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  1. Parking fines

  2. Talbot crumble

    There's a moderator in the junior forum???
  3. What would you suggest?
  4. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Anyway. I don't have Facebook but are there any updates on the work on the new ground on there? I've seen the fencing up and perimeter barriers installed when driving past.
  5. Policing at Football whitewash

    You're seeing what you want to see, and what the chaps at FAC want you to be outraged by. The DCC is explaining that the police have a job to do and do it in a certain way, e.g filming and using the footage to assist in future arrests. If they didn't do it that way then the alternative is to resort to violence to achieve the arrests. In no way is he saying that's what the police want to do or that it's in any way likely to happen. I note so far on this thread that nobody at all has suggested any reasonable and practical solutions to any of the problems the police have to deal with at matches, other than to bizarrely be less heavy handed while at the same time stop simply observing offences and do something about them.
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    What would the different player strategy be? We'd have been better keeping Ricky Hanvey in my opinion.
  7. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Apart from Talbot obviously, Hurlford too have some record in recent years in this competition. Only once failing to reach the semis in the last 6 attempts.
  8. Match Officials

    It's pointless comparing players and referees. If a player makes 5 mistakes in a match then he's got a chance of redeeming himself every time he gets the ball. Plus he has 10 teammates ready to help him out. If a referee makes 5 mistakes there's nobody to cover for him. Nobody behind him to correct the error. His/her game is defined by those 5 mistakes, even if the other hundred decisions he makes are spot on. Not really a fair comparison is it?
  9. Match Officials

    Bit strange it's the ref's fault that the players can't behave themselves.
  10. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    I meant since we are title contenders. How many points adrift do we have to get to regain diddy status?
  11. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Do I count as a diddy as well?
  12. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    I wonder how much of that is because of an Auchinleck fixture backlog at the end of almost every season?
  13. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Was there not a statement from the club in relation to Sloan at that point?
  14. Auchinleck Talbot 2018/19

    How does the building committee work then if it isn't part of the club? Do you come up with suggestions and raise money and approach the club at that point?
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    What's been happening?