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  1. Berwick v QP

    You should see Berwick now...mental wind,sleet and rain
  2. Berwick v Peterhead

    Couldn’t have put it or played it any worse myself Pugsley. Brennan needs dropping,because he keeps dropping. Wilson & co at the back tried to play pass the buck and on a sticky wicket it was a recipe for the shambles that ensued. But where is the midfield? Not one player could take the ball and hold on to it. We were second to everything. The ‘Heed will never get an easier afternoon. 3 new signings and that’s we are rewarded with! Worrying times
  3. Berwick v Peterhead

    Utter shambles
  4. Berwick v Peterhead

    Another goal fest 4-3 DT
  5. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Having not been around the town for a while,it’s always good to see folk proudly wearing a BRFC scarf. Starved of success we have a support there that needs to be attracted back. Have just been able to absorb some of what went on yesterday. Breathless at times. We sometimes just need to be cannier and more composed. But the signs are definitely there. The unity between players and bench when we scored the third goal yesterday was immense. Hope this all bodes well for the season ahead.
  6. Best & worst £14 quid I’ve spent in a while! Probably need to repaint the woodwork after that. I can’t remember seeing as many efforts hit the woodwork in a game. Great team spirit from our boys putting themselves in front of everything at the end and ultimately could have nicked the match in a mad finale. Goodwillie missed a sitter,Barr could have finished it off twice at the other end. Brennan made the easy hard and the hard stuff elegant. I hope someone got it all on film because it was a classic. MerryOki Xmas
  7. A familiar but hard earned 2-2
  8. Berwick Rangers v East Fife

    Can remember tearing EF a new one a few years back 1-3 when we weren’t supposed to. Same result tomorrow would be dandy
  9. Having spurned our recent advances and romantic gestures,maybe Goodwillie didn’t get the love letters,let’s hope our recently rejuvenated band of the Harvey variety continue our recent winning streak. Who knows,perhaps we can be more than good friends once more, and keep this relationship going another season
  10. Six Pointa Berwick vs Albion

    3-1 dream team. Question is, do we have enough turnstile operators..!?
  11. Stirling Albion v Berwick

    So we have a new keeper, maybe a centre-half would have been more the ticket. JH obviously doesn’t rate the Hibs boy. Onward and upward
  12. Berwick v Cowdenbeath

    I think I remember us winning the league at Central Park, that was fun
  13. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Lot of pressure on his first afternoon out at home. I agree it is better to have someone in the seat however we lose it’s unthinkable. This is a massive game for us, a big day for Gretna players but they have nothing to lose. It’s Hawick all over. We really need a win to get the season going, a loss and no cup money. We hope and pray it’s a winning start. Think I’ll save the board backslapping until it’s job done.
  14. Scotland v Portugal

    Just seen ‘highlights’ and really should know better. We stink. We are adrift in the ocean of worldwide football and there are no lifeboats Portugal played reserves and walked it. A home game is now a non event. You ask folk if they even know the score after a match and they haven’t a clue. The national football is past crisis, it’s deceased. My membership card sits in a drawer discontinued long ago. And here comes AM saying we played well. [emoji15]I you carry son, a wee spell in rehab beckons