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  1. Will there be an appetite amongst all non league clubs for a national competition? You can understand that a national junior cup was the holy grail, as it meant the winners were the top dogs in the country at that particular grade at football. But would this still be the case for the Lowland League clubs etc?
  2. No it's absolutely brilliant.
  3. I got the year wrong, it was 2017:- https://www.auchinlecktalbot.com/auchinleck-talbot-statement/
  4. I may have imagined this, but did the club not have to issue a statement last season backing the manager after a bit of discontent with him from the fans?
  5. Does video footage get used a lot in appeals in junior football?
  6. I saw most of the Kilbride Thistle v Ardeer West match today. I thought it was a really good, entertaining match with a lot of football being played. Strangely Ardeer seemed to play a lot better when they went down to ten men, didn't panic and kept playing football. Scored with the last kick of the ball. Not a bad crowd either.
  7. Climbing Ben Nevis in a couple of weeks. Scrolling through the last hundred or so posts it doesn't seem very popular here, but I'm a novice and have never done it before. In fact, my hillwalking experience is very limited - Ben Lomond, Ben Dornich, Ben Rinnes and Goat Fell are my conquests so far. Is it any good and does anyone have any tips? One of the other guys doing it is quite experienced and has suggested going up an alternative route than the main one.
  8. My knowledge of towns and cities in the rest of the UK is pretty limited, but Whitley Bay was a terrible place when I visited 4 years ago. Coventry was dire as well. They actually make some of our towns seem appealing.
  9. Rangers winning would be worse I reckon. At least we have all been numbed to Celtic hoovering up every honour in the last few years. Having Rangers win, and with it, an even more unbearable amount of triumphalism, sectarianism and extreme British nationalism foisted upon us would be horrific. But either way, the media need to realise that for the 40 other clubs, it doesn't matter to us if it's a 1-horse race or a two-horse one. It really only matters to those who depend on filling column inches.
  10. Nobody here is stable! Anyway, come to the Buffs Ryan [emoji106]
  11. You're right. Some of the rubbish posted in this section of the forum must put a lot of people off.
  12. It's highly unlikely a manager would make the jump from a Premier junior club to a senior club near the top of the Championship. So it's probably just a column filler in a newspaper. I'm just pointing out that his record is actually quite decent, especially this season (Pollok result aside) with a squad which isn't the best we've had recently. And it is his first management job.
  13. He gets a bad reputation here of course, but much of it is exaggerated and his behaviour is certainly no worse than that of a lot of the players we watch on a weekly basis (although magnified as he is alone on the sidelines as opposed to surrounded by players on the pitch). And I suppose he should be setting an example as a manager. But the way people on this forum go on, you'd think he deserves to be tried at The Hague for his misdemeanours. But his record as a manager is pretty decent. Promoted out of the ADL after his first full season. Promoted into the top division at the first time of asking, where Kilwinning have remained ever since. Final of the West in 2015. Semis of the Scottish in 2016, quarters in 2017 and 2019. Last ever Ayrshire cup winners. And a more than decent start to this season. And all that amidst what seems to be neverending turmoil off the park.
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