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  1. Been rife in Scotland for at least 15 years. I was drinking in The Smugglers Inn in Yoker around that point and the disabled toilet had the biggest queue in there, with no one hiding what it was being used for. There were guys at that point spending hundreds a night on it, easily tanning their weeks wages between that and the bevvy. I’ve dabbled the odd time, as have the majority of folk my know who are around my age(40), and I know folk who can’t have a beer without immediately talking about getting a gram at some point later in the evening. Fortunately the majority of my close friends have either never bothered, or like me, only tried it the odd time and decided they were capable of being an insufferable arsehole without it. Only thing it is good for is straightening you up a bit after 8 or 9 pints to help you hammer another 8 or 9, and I’m not convinced that’s a particularly good thing for most of the folk who use it for that. Each to their own with it but there is no doubt there are significant problems facing a huge number of people when they finally get what is in the post from the amount of coke so many of them are rattling through.
  2. I’ve read your reasoning. I’m asking if there is actual real world evidence that supports your reasoning.
  3. You are making the claim that wage increases in line with inflation will cause further inflation. I am asking you to support your claim. That’s how debate works. Correlation is not the same as causation. Keep that in mind when you provide evidence to back up your view.
  4. Again, can you provide evidence that wage push inflation is actually a major contributor to inflation in general?
  5. 9/10 for Thursday. Was 50/50 on the Bridge question and got it wrong. First time in ages I got to the end thinking i was fairly sure I was on at least 8/10.
  6. Can you provide evidence that wage push inflation was actually a major reason for what happened in the 70’s? There are parallels with the oil price rising sharply and the pound being devalued just before the start of that decade(As it has been with Brexit), now you also have Covid causing serious supply chain issues and the effects of Ukraine/Russia outside of the energy side of things, all of this coming off the back of a 15 year run of QE, but nothing to date is down to wage increases. Inflation is rampant thanks to myriad reasons, the average punter is not one of them and giving pay rises in line with inflation will likely have minimal impact on it, especially when the BOE bumps the interest rate up another % or so and folk have to find another few hundred quid a month to cover mortgage and rent increases.
  7. You are correct on the train thing. Usually get the train to Buchs(Which is a few hundred meters from the border) and the bus on from there. The alcohol free beer is a UEFA thing. I got caught out with that at Luzern v St Johnstone.
  8. Think I have been to watch Aarau there on 4 occasions, every time you get the train to Vaduz and they organise busses direct to the stadium. Only a 5 minute drive I guess, just seems far more remote than it is due to the scenery. 6 can journey one way from Aarau to Vaduz, and beer on tap when you are there. It has proven to be a very dangerous away day for me.
  9. Cracking away trip to Vaduz, though the stadium is in the middle of nowhere. The scenery is unreal.
  10. Staying part of the UK is as much an economic risk as independence. The UK can’t make it work financially.
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