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  1. Stop pestering folk in pubs.... Kirst @kirsten93_ Someone in the pub, bless their soul, tried to teach my 67 year old dad about xG today. “Did they put the baw in the net? Naw, did they f**k. That’s all that matters.” Pray for me 5:57 PM · Oct 17, 2021·Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 51 Likes
  2. Takes one look at the zebra bed sheets and bolts....
  3. Short term a decent shout, he'd get them fired up and playing better but next season would see it all unravel.
  4. Richard Gough... a defender who could defend. Stuart McCall.... full of energy in the midfield, something we're lacking. Michael Mols .... before his Injury he was outstanding.
  5. It shows how bad we were then that Bates was a standout in the team.
  6. You will. Thank you for jinxing it Bennett is what you meant to say.
  7. Aberdeen will win this game, then you'll look silly.
  8. Amazing how often Rangers get lucky at Ibrox. Every decision is always in our favour tbf.
  9. Conor could shatter glass with that voice. If watching that video, turn your volume down a bit.
  10. First half.... not too bad Rangers. Second half .... ffs Sevco. Second place at best for us this season, the team just isn't streetwise enough.
  11. Tbf to Random guy, he was probably busy explaining stats and xG to his poor beleaguered father at the time.
  12. Anyone who has a serious issue with 4 lads had is the problem here.
  13. Rangers Football Club @RangersFC Back Home tomorrow for a top of the table clash against Hearts. So hoist up your Rangers flags. Sing with your heart and voice. 6:56 PM · Oct 15, 2021 5K 184 Share
  14. celtic fans... Sevco saying "our city" is racist and highly offensive. Celtic fans.... That's different....
  15. That was a silly thing to post, you're missing out on all of the point scoring.
  16. Either i have spent years singing the wrong words to 4 lads or Random Guy needs serious help.
  17. In the last 6 months Penny Arcade, Sweet Caroline and now 4 lads had a dream have been targeted with the usual manufactured offence.
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