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  1. Vast improvement on Tuesday, missed 2 great chances 1st half, badly missing Thomson and Stef.
  2. "Heads to roll".... https://twitter.com/DBuick22/status/1542073523098861568?t=kvOsVZuIDV-eSMNhGWYF8A&s=19
  3. If Roberto helps us lift the trophy for the 1st time since 1995 then he will become a hero like the rest of them, its there for the taking this season !
  4. We finished 2nd, we should be going for the title, Nditi was one of the worst players I have ever seen during his 1st few games under the previous management he certainly improved under Irvine but I still have no idea what position he actually is suited to....certainly not RB unless he has learned to do throw ins.. You would have thought after 30 games in the Championship, he would have got offers elsewhere? If he produces his famous Dundee Utd performance then cult status is his.
  5. It's a backward step on what we had. Both need to imrove vastly this season. I had high hopes for the title, the next 2 signings will have to be game changers.
  6. At what point of the 2 play off games was Harkins..and only Harkins to blame for our season finishing...? Meechs gave away a needless penalty to knock us out with 3 minutes left, you still haven't mentioned that yet? Next you will be blaming Raymond Lorimer for us not winning the title quicker in 1984...
  7. The season came down to 2 games, because it was Meechs that [email protected] up and not Harkins means nothing to the obsessed Harkins mob, yes we should have buried the game 1st half but we didn't, not good enough to go up sadly, title up for grabs next season.
  8. Meechs mistake and the whole of the toon is on the Harkins train....knobjockeys
  9. Albion created the better chances , we almost stole it at the death but the best news came at the end....the welshman has quit the club....as they say in Wales..." riddance da. "..
  10. Looking forward to wining the 3rd league title in Brora next season, what a day that will be.
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