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  1. Sheer bloody genius, your cleverness is only matched by your modesty.
  2. Settle. He's right, it's up there with Scott Allan's Ibrox pass.
  3. Aberdeen would probably want around £4 or 5m for him which I doubt that we could manage. These rumours have came from a dodgy source on twitter so I would file it under unlikely.
  4. I'm sure that jotta has nothing to worry about as celtic will have insisted on safeguards.
  5. Sounds like something that could have happened.
  6. Have you seen who's in charge over there, they'd be best keeping quiet.
  7. Maybe you should join a few forums/sites and get chatting to some people if you're curious.
  8. Wouldn't mind living there for a while and travelling around the place. Is it perfect, far from it but I'd still want to see more of it.
  9. Add me to the shameful list of not knowing the difference between rugby league and union.
  10. Lotr is fantasy after all, a genre where you've always had female characters/warriors etc but her comments aren't really that controversial. Imagine a world where everyone had the same opinions and no one thought for themselves, not one that I would want to live in. You disagree with him, that's life.
  11. Aren't they both owned by the same company?
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