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  1. I thought Bollan ditching Templeman was the worst decision ever.....it still is but Coupe departing is not far behind.
  2. Tapping....really?? What a crazy year 2020 has been!! 🤣🤣
  3. They are, sorry were a sugar daddy club Hopefully they stay up in the newly reconstructed league system, then we don't need to keep reminding them of how we saved their club from oblivion.
  4. Big Team found. This is priceless......in the words of M People...."just who do you think you are"
  5. Lets not forget the shambles of a game in 92......fans lined up around the pitch.....blatant penalty for Forfar waved away due to the fact there would have been a riot. Looking forward to seeing a spruced up Firhill.
  6. Thistle + Sevco = Cannot look after themselves financially Please don't have a go at a club who have always been run 'properly'
  7. These c**** were in the sh*t...signed our best player for a ridiculous fee then couldn't pay it....then had the begging bowl out for us to contribute....f*** off Thistle!! You deserve to go down.
  8. Yes i did....ask David Icke...he also had it at the same time. 😀
  9. Glad to hear i was indeed correct.
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