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  1. Hill nowhere near the 1st team yet, good to see Doris back on Saturday, still not 100% fit yet but having him for a last 15 is a bonus.
  2. Judging by the way he was clattering into players off the ball yesterday, i would say he was lucky to be on the park so long....one thing for sure, Jones ain't no Chris Templeman...😀
  3. The back four deserve credit today, up against a big strong side but nullified them. Robertson was the star man 1st half along with MacKenzie who thwarted Ross Forbes the whole game. A clean sheet is a good start, same again next week would be a bonus.
  4. Not one of our defenders got off the ground, it was the only slip up of the evening. Hibs had 4 or 5 that they could hit from set pieces, sadly we are not blessed with height this season.
  5. He didn't look great coming off....depends how he feels after being out for so long. Muzza would be better back there, let Irvine sit in front of the back four.
  6. Macallum Mackenzie Mackintosh Meechan Coll Scally Thomas Irvine Barr Shepherd Allan Probably the best we have atm.
  7. He was doing alright against Doidge before he had to go off. 67 of a crowd last night....must be a new record attendance!
  8. There is no cameraman.....its an algorithm
  9. We were excellent tonight, the new guys stepped up to the plate and put in a great shift, on the whole we defended well apart from the free kick for the goal, just lacked a cutting edge at times. Whyte landed awkward and it did not sound good. We are bare bones all over, Doris was warming up before the game but still looks a bit off. The Hibs left back was a complete tosser.
  10. One of the Dons lad.....could be up to 7 isolating.....if we lose the Hibs game then it's a total disaster. This is going to be a complete farce as cases increase.....time to close all doors and wait for 2021
  11. Watch Forfar Athletic v Hibernian Live from Station Park We are pleased to confirm that we will be live streaming next Tuesday's Betfred Cup Group B match v Hibernian Football Club (13 October 2020) via our new Forfar Athletic TV platform. This match will be available on a pay-per-view basis to all fans for £12.50. The rules of the competition mean that, as is the case in normal times, the gate receipts are split between both clubs. The pay-per-view match package will be available in the next couple of days but in advance of that you can pre-register at the Forfar Athletic TV site as follows. Visit: https://forfarathletic.univtec.com/home
  12. I may stop and have a laugh at the front page of the Daily Heil tomorrow.......surely they will go with this ....after all they have nothing else to shout about!!
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