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  1. Indeed, though he probably would have settled for the abbreviated “They Tory c***s are lying b*****ds and only in it to fill their pockets. Don’t fucking listen to them”.
  2. I think if you were going to criticise anything that she said, it would have to be because her words weren’t strong enough.
  3. In all seriousness, with the way the UK has been run since 2008, and the chronic underfunding of mental health provision, I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more than it has.
  4. With a bit of luck he'll end up with a bad case of Czech Neck at worst.
  5. Makes sense. Not quite the forewarning of doom that it would usually be then. I’m still considering getting something a bit bigger, will need to put it off until after we move house. Just looking at prices, folk are asking for about 3 grand more than I paid for my current motor, despite it being 18 months older and having 30k km more on the clock than when I bought it. Nuts.
  6. Anyone know what the new car market is like right now? Generally a sign of the economy going tits up if new car sales fall. Used market seems to be the same here. One of the local well known chains usually has a couple of hundred cars outside at any given time. When I drove past the other day there must have been a couple of dozen at most.
  7. While it certainly looks contrived, it’s not really that remarkable if true. They are inconveniencing hundreds of vehicles at a time. The odds of one of them being an emergency vehicle and one of them being someone going for a job interview are probably quite short. The TV producers will be asking everyone who is stopped by them and handpicking the only ones worthy of sensationalism.
  8. He said "Escorting a VIP", not "VIPing an Escort".
  9. If he thought it would increase his chances of fucking them, he would definitely consider it.
  10. Sadly, I feel you are being more than ambitious to suggest that anyone around the age of 40 or under will be retiring at 67. I’ll be surprised if the pension age isn’t 5 years older at least by the time I get to that point, and I’m a few months short of turning 40.
  11. 35 year mortgage is probably appropriate in most cases. If you buy when you are under 40 you’ll be paying it off as you retire, which in the UK is still why most folk buy. Theres a wealth tax here, which varies from canton to canton, but essentially it means no one ever wants to pay off their mortgage at any point, as it then becomes an asset owned by you and you pay tax on the value. I think where I am it’s 1% per year on the value above 100k.
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