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  1. After watching the highlights it would seem we need 2 centre backs to deal with incoming balls....2 full backs to stop crosses.... midfield players and strikers and wingers....the good news is we don't need a keeper. 😀
  2. So easy to say after a drubbing....no way you would have played Trav before Whyte today.
  3. "filled with players that should play".....let's not overreact here.
  4. We are booked into a 2 way battle for automatic relegation or play-offs. This season has a Bollanesque feel to it for me....sadly.
  5. We can only drop so many though.....please tell me Coupe was injured?
  6. That the only 2 you are blaming (easy targets) ....what about tactics?
  7. The feelgood factor is long gone. Just now await the "we weren't expecting nothing from the game drivel"
  8. That was aimed at his injury trouble away from us.......if you thought it was something else then you are not the full shilling.
  9. Still waiting for a reply about Hilsons failings...remember??
  10. My point is he always seemed to be half fit for us(always on the treatment table)....but always struggled with injuries elsewhere.
  11. Hilson is a 100% hard worker, never gives up. Hilson is not a natural goalscorer, is control at times is shocking and you don't want him thinking too long over a chance. Almost every club he has been at apart form us, has seen him suffer from injuries, hope the treatment table is ready?
  12. Hilson will struggle at Gayfield, the pitch will see him in the treatment room for the 18 months he will be there.
  13. He played the full 90 on Monday and yes he is similar to Jacko in the fitness stakes, but if we finally decide to play Coupe up alongside him that may be the way to go.
  14. I would doubt it tbh....i fear the worst in the play-offs for you guys.
  15. Matty scored our goal, another trialist playing out wide had some nice touches and a bit of pace. Really need Coupe up front with Doris or Kirkie to step up to the plate.
  16. Doris did well tonight.....Jacko scored for Brechin of course. Dick just loves paying for our players..😀
  17. And all part time next season when you blow the play-offs??
  18. Are you trying to say that full time Raith players couldn't beat overweight part time players?? 🤣
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