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  1. I watched the first half before going to bed. Was pretty much what o expected. For all FCZ are clearly on another level from Linfield technically, they looked like conceding any time Linfield put it in the box. Had one of the few first half chances went in, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Linfield had ended up winning. Mostly I’m happy that Marchesano set up the opener and Gnonto scored the second. It keeps up the facade that I have half an idea of what I’m talking about football wise…
  2. Right now there is definitely nothing to fear from FCZ. They still have a few players who will be worth watching(Gnonto and Marchesano are always good for something and if Dzemaili is fit he will be the best player on the park) but they really do look nothing like the team that won the league quite easily last season. It wouldn’t be a surprise at this point if they struggle against Linfield. Just pretend that Kybun is Easter Road and you’ll get a result no bother. I’d be grateful for the game being moved to be honest. Letzigrund is a fucking terrible place to watch football.
  3. On this seasons form I would have Hearts as favourites. Lost their coach, top scorer and arguably their best midfielder, with the players leaving on Bosmans and their replacements looking decidedly shit.
  4. Decent draw for Hearts. Linfield are fucking muck and FCZ have been unbelievably shite so far this season.
  5. Had my usual weekly swatch on Watchfinder today and noticed that a huge number of the IWC's listed have all had 10-20% removed from the asking price. Torn between buying one or seeing what else drops.
  6. I’m used to driving with people who seem to lose every ounce of sense and judgement when they reach a round about. There’s one 2 lane effort not far from the house and every other time I have to use it I end up shouting and screaming at some c**t. Even with all the signs approaching it the c***s just don’t get where to position their car and what lanes to use for what exits. Almost every time you get people driving straight through as though there was only one lane and cutting straight across you with no indication they are planning on using the exit that is next.
  7. Was on holiday last week, drove down through Italy to Genoa then along the coast into Franc and onto Nice. Italian drivers are fucking fast. The limit was 110, which I initially stuck to, but due to the speed they were overtaking at I ended up averaging about 140 and I was still amongst the slower drivers on the motorway. Fucking mentalists. They also have this strange habit on the motorways of hogging the line between whichever lanes of the motorway they are using. Lost count of the amount of c***s on the 3 lane motorways who would drive on the dividing line between the middle and left lanes, just to make it a wee bit easier to overtake, I assume. French drivers are another matter altogether. You felt as though they hadn't considered the possibility that there could ever be other people using the road. They were fucking horrendous at everything.
  8. I have some Shell shares in my SIPP, bought a decade or so ago at about the current price. Anyone looking at the value now compared to then would say that at face value it was a poor investment. That ignores the fact I have received about half the value back in dividend payments. Using share price alone is a stupid way of judging performance. Probably not worth it for us then. Need to look at the basics first anyway, the windows are needing replaced in the next few years and they will likely make a bigger difference to heating use.
  9. Not sure if it is the right thread to ask but is anyone using a geothermal pump for heating and hot water, and if so, is it worth the cost?
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