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  1. Troon F.C. 2016/17

    Quietly waiting for the next round of The West.
  2. Hurlford v Troon

    Well knock me down with a feather. That pesky shower yesterday.
  3. Hurlford v Troon

    Really looking forward to Saturday's fixture, particularly as the weather has been so kind of late.
  4. All Hurlford United chat 2015/16

    Got it thanks. Looking forward to the game!
  5. All Hurlford United chat 2015/16

    Can someone update me on the squad list for this week's programme. Thanks.
  6. Scottish Junior Cup Round Two

    Please give him an answer Glensmad. Something like "the players will have to sit in a bus for over 4 hours before they jump out and compete against a team who they have no knowledge of". Now that's interesting!
  7. Irvine Meadow 2015-16

    CLOSE. It was a cracking game by all accounts. Sorry I missed it. Sod's law!
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 2015/16

    it is a must win - I've taken them on the coupon 11/10.
  9. Troon FC 2015/16

    The player that's got the 3 year deal Is Adam Forsyth who is a regular starter and our top goal scorer. A wee mix up in communication I think.
  10. Troon v Kilbirnie Ladeside

    Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to Saturday.
  11. Can someone assist with the updated squad list. I think that the web page only shows about 14 players.
  12. Troon FC 2015/16

    Beginning to find his way and probably recognising that you don't get too much time on the ball.
  13. Troon FC 2015/16

    A good win last night in a tough encounter with Glenafton. Dale Moore on the left and Jordan Muir on the right gave us good width and they gave the Glens fullbacks a torrid time all night. As the game went on Adam Forsyth started getting the better of big McChesney turning him regularly and he pounced on a good cross from Jordan to convert. The midfield area was a battle ground with very little time to play the ball but if anything I think we shaded that area, At the back, Deano and Gavin gave their usual stalwart performances in the heart of defence. The game was always going to come down to the odd goal in what was a very tight contest and it came from one of Deano's special free kicks, again! It could have been different if Glens McGuffie had taken his chance when he broke through on the left only to screw his shot wide of the right hand post. On to the semi final against the Buffs next Wednesday.
  14. Troon FC 2015/16

    I'm glad that you put a wee puzzled face at the end of that statement. "Far more than anyone knew". I think you jumped out of bed too quick this morning Lugar C. A wee bit dizzy maybe??
  15. Troon FC 2015/16

    Real healthy competition for a starting place this season.