th
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