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  1. Had a decent 45 last week but just doesn't 'fit' in with the group.
  2. He looks a player (ignore previous statements), it's a shame he didn't have an Anderson-Travis or a Whyte alongside him to learn from, pretty sure he will be 1st team pretty soon.
  3. What we need is a player who contributes little, goes down far too easily and has a terrible man bun....any ideas? 😅 #KELTYAREOOT
  4. Not Blair "Boris Johnson will never be PM" McDougall?
  5. 3-2 last minute Muzza winner, Eric and Hamish centre halfs, Raoul and Harkins up front. Gerry played well for Brechin though.
  6. Robbo will find a decent side, we never played him up front in a 2. See who is playing tmw evening.
  7. Good point, good to see Fisher fit again, any idea what trialist was on the bench?
  8. One really stood out for me, hopefully he is signed up for Saturday.
  9. The ERG mobsters are voting for the deal.....maybe something to do with not being in the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive........maybe?
  10. 3-0 victory over Downfield tonight, Hoti 2 and Robertson the scorers. 3 trialists
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