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  1. He is signing alongside a young prospect called Patrick Pyott. Can't wait to see the new Yorke and Cole in action.
  2. That’s why Aufc hammered swedgers for years. Cheaper dunt but as you can see his head has gone a bit.
  3. When I was a recruitment consultant around 7 years ago he came in to register to work for a fish factory in Queenslie for minimum wage, he was only 30 at the time. He could have played at a very good level but would rather live the scheme dream I suppose.
  4. I know of two people who have never touched it, one my mates used to batter it all the time and now doesn’t touch it but for the first few months he said he was off it when bevvying folk were determined to get him back on it. One of my mates who never touched it said that he has never heard anyone say they ran up x amount worth of debt taking gear and it was brilliant which put him off it, as it is always the opposite folk moaning about being hundreds in debt and not being worth it.
  5. I can count on one hand the amount of folk I know who don't take gear. It is mad.
  6. I was thinking more the equaliser against QP at the home game, shocker of a goal.
  7. All counted for nothing in the end unfortunately, as QoS99 pointed out we finished 21 points ahead of the team who ended up getting promoted.
  8. With a part of that down to the goalie you have just signed conceding stupid goals in over our play off games.
  9. Max Currie is more scared of crosses than Dracula and cost us at key moments throughout the season, the play offs especially. Rico Quitongo is also shite. That was my point. I would much rather have Bannantyne and Josh Rae than Currie and Quitongo.
  10. Trained under Gardner when I was at Royal Albert during Covid, played under Black and won trophies with him at amateur level. Should be a good appointment.
  11. Am I right in saying they will be playing on Friday nights? If they are might be able to draw a decent crowd. They need to remember that loads of folk who listen to the show already have their own teams and it’s a lot different to a show at the Hydro. I listen to the show and like it so wish them well with it.
  12. Forgot you have massively upgraded in Max Currie and Rico Quitongo, apologies.
  13. My ITK posts have been correct so far about Hutton and the management duo but the Celtic keeper could well end up being the next West Ham striker. Also hearing rumours that glossy programmes will be coming back next year? Can anyone confirm.
  14. How do you do the gold ETFs? Takes up much less space than physical gold. I had around 10z of gold and a good bit of silver but have sold off all my gold, holding just silver atm in the form of gold bars and coins.
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