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  1. Far too many players had an off day today, defensively we were all over the shop, midfield struggled to get a foot on the ball and apart from a lively Allen and Doris we had nothing to offer, I would keep 5 players out of the entire squad. What a struggle next Friday is going to be just to keep the score respectable.
  2. Enjoy the match chaps....I shall give you a wave. 🖕🤣
  3. We played 3 or 4 bounce games and he still never played there, anytime he played out wide it was apparent to me that he wasn't a chasing back type, maybe a high flying Cove suited him better than a team terrified to make a mistake and get a rollicking from the sidelines? Like I say I am genuinely looking forward to seeing how we react.
  4. Having watched every game he started, having watched his reactions after losing the ball etc I really do not get the 'best player' thing, the only position he could have played was a No 10 and a free reign, apart from that there really was nothing. The 2 Jordans must start and give us a bit of pace, midfield consists of take your pick atm, we need to get Meechs back to right back and stick with Munro and Thomson, a half fit Hill and Doris would be a big bonus but it's a bit off atm.
  5. Thomas injured, no idea why we would recall him? How many times did he start and can you name a game that he had an impact in? It will be interesting to see if the players react on Saturday or its going to be tools down.
  6. As one of the few on here who has had to suffer every minute of every game on a freezing cold terracing, I cannot say I am surprised, the football has been dreadful and we are now in a position where the club are in danger of doing a Brechin. Do we give it to Irvine and Anderson till the end of the season or do we get someone in now, whatever happens we need the players to start playing and not worry about making mistakes all the time, we have reached a pivotal moment here, do we go up or do we go down, Saturdays game will now tell us a lot that's for sure!!
  7. It's crazy when you look back at the Bairds and the Eckersleys compared to what we currently are signing, managers live or die by their own signings.
  8. Imagine wanting the two Jordans playing, who would have thought? Fenwick has shown absolutely nothing in three home matches, Scott offers very little and Doris (still our best striker) is badly out of shape, Shepherd offers nothing so we are left with the two pacy guys to run the Clyde defence ragged.
  9. Bj has a knock that's why Irvine is covering....struggling badly at the back with every ball into the box, 2 Jordans are lively at least.
  10. Certainly wasn't my front two but isn't it amazing what happens when you try to be positive for once! Massive game now on Saturday, take care of Ousman See and we could get a plum tv draw...
  11. Hoban Meechan Munro Thomson Coll Scally Moore Irvine Mackintosh Allen Northcott Nothing to lose, give it a go right from the start.
  12. Just awaiting the marquee signing of Chris Templeman on a 17 year deal....then i will be happy.
  13. Had a decent 45 last week but just doesn't 'fit' in with the group.
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