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  1. Oh f**k no...that's worse than bobo. Horrible bully. Pissed me right off, Monday is bad enough without the worry of weir as manager.
  2. Embarrassing, poor foxy. 2 page spread in the courier for AD nowt for Mr Forfar himself. the fans have been asking on Facebook so I can't see them doing anything the fans ask for.
  3. The lack of likes on club statements says it all. A fifer I know pals with the Campbell's said TOB and DD going to Arbroath. lets face it, the boys clearly dinnae like Bollan, why would these guys no sign when the teams been promoted??? Ffs sign some c**t!!!!
  4. Sad news about foxy leaving, he was offered another year but I understand his reasons for leaving, at 34 he wants to play and he will with SP no doubt. I heard TOB will leave, Denholm probs Brechin or Arbroath, Trav maybe Montrose too, Milne going and as for Swanks I think he would be away too if he could. What does that leave us with, a 5 a side team?? I'm scared!!
  5. Im in shock. We didnt deserve to win that. We've only won 2 games in 14, a few draws in there but bloody hell Bollan how did you no change the team????
  6. I also enjoyed him trying to put another 2 subs on when we already had 2 on, so Marc Scott had to sit back doon #unbelievable
  7. I agree, Danny is brilliant but Jeezo that 3rd goal on Saturday for Berwick, he wasn't even at the half way line. when is Bollan gonna realise that it ain't just about the fit boys but we need a footballer in there too. We should be cruising. Feel sorry for the boys tho, not a positive thing ever comes oot that dug oot even when they do something right... Absolutely no respect for the guy but im hoping he brings that league trophy to station park.
  8. Couldn't agree more. A professional. Hope it's a great night for Foxy and his family too who have given so much to the club.
  9. I agree. I've no idea why bollan doesn't play foxy with Milne. Some great play from them together. I'm a big fan of foxy always have been, feel sorry for the guy. Its all very well going for the more "athletic" boys but they need to know how to play fitbaw!
  10. Foxy wasn't injured, saw Mrs Foxy there, would she have bothered going if he was injured?? pretty sure I heard her say to someone he was fit and he came off last week with a dead leg. Certainly missed him in midfield, I'm thinking bolan left him out because he is not available next week, maybe wanted to try something different.
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