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  1. Saturday is without doubt the most important game in the clubs history, its win or bust, i shall be betting on us winning by 3 clear goals.
  2. The clubs problems started when we lost 2 club legends, wee Robbie to Arbroath and the idiot Welshman, it's time to bring them back.
  3. It sums up everything ......3-1 down at home and 10 behind the ball last week...I am almost done ..its absolute bollocks whoever the manager.
  4. Dogshit.... any replys to the 11 back every corner are welcome..
  5. Highland league bound....should be interesting for the 1st few years...
  6. The positives are we have had great success from the Jim McLean Graduates system.
  7. I remember lots of people being chuffed at the dream team appointment, let's see where we are come May.
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