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  1. Berwick v Stirling Albion

    Tell you what the re-emergence of DB is either saviour like or the end of us. That's a huge roll of the dice surely.
  2. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Shipping goals like a leaky barrel and we bring in another striker.
  3. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Well Johnny said a week ago we have played quality sides recently, we will get a better idea when we play QP. There's your answer. Absolutely torn apart by the side directly above us. Not a premier league club. Not a league above. Queens effing Park. Tbh this had been coming. Peterhead skidded 5 past us without breaking sweat. Clyde and Annan 4 going on 8 or 9. Cowdungbeath have beaten us easily, more Ill discipline there I may add and I will remind everyone Albion scored 3 before we got our act together. Etc etc, a defensive shit fest. We have been a shambles all season and yes it's getting worse. Time, and it seems resources we don't have. Which brings me to my main ire. Where oh where is the football direction at our club? The same crap has been ploughed out for years now with no obvious plan or strategy. I've seen Jimmy Thomson get roasted in the stands, the roof come off literally, diesel gate, heartbreaking late goals and humiliation at the hands of, 'minnows' but this is a disgrace. A shameful result and it has finally rattled a few cages, where are the directors? Surely we need a statement of intent. But no, I actually thought Johnny would have ducked out yesterday but he didn't. Fair play to him, embarrassing with his family watching. The thing is I just feel he is out of his depth and I'm sorry but his selections, team formations and his leadership just dont cut it. Trying to play silly systems with players who need to be 4-4-2 not piddling about trying back passes against red hot strikers is suicidal. Signing more unknown inexperienced non-league players when clearly seasoned experience is desperately needed. I worry for him I really do. Anyway, directors. The early season dissary was indicative of where we find ourselves. A mutiny of sorts the Tory party would be proud of. Wannabies and could've beens who couldn't and aren't and we all gleefully relaxed when we as supporters should have been told exactly what the remaining directors where going to do to bring stability and longevity to Berwick Rangers, but hey we got the pound a point scheme. That's working well! How much did they think that was going to bring in to the war chest? Not saying anything personal, sometimes people are good with administration but wouldn't know what makes a good centre-back. Sometimes the perfect host wouldn't know a holding midfielder from another. The truth is the Club has too much dead wood upstairs, end of. Time to end the blazer mentality that has gone on far too long. New investment and football nous. Edinburgh had Jim Jeffries sitting in our directors box. Kind of ironic don't you think? Desperate , and yet all too predictable times.
  4. Queen's Park Vs Berwick Rangers

    I'd love to know what the club are going to do after another shit show. Clueless the lot of them, on and off the park
  5. Queen's Park Vs Berwick Rangers

    Sack the board
  6. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    Need to start well, not wait until we under siege to kickstart into life. 1-1 Berwick
  7. Berwick v Edinburgh

    What a difference a bit of quality makes. Get Willis and Healy working with Barr and Ouzy and a keeper that has a gob and we could be on the up
  8. Berwick v QP

    You should see Berwick now...mental wind,sleet and rain
  9. Berwick v Peterhead

    Couldn’t have put it or played it any worse myself Pugsley. Brennan needs dropping,because he keeps dropping. Wilson & co at the back tried to play pass the buck and on a sticky wicket it was a recipe for the shambles that ensued. But where is the midfield? Not one player could take the ball and hold on to it. We were second to everything. The ‘Heed will never get an easier afternoon. 3 new signings and that’s we are rewarded with! Worrying times
  10. Berwick v Peterhead

    Utter shambles
  11. Berwick v Peterhead

    Another goal fest 4-3 DT
  12. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Having not been around the town for a while,it’s always good to see folk proudly wearing a BRFC scarf. Starved of success we have a support there that needs to be attracted back. Have just been able to absorb some of what went on yesterday. Breathless at times. We sometimes just need to be cannier and more composed. But the signs are definitely there. The unity between players and bench when we scored the third goal yesterday was immense. Hope this all bodes well for the season ahead.
  13. Best & worst £14 quid I’ve spent in a while! Probably need to repaint the woodwork after that. I can’t remember seeing as many efforts hit the woodwork in a game. Great team spirit from our boys putting themselves in front of everything at the end and ultimately could have nicked the match in a mad finale. Goodwillie missed a sitter,Barr could have finished it off twice at the other end. Brennan made the easy hard and the hard stuff elegant. I hope someone got it all on film because it was a classic. MerryOki Xmas
  14. A familiar but hard earned 2-2