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  1. Having worked in various sexual offences units, I can confidently say that the sexual exposure incident would have been allocated to some poor sod in the Met who was juggling at least 15-20 existing enquiries as well as working shifts and responding to daily ongoing incidents. Nothing may well have been done but probably not for the reasons most suspect.
  2. I thought Tranent looked good for the first 20 minutes, well organised and comfortable on the ball, and when they scored their second I thought it was going to be a case of how many. After that though they were just out-fought for everything and never really came back into the game.
  3. You would think for such ardent Royalists they would know that the Queen was Elizabeth I of Scotland (and the UK) and not Elizabeth II.
  4. As an aside, whatever happened to Tommy Bryce? His teams always seemed to pay good football whenever I watched them. Is he still involved at this level?
  5. Cannot for the life of me get PayPal to work. JB if there is another way could you pm me?
  6. I know what one of their better players is on and it's nowhere near that. I don't know about anyone else though.
  7. If given the chance to join the English league system, would you take it? Both our two biggest clubs would comfortably be in the top 4/5 biggest in the UK if given the opportunity. I'm not sure the same could be said about Rosenberg or any Dutch team other than perhaps Ajax. The scale of the difference in size between clubs 1/2 and 3 in this country is astronomical.
  8. I was up Buachaillie Etive Mor on Sunday. Also attacked by midges at the car park and on the way up but they disappeared near the summit. They were replaced by some big fly things which were equally as discomforting. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I was hoping to do the second Munro but noticed the clouds forming away in the West and with the thunder warnings I thought it wasn't worth the risk. I am never going to complete the Munros anyway so I'm not precious about racking them up. We did the Munro top next then descended the path down to the glen and walked along to the A82. A great day and it's already got me buzzing for the next one. Which will be in 3 years time at current rates. I did get from Kilwinning to Glencoe in less than 2 hours which is decent and reassuring that some really good climbs aren't that far away.
  9. I thought he was just giving some verbals to the Killie fans in the disabled section. Anyway, this weekend Celtic play their 3rd out of 4 games in a row which have taken place after Rangers have played their match. I thought this happened quite a lot last season as well. Any reason for that?
  10. I know this is probably quite mainstream, but having never done it before I'm looking forward to climbing Buachaillie Etive Mor at the weekend. I think this would be my 4th Munro - I'm not very experienced as you can guess, but I don't think I've ever actually had a good view at the top of any of the mountains I've been on, whether Munros or not, so hopefully this weekend will be different.
  11. We had the majority of the play on the first half but our midfield totally fell out of it in the second half and I couldn't see us getting back on level terms once Troon had scored their third. Could have scored another 3 had we taken those really good chances, but the opposite was true against Meadow last week so I guess it's evened out.
  12. I take it we are still using last season's strip for this campaign?
  13. Obviously Ardeer need to get shot of this guy as chairman, but how easy is this in practice? I can't imagine Ardeer's board are the biggest - is it normally the case at this level that the board can vote to oust a chairperson or does this depend on a club's constitution?
  14. Mines has been terrible the last two days.
  15. What punishment do you think a parent should receive for leaving children at home alone?
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