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  1. I do voluntary work for a British charity in Romania each year and try to catch a game when I am there. Was just pointing out to the poster that it wasn't my personal opinion but factual, which he has accepted. You should try it some time, it's good for the soul[emoji6]
  2. Think it was about 3-4 years ago they folded. I managed to get to a game against Craiova in the noughties but the stadium was just a concrete midden and totally run down then, no surprise they went bust. T
  3. Not pushing it at all, as they are the Railway team. I should know as i pass through the station on my way to Sighisoara in Transylvania every year and have done since 1995. Rapid is the name of the fast trains ,unsurprisingly, used in Romania by CFR who are the national rail company. The Red Dogs , Dinamo Bucharest, are my team. I try to catch a home game whenever I am over. T
  4. Also teams with the prefix Rapid.e.g.Rapid Bucharest whose ground is next door to the main Gara De Nord station.[emoji6]
  5. A non contact friendly on a plastic pitch[emoji6]
  6. Always liked his posts on here. He introduced himself to me on a previous visit after he spotted my bright orange Broncos hat. A lovely guy who will be a big loss to your club. Condolences to his family and all associated at Kilsyth. T
  7. Canny argue with your post. I thought it was a really good first half wasn't much in it at 2-1. Thinking we come out second half; keep it tight and we can get back into it. 15 mins later it's 5-1 games a bogey. Didn't see it coming, you were ruthless and your wee centre had a fantastic match, scoring and assists. T
  8. Vics and Meadow are closer than Ardeer / Saltcoats but I think maybe the Bens and St Anthony's beat us.[emoji6]
  9. Unfortunately I wasn't in my usual spot on Saturday so had to settle for the highlights appearing on Vics TV[emoji6] Anyway having just watched the video the match could easily ended up 6-6,with defences certainly not on top[emoji16]. A old fashioned junior game. Great value for the fans @ £6 but head bursting for both management teams. Disappointed we threw away a 3 goal lead but happy to stop the recent rut by picking up a point, as the way things are looking at this early stage is every points a prisoner. All the best to the Camby for the rest of the season. Hope to be at the return fixture later in season. T
  10. Poor comment DI as the guys there are doing everything within their resources to build a junior football club that the community will follow. They have relocated as a first step towards that. The next step is to enhance spectator provision of viewing and cover. That comes with a financial cost off the park at the same time as trying to put a competitive team on it. My first visit to Gartcairn this season and the guys were first class on and off the park. We enjoyed good banter with their supporters who were magnanimous in defeat, as were the players and coaching staff. My only gripe was they had sold out the match programme by the time I arrived after being held up in traffic. [emoji6] T
  11. That's feckin pish David.
  12. Just watched the highlights from Saturday unbelievable how we lost. Micks red is pure stupidity and Danny's is an absolute joke. Anyway we learn from it and we move on. Mon the Toria
  13. Liam definitely stood out for us yesterday On a day when everything that could go wrong did. Performance was not at the level of previous weeks and for first 45 we were very passive. Second 45 seen an improvement but wasn't to be with the way things panned out. Didn't think there was 3 goals in it but goals win games and I have to say they were 4 sublime finishes. See you at the JMP in the return fixture, All the best T
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