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  1. Agreed Drooper. Since the original Portsmouth administration, I've regarded this as a weapon of choice, provided the club is just big enough to benefit as the fans rally round to support the club in its hour of need. Of course it's cynical and disgusting when one thinks of the small creditors who get shafted, but otherwise sentient human beings lose their moral bearings when it comes to their football club. The idea that their love is a rotten institution and that they should, or even could, find another is anathema. The timing is perfect for Rangers, given that this couldn't be avoided, and the points penalty is as meaningful as you'd expect when a team who've won their national league 54 times has to wait a wee while longer for title 55. The schadenfreude is inevitable given how Rangers and their fans present themselves, but the shysters will stay in charge of the asylum!
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