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  1. I’m hoping we can use the last year as a stick to beat my employer with to ensure some level of working from home is the normal in future. 2 days in the office, 3 at home would be ideal. If they want us back in the office full time, they better have some serious justification for it.
  2. My older brother is 15 years older than my youngest brother. Only now when I look at it that I realise how much work it must have been for my mum!
  3. Do you think people will behave responsibly post reopening of pubs: Almost everyone says no Will you behave responsibly: Almost everyone says yes
  4. Not sure I could manage with that sort of time difference between the youngest and oldest. Mate of mines has a boy who has not long turned 18 and his youngest is 2. Just seems mental to me. Perhaps if I'd had the first when I was in my early 20's instead of late 30's it wouldn't seem quite as bad!
  5. It’s a fairly transparent attempt at promoting “Britishness” in the hope it reminds those pesky nationalists in Scotland, Ireland and Wales of everything they love about the place.
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