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  1. Get yourself along mate.
    If you are a supporter, you will turn up anywhere, anytime.
    I am a Berwick fan. I showed up at the club meeting and voted against the inclusion of the old firm colts. I stand by that. I have followed the club for over forty years, thick & thin. Mainly thin. Have watched us in sunshine and rain. Haven't always liked or agreed with the board or its supporters. But if they moved to Holy Island I would still go, when I could. I don't go to watch the opposition, but have been to cup games against senior clubs if you like, more in hope of an upset than to watch the circus. I will watch them against anyone. Btw
    it was rumoured that your chairman was privately rubbing his hands with glee that the local old firm support would turn up, filling your coffers. Vote against it they may have, but won't send the money back, or give it away. I hope you get along and see a good game, see you in the weeks ahead.

  2. Good to see the new signings and positive vibes about the place. Will be interesting to see how they all gel. Am also pleased that the decision to change management happened out of season, with enough time to let everyone get used to the change. Malcolm's LL record speaks for itself however the Forfar guys on here had some interesting things to say regards his time there. Fair to say he deserves a go and things kick on from here. Personally a top four finish would be great, any higher a bloomin joy.

  3. Personally, it is a blessing. Just hope they have more ambitious ideas than promoting from within. No disrespect to anyone as they all care, we need a person to make strong signings and bring in a couple of experienced named players or its another long hopefully complete season.

  4. ...and nd then you get Hibs,Hearts, Aberdeen all doing the same. It only serves the Old Firm and their own agenda. It's a completely self-serving exercise in how much the old firm actually run the game in this country.
    Perpetually blind chairman of first and second division clubs will vote for this for the short-term gain of a few quid. Stuff the lowland league or ex-junior teams & their supporters.
    Another thing to consider is that some of these clubs will be forced to pay more for policing when Rangers or Celtic reserves turn up on a weekend or worse a Friday night nullifying any short term profit.
    Would be kind of cute though, if this move led to Brechin finally getting cut loose.

  5. I agree that chopping & changing is fine and dandy from our sitting rooms, however if there is this comfortable malaise that we are all doing fine and just meandering along this club will find itself out of senior football for good. There has to be ambition, there must be a clear plan from the board surely. Yanos record is not good. And the board are there to hold that record to account. It's not a personal thing. Its a football thing. This year is probably going to get written off due to the hellish circumstances we are all under. Frankly, sometimes, there's more than sport. But if it does carry on the squad should be improved, the points above are more than valid. So far, some of the loans in and out are a bit baffling. Some of the results have been unfortunate with red cards and injuries. But some have been dire.
    Feels like we were here last year. Plenty of huff and puff but no cigar. On and off the park.

  6. Dismal stuff. We could and should have been five or six down at half time. Don't think we mustered a shot until the second half, and then they had taken a lazy foot off the gas. I have to agree we aren't good on our own patch. Seem to be more organized and able to play on the plastic. Do we train on grass at all? The passing and even tackling is soft and usually comes up short. But our shape and lack of bottle is evident. Not sure if there was a few had been on the pudding bit it was a poor show all over the park. Ok so Stirling are a decent side but a cup tie at home, at least show some spirit and have a go. Personally, I don't see progress. Just a side going through the motions.

  7. As a tuppence worth, I reckon we have an issue playing Calum alongside Lewis. Wright in behind would be a better bet. Maybe a bit of competition would benefit them both. We miss Sinclair,Foster,Barr & Cook but that's how it is. What is very worrying is they seem to all have a real lack of confidence. Yano just doesn't inspire. We have had time to claw back games only a goal down but the some of the passing, tackling and urgency or lack of just doesn't come and our heads drop. There is no terrier or in your face player like other clubs seem to have. We have been beaten by some pretty poor & average sides so what does that say about us.
    Started positively but now we are really off the pace. Be great to get a result v Kelty but realistically that's a big ask.

  8. Donkeys, the lot of them. Including Clarke. Need to do a Wales and start from scratch with a regular bunch who don't chop and change. No superstars just a solid unit that want to be there and get stuck in. Nations league qualifying, don't make me laugh. Won't win a raffle currently

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