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  1. I've probably gave him a mixture of praise and criticism, like fitba fans tend to do.
  2. Well hearts getting demoted made it fair and reasonable for you tbf.
  3. If I had witnessed what you described I'd have reported it to the police, especially with a few witnesses as well as CCTV.
  4. The hero celtic deserves. If they were so confident, they wouldn't have fought so hard for their "fair and reasonable solution".
  5. Trains have cctv so 'he' should be easily identified. Surely you would report that sort of behaviour to the police?
  6. There wasn't an issue with St Johnstone being Scottish cup champions last season. Scottish Cup fourth round: Reigning champions St Johnstone stunned by fourth-tier Kelty Hearts as Aberdeen and Hearts coast through Scottish League Two side Kelty Hearts stunned the Saints thanks to Kallum Higginbotham's goal; there were no other major shocks as Aberdeen and Hearts coasted through; sixth-tier Clydebank's fairytale run ended with a cruel last-gasp defeat in a seven-goal thriller against Annan Athletic
  7. Like you I've watched it a few times and can't see anything.
  8. Best wishes to Aberdeen in their qualifying games.
  9. For Rangers it's probably Bassey. He's been outstanding and became a first team regular at centre back and left back, some of his marauding runs are amazing. Tav is a close second, his goals and assists are unbelievable. For celtic there's obviously plenty to choose from with Kyogo, Meadda(spelling), CCTV, Colin McGregor etc to choose from. But you can't ignore Kevin Clancy, he's produced the goods for them when it mattered.
  10. Nice to see him on the pitch yesterday for his last game, he's pulled off some outstanding saves but you could see age catching up with him this season.
  11. A fair amount of folk were posting stuff like that on here when Hamilton got scammed, might call them out later.
  12. In other words celtic got a taste of their own medicine.
  13. b*****d to catch in RDR2. His wee stubby legs weren't made for speed tbf.
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