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  1. While Lafferty is a moron I don't like this fad of going up to players and getting a pic with them, then belittling them and hoping that they react. A few Rangers 'fans' have done this with Lennon and Brown in the past. If Killie were to sack Lafferty another club would just sign him on a free, so it makes no sense to sack him. Any ban/punishment should take into account that he was on a night out and was provoked.
  2. It's shite when a dug dies. Read Hoose's post first and was like, I don't remember topcat having a dug.
  3. 2 years ago the Herald claimed he was earning just under £400k.
  4. Points dropped, far too weak at the back right now and Hearts will take advantage. Swapping Balogun for Souttar is one of craziest decisions we've made. Upfront we'll continue to try to walk the ball into the net and Hearts will lap it up.
  5. A celtic fan, a legal beagle, slightly dodgy. It surely can't be a former bralt favourite... A SCOTS lawyer was caught with cannabis in his pocket after turning up to court wearing a Celtic shirt. Officers decided to search Michael McKeown, 53, after he arrived at Glasgow Sheriff Court in the football jersey because they doubted his credentials. Michael McKeown was found with cannabis when he arrived at Glasgow Sheriff CourtCredit: Alamy But they found that he was carrying a small quantity of the Class B substance in his pocket at the time in 2020. The solicitor, who is a partner with Callahan McKeown & Co in Renfrew, paid a fiscal fine of £325. The fine meant he didn't need to appear at court and he did not receive a criminal conviction. But a Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal panel found his conduct to be “serious and reprehensible”, according to The Times. The tribunal found him guilty of professional misconduct
  6. Was expecting something different when I clicked on this.
  7. Mums disgusted as company launches 'p***y-flavoured crisps' for 'brave' individuals Bemused Mumsnet users thought the vagina crisps smelled like a bad idea, with one saying: 'What a vile idea. I'd like to think that it's a joke, but I fear it's not
  8. The Knight rider remake looks quite pish.
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