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  1. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Full starting XI is first owned. Need to get more into the trading side of things though as have decent coin sitting
  2. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Forlan now has 167 goals and 58 assists in 134 games for me. Ridiculous [emoji23]
  3. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Was planning on TOTW Salah as he’s only 380k, Al Owairn is rapid but he feels dead gangly
  4. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Did anyone get a good pull from the icon SBC? Managed to pull Samuel Etoo but can’t see him getting in ahead of Forlan.
  5. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Just did an error and sold al owarin for 72,500 rather than 725,000. Absolutely gutted someone has just gotten a steal.
  6. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    I went 0-3 on Friday then took a break till today and went 17-0, unreal . Got Lewandoswki and Benzema as picks for my gold picks so decent fodder.
  7. It wasn't a Ponzi scheme though. He was leveraging against the FTX token (which he created) then using the loans to lend to another company, looks pretty ponzi to me.
  8. I remember posting about these allegations of the two of them on the aftermath of the Queens Park game and getting downvoted for it. Truth hurts I guess.
  9. Can't be worse than Connor Fairleys against the Rovers in the 7-2 game.
  10. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    I pulled Crouch and some other garbage from the 2 Black Friday 200k and 250k packs, then pulled an 88 87 87 gold rares in the 10 coin 4 player pack. Nuts.
  11. KD1711

    Fifa 23

    Alan Shearer for my icon SBC, shambles haha
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