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  1. Yes i did....ask David Icke...he also had it at the same time. 😀
  2. Glad to hear i was indeed correct.
  3. Well i work for the Courier so hopefully i can go up the next step.
  4. 5pm tomorrow, PM announces UK lockdown for 15 days
  5. Utter bollocks......i have had many colds and flu - chest infections...this was completely different It was named in late December but had been on the go before obviously. I am currently in talks with Weinstein for a hollywood blockbuster..
  6. I knew i should never have ate that bat bridie...
  7. I had it...you may not agree but....
  8. Forfar area, a few others had something similar at the same time, no runny nose, started with a sore throat then the next day straight into the chest and that was it for 3 weeks.
  9. I had the virus in December...it was 3 brutal weeks then it got better.
  10. Trump and Pence are fucking nuts.......a free TV ad for big companies
  11. Really not much in it.....Heggie had the fans support to begin with...Bollan did not.
  12. If we are relegated with a whimper, which looks a real possibility atm, Mr Malcolm should be nowhere near our club next season. As soon as Malcs name was in the hat then he was the boards No1 choice If we go down then he will get a pre season to build just like Bollan Who knows maybe we will go on a run and save the season? I agree with the Moonster, we needed an older head to steady the ship and for the moment anyway the gamble is simply not paying off...and yes Bollan was experienced but a complete cockwomble and quite possibly the worst choice for Forfar Athletic manager ever.
  13. Correct...something has to be done, surely Brechin would happily take them?
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