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  1. It's a conundrum. I know lots of Rangers fans and the vast majority of them are decent people and on the surface, only interested in football. But I find it hard to reconcile that with what we see and hear at Rangers away matches and Hampden appearances - thousands upon thousands singing racist songs. That and the extreme British nationalism perpetually on show. I look at the strips on display at Orange parades, the rantings of the prominent Rangers fan groups on Twitter and the occasional footage of people in Rangers regalia in George Square and erecting bonfires in Northern Ireland and wonder why on earth anyone would want to be associated with these people via a football club. Then I suppose why should your enjoyment of following your club be prevented by the actions of a fringe element (if indeed it is a fringe and not the main body of support - a source of great debate here).
  2. You're only saying that because he gushes about your club constantly.
  3. I think that is naive. You'd want to know everything you can about him - height, build, clothing, colour, so that you can be sure you have the right person when the confrontation arrives. If he's disposed of, or hidden the knife within his clothing for example, then all those descriptors are vital. You can't rely on him swinging the blade around when you arrive for identification.
  4. If armed police are being sent to an incident to tackle a knife carrying bad guy it's pretty important that they know exactly who they are looking for and what he looks like. Clothing and ethnicity are crucial descriptors. So asking about the suspect's race/colour is probably not as shocking as you may think.
  5. The police, on behalf of the Procurator Fiscal have a responsibility to investigate and report the circumstances of certain deaths which include, for example, suspicious deaths, deaths which occur outdoors, unexpected deaths which cannot be immediately attributed to medical causes (including child deaths) and deaths which result from recent police contact (including deaths in custody). Given that the only confirmed death from yesterday appears to have been as a result of a police action, the oversight of this investigation will lie with PIRC (Police Investigations & Review Commissioner), which is a statutory body and not part of Police Scotland. They don't have the resources to manage an investigation of this magnitude alone, so the inquiry will be carried out by the police, probably from a specialist investigative team, with PIRC working in tandem with the senior investigating officer. There will be a full police investigation into these events. As to whether a Fatal Accident Inquiry is subsequently held - this would normally be decided following the conclusion of a criminal investigation and may not be required at all if the investigation sufficiently establishes the full circumstances.
  6. You were representing yourselves, not junior football. You've done really well and deserve all the success and money you have, but you're about as representative of junior football as Celtic are to Scottish football as a whole. The runs in the senior cup benefited absolutely nobody apart from Talbot, and actually put everyone else at a severe financial disadvantage. And no, I can't deny Talbot were the best team in this season's league and would probably have won. But I wouldn't have put my mortgage on it.
  7. He posts absolute bollocks and you know it. Besides, Burnieman was brought into this by someone else mentioning his name.
  8. Nobody hates Auchinleck. Everyone acknowledges how good and how well run they are and they're a club everyone aspires to emulate. But their dominance and financial success from senior cup participation has made the top level of the juniors as uncompetitive as it probably ever has been. Every season starts with the question "who can stop Talbot?" rather than who will win the league or junior cup. Anyone hoping to win the league or cup has to hope for Talbot to have an off day, or a huge fixture pile-up at the end of the season. It's unhealthy and is probably one of the major reasons as to why so many clubs were actively seeking a way into the pyramid in the West. And personally I find a fair number of their fans arrogant, obnoxious and entitled.
  9. Early days I know, but has it been confirmed that the conference winners will play off to decide a West champion, who will then take part in a further play off with the East/South winners to decide who gets promoted? I was initially under the impression that the conferences will purely be to decide on the following season's league set-up, but I saw that Bonnyrigg won an East conference play off last season.
  10. Increasing the number of relegation spots might assist. 4 up and 4 down would create a bit of drama. I'd actually have two national leagues of 18 and increase the promotion/relegation numbers at all levels.
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