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  1. Matty was responsible for 2 goals today, his play of late has been dreadful, effort and desire zero, even Anderson and Stef would be a better option than the current front 2.
  2. That was a performance from last year's management, shocked at how inept we were and the lack of desire was dreadful, 1 or 2 players should be looking at themselves tonight. Only 2 players gained any passmarks
  3. Stef and Doris may as we have a bash.....toothless today, gave them far too much respect, Meechs and Strachan never got at them once, although not much to hit the. So that's that, poxy play offs it is then.
  4. I would suggest a few drinks in Falkland then a small hike over the Lomonds, 1-2....league is still on.
  5. Having watched Jack all season I would say he was a level above Strachan......hence he went into the 1st team....still feel its a weak spot for us....the decisions to let Yano and Sanny go will go down in history
  6. This is the league decider no doubt....win and we are back in it, lose and its play offs only, Slater,Thomson and Mcluskey are our class players who have to be on their game, if Doris had been match fit I would play him instead of Shep, we will need the front players to hold the ball up to relieve the pressure that Kelty will surely have.
  7. No idea just wish he would f*** off to somewhere else..... Exeter would be ideal.
  8. Had fought 3 points, only negative was the annoying Welsh c##t once again. Massive game next, certainly will need to up our game but more than capable. #ATL
  9. Strachan is no yano anyway.....none of the trialists impressed, outdone by a 10 minute - 3 balls over the top by Adams, Centre half is still a problem.
  10. Check out the Jacker 1st mate.......secondly I was spot on.
  11. Just the one....Patterson for O'Donnell...its a must win game remember.
  12. Hendry and Marshall both badly at fault.....killed the game for us.
  13. Roberto was a bit of a strange one for me, I was there for his debut in a friendly and I have to say that he didn't look like he had ever played right back in his life before, 5 foul throws and a general lack of awareness about him He does have an engine and certainly improved as he settled in but I am surprised he has ended up at this level, good luck to him though.
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