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  1. At the moment I reckon if I pushed myself I could manage 17/18k ok, albeit at a much reduced pace. Based on the 14.5 I done on Saturday there wasn't at all a point where I felt low on energy or needing a drink. In the past if I was planning on going over 10 I would take something and try to force it down around the 7/8km mark even if I wasn't feeling the need. Should probably just get back to that approach but keep some in reserve for later too. Only ever tried energy gel once, when doing the 3 peaks challenge a very long time ago. Was struggling up Snowden on the final leg and a colleague offered me one to get me over the line. Potent stuff, whatever it was, but I'd prefer not to end up using them too often. Making sure I am well prepared this time. Only previous HM I done I put the miles in beforehand, only to have an absolute disaster on the day. I want to make sure I don't do the same again, though if the weather decides to do what it done then I'll just need to accept that the gods of running don't want me doing it sub 2 hours.
  2. Subject that has probably come up here before, and I am too lazy to go back and search - Eating/Drinking while running... Other than when it is ridiculously hot, I never take food or water with me on a run. I can manage 10k quite easily without food or water, and when I was out on Saturday evening managed 14.5k without needing to take anything in either. At what stage do most folk start needing a drink or something to eat to keep going? I'm determined when I get this HM done next year I will absolutely fucking nail it this time after the debacle that was my last effort at that distance, so want to start factoring all this shite in early.
  3. Another 10k tonight, just over 53 minutes. Still not quite where I want to be for that distance but slowly chipping away at it.
  4. Took Ryan to the thermal spa a couple of weeks ago. Initial reaction was one of confusion, then he went absolutely fucking mental, in a very good way. Will definitely be getting ham back there soon.
  5. Not been getting out as much as I would like, last 3 weeks I have managed 1 run a week. All the same I am increasing the distance each time. Managed 14.5k in 1 hour 22 tonight. A little over the pace I was aiming for(5:30 per km) but with the general lack of running I am happy enough with my progress.
  6. Advice on the current Scottish quarantine rules please. If I come back for a visit, I think I need to quarantine for 14 days? Am I allowed to stay at a relatives house? If so, and i stay at my mums house, am I allowed to mix with everyone else staying there or would I be confined to the one room the entire 14 days?
  7. 9/10 for Thursday. Question 10 wrong. Possibly the first ever Shakespeare question I knew the answer to and didn’t have to take a complete guess.
  8. The next one I intend on doing just that!
  9. Considered that for the tyres but as the car needed a service I took the lazy option and got them to do that but too. The resale value here for cars that don’t have a full service history with a reputable firm is horrendous compared to those that do. I essentially just paid the money to slow down the depreciation of value for when I get something bigger in a year or two. Tyre change on its own cost me 120chf in April/May.
  10. Had the wheels and tyres already, got both sets with the car. 2014 Polo with 70k miles on the clock. I had been expecting 3/400 quid equivalent. Apparently what I have paid is about as low as it gets here after the first full service. Hopefully tax deductable...
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