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  1. Grave digger, Edguy, Accept, kreator etc, they love their metal bands over there, nearly forgot about the scorpions...
  2. I'm sure he did our game against hearts or Hamilton, are the SFA running oot of refs?
  3. Some guy on Tinternet said so..... The conspiracy theory must be protected at all costs Mags.
  4. It's all over the place, same with those stupid stickers that they put up. If caught, they should be made to clean it up.
  5. We'll chase the game, Well will sit in and soak it up, then run past our defenders and score. Repeat....
  6. Quite a few players required treatment during the second half.
  7. Their defenders closed down well, gave us very little room and most of our shots were snatched at in a crowded box. It suited celtics game plan. Very little space to exploit upfront and left exposed at the back too often. Really naive stuff from us.
  8. You're right, I thought it was a bit of a panic move at the time. It's like the later years of 9 in a row in reverse now.
  9. I'm sure that I read somewhere that it was a recipe 1901 that they'd recently found.
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