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  1. Another win and 6 out of 6 six points, that'll do nicely.
  2. Alfredo the great gives us the opener and eases off the nerves a bit.
  3. Even Kenneth Williams couldn't do this justice.
  4. That news should be congratulated.
  5. They're 3 points behind, we're at rugby park next, so it's easily possible that they could be level again on Sunday. Not really getting the panicking from our monobrowed friends.
  6. That would be a lengthy ban nowadays rather than a yellow card, love Souness acting so innocent after it.
  7. Another game on their greengrocers pitch, great. We tend to struggle against physical sides, I've a feeling that we're dropping 2 points here. Morelos usually scores against Killie but I'd be tempted to start Roofe for this one.
  8. A 3rd Godley, coronavirus just take me now.
  9. They've got night vision goggles and they use ropes to rappel, rather than jumping out of helicopters.
  10. A good 3 points after a hard Thursday game, a couple of early goals and then we did enough for points.
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