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  1. The recent shenanigans with keyboard warriors has perhaps dissuaded me from saying to much on here, I have after all only been to one game this season. Probably more than some others. I had intended to go to the Stirling game but in solidarity with my train striking brothers( I had no choice)I cannot. However I will keep up to date via Twitter’s highs and lows. No doubt followed by of ‘ best team ever’ if we win or ‘ Malcolm begone’ should we succumb to a Pyper back pass or another abysmal offside. And here’s the thing. We are Berwick. Maybe we should be old enough and used to the fact it’s always like this. Polar views, factional on both terrace and upstairs, logistically difficult to attain players who can now play for clubs half an hour from Edinburgh in the same league for the same money. Great for expecting the unexpected but like a relationship with a volatile ex can twist you up and leave you bitter and twisted. All the while knowing you just can’t let go. Anyway, I’m expecting the ex around three o’clock. I know I should just not answer but I’m fickle. Wish us/me luck.
  2. Credit to your team, the grounds man and even the annoying drummer.
  3. Well, Rennie didn’t do much tonight but was in the company of quite a few invisible men. He didn’t get much of chance with the ghost that was Lewis Baker standing still beside him. What SM thought in leaving LB on so long can only be because Heeps has an injury. Which asks a bigger question, why are we so short of players this early?
  4. A wins a win and a that. Take the points and move on. Wasn’t there but the highlights showed a few leggy souls and ultimately a poor Gretna second half. Pypes might just need a rest. Hoping to get to Tranent Tuesday. Should be good one.
  5. What a difference a day( or two) makes. I too have had very little appetite for this season, with all the nonsense surrounding b teams,sponsorship and some of our ‘ senior’ signings. However I believe that’s the first time we have taken a a result off the green side of the old firm. Ever. And the first points from any of the B teams. With Pyper missing I gave us little to no chance but again, what do I know. Let’s hope they get stuck in to Gretna come Saturday.
  6. Our average age came down with signing of Thomas Kay…to about 35
  7. Crap home strip. Just sayin
  8. Was a bit surprised they offered extensions back in November, or was that a reaction to the Finnie debacle? On players just didn’t want to single anyone out. I would say if Calum Smith wasn’t good enough or past it then Baker certainly isn’t good enough.. May he prove me wrong. Also hope that Anderson has the time left in his legs to take us to nirvana ( or Coatbridge)
  9. Just seen today’s announcement, are we the new Loons?
  10. Been a while since I was able to join in on here, Blooming android phone! So, takes a breath, what to make of this year? I want to firstly a great big well done to those putting off field effort in to the club and those spending hard earned money. To the players who have bust a gut and the hardy few that have travelled the miles and been through thick and thin. I was really optimistic of a top six finish so take the OF out and we have it I guess. But, although there are many, many good things going on the club, I am probably of the opinion that re-signing players who got us into this position are not going to take us any further. I was really hoping to add some quality perhaps X league players even somebody with a winning record. Whenever you come up against decent side in this league we hit a brick wall. Yes, there have been a couple of good results but Even against some of the lesser lights and on synthetic surfaces we have come undone I am not totally convinced the manager has a game changing head on him either. I may be one of a handful but I’m not totally convinced. He is no way short of passion and does deserve this next season, no doubt but he must see that some in the team are pretty average. And some of those are already re-signed, bizarre. I must question the directors as much as Malcolm for that. Whilst i appreciate , signings may be forthcoming we seem to have re-signed some who have had a patch of form or that chase hard not necessarily have decent ability. We need a hard git in the middle. A-Greedy b up front and a goalie that takes control of his area. And we need them signed asap. We live in hope as this next season is crucial.
  11. Did you think Dalbeatie were any better than Caley or Gretna?
  12. Could be a tasty one tomorrow with a few old friends now foes
  13. Was a tad worried we wouldn't make the upgrade this season but that's a good win tonight.
  14. Apparently not at this time. Don't think it is allowed or viable
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