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  1. Where are the comments on yesterday's friendly?? Or was it too poor to talk about
  2. Try and bait us when you have a bit of a history son
  3. What's the crack with KoB? One week he is signed up,tonight he is up for possible 'temporary transfer' wtf?!
  4. Some of us do.Just a reminder,more Berwick players were Scottish than Sevco last season,but then that's no surprise
  5. Last week Colts,this week England.Anything to stay on the back pages when his side are toiling on the park. Rangers should probably have bought Carlisle years ago and disappeared then. The truth is there are clubs(chairmen) who have approached Greendud about taking on their clubs and their debt.Whether the English towns/FA/general public and police forces would want the OF trampling all over their streets is doubtful. A Wednesday night European first and second division is more likely to happen,probably by invitation.That is what Green is angling at. Probably should have given GCFC a call first though.
  6. Best wishes from Berwick supporters and I'm sure football fans all over the world boys. We had a great few games in the seventies when we had players and managers serve us both. Some of my earliest games were between our sides,and East end park a Scottish institution. Money is the blight on our game. Good luck.
  7. If this is the shape of things to come on this years forum,we are in for a long and tiresome season.Firstly your thread is disrespectful to the clubs who could have turned their backs on you and put you right out of business. Then you start kicking off with each other,about politics from centuries back. Be careful your new boys dont freeze in the cold and shitty weather you get in some of the places you are heading to,with their cold showers,speedway tracks and hedges for windbreaks.
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