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  1. Where will they go? Can Israel get any bigger??
  2. https://www.oddschecker.com/insight/politics/20191202-general-election-2019-interactive-graphic-shows-how-many-seats-each-party-is-on-track-for?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=Social&utm_campaign=Office_Insight_Politics&fbclid=IwAR3Z6JduYktslqLZ3hTK0hv30T4mIG_hnBW31-gt_ezooaiTeEoyc_KRgOs
  3. I hear Jo Swinson is considering resigning BEFORE THE ELECTION after what senior Lib Dem sources are saying has been ‘a worse campaign than Theresa May’s in 2017’ One senior source said: ‘with this government and opposition we should be getting over a hundred seats’ SNP still 9/4.....must be worth a punt??
  4. Absolute shitfest.....the BBC one next week will follow suit.
  5. Turnout over 70.01 on at 14/5 now 2/1..
  6. All the Unionist i know are voting Tory, get Brexit done and stop Indy, the only things on their minds....a bit like every Scots Tory really. For me Hair is the best value....cannot believe i am saying those words.
  7. Most of those will be settled by Labour-Lib Dem voters....which way will they go?
  8. What a wonderful strike from Ross. Also great to see Marc back on form
  9. I want to watch the football......plus i have no interest in incest.
  10. Greens 250/1 now Hanvey 11/8...surely he has no chance? Labour 8/13
  11. Complain...we are with you on this.
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