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  1. Don’t hear much about that sort of thing where I am but there was a run of break ins in one of the towns not far from here. New estate with a lot of expensive houses, which, ironically, had a fair number or local coppers living in it. c***s are welcome to break into my gaff. There is f**k all worth taking.
  2. I made a c**t of my 4th guess in all honesty. Wasn’t paying enough attention and discovered a new word.
  3. I tried a couple of IWC’s on a few weeks ago, both looked and felt significantly bigger on my wrist than they looked like they should. Has put me off a bit but i still think they are fantastic looking watches.
  4. Going to look at a couple of watches next week, both Omega Aqua Terra’s, one 38mm the other 41mm. Prefer the larger one but probably suit the smaller one, will see how they look when I try them on. Either way I am taking one of them.
  5. FCZ absolutely pumped again today, at home to Sion. Almost at the point that if Hearts don’t knock them out it will be embarrassing.
  6. I watched the first half before going to bed. Was pretty much what o expected. For all FCZ are clearly on another level from Linfield technically, they looked like conceding any time Linfield put it in the box. Had one of the few first half chances went in, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Linfield had ended up winning. Mostly I’m happy that Marchesano set up the opener and Gnonto scored the second. It keeps up the facade that I have half an idea of what I’m talking about football wise…
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