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  1. There is an amateur Kilwinning Rangers team which have apparently applied for WOS membership for next season. I don't know if they are under the Kilwinning Sports Club umbrella but there do appear to be two separate boys club pathways in Kilwinning, one of which I think plays out of the Almswall Road 3G facility so I don't know if it's a tie-in with them. Maybe they have to change their name to be accepted, hence the Eglinton?
  2. I guess the best advice I can give is keep busy. With exercise preferably. But find a hobby, keep yourself from dwelling on it too much. But you'll always find a friendly ear in this thread and you'll be absolutely fine in time. Post as much as you feel helps [emoji106]
  3. I suppose he's in demand by Celtic so it's unconventional but accurate. Kind of.
  4. Yeah but it might have been so bad that you would have had a lot of people here wanting Rangers to win just to shut them up. Solidarity!!
  5. Colin Boyd, Chairman of Kilwinning Rangers made a hypothetical point on that thread that if one club refused to play the colts they (the Colt teams) would be gone within a year. Where would a club stand if they refused to play one of these entities? Are they considered regular members of the league and ties against them require to be played?
  6. To be fair, Boyd spent a lot of his playing time in Scotland in a far inferior Kilmarnock team.
  7. That wasn't a run in. Highly unlikely to be Talbot - despite the chat on this thread they are far from struggling.
  8. I think this is unfair. The standard of our top league is better than it ever has been (if we say that the WOS is the natural successors to the Junior League). Teams at the bottom end of the table are capable of good performances and results against those at the top, as I've seen for myself against Kilwinning this season. I don't think it's anything to do with wanting to stop Talbot winning the league - there are only two teams that can win it now and I really don't care which one does. It's not that deep.
  9. Love the last paragraph. Fully prepared for Talbot winning the league and fielding their U12s side in the play off final!
  10. Still selling them at the ticket office as of 15 minutes ago.
  11. The attendance has been out of sync with tickets sold for as long as I can remember. The SC Quarter Final a couple of years ago where we lost on penalties to Aberdeen was close to capacity, yet they announced the attendance at just under 10k which was clearly inaccurate as it would have left around 8k seats empty. If the 3 home ends are almost sold out then it must be our best attendance for many a year.
  12. Can't get two tickets next to each other [emoji22] The East and Frank Beattie appear sold out and the Moffat only has a handful left by the looks of things.
  13. He's not done badly but still needs to prove himself IMO.
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