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  1. You need to hit out with the young patter. Something like “Ah like the PlayStation. Dae you like the PlayStation?“
  2. I am assuming they will cancel the other games due to be played during the quarantine period. That would mean rescheduling 2 or 3 games. It might look OK now but if any other side has a few players testing positive, you will quickly run out of time.
  3. Happened a month or so back here when they were finishing the season. FC Zürich had a few players diagnosed. Most of the first team squad had to quarantine and they had to play what was largely a youth team. They lost both games they played under those conditions, I think 4-0 in both cases. As far as I am concerned, the same should have happened here. Either play the game with a much weakened side, or concede a 3-0 walkover. Given the lack of free dates to reschedule fixtures, they cannot do this every time a few players test positive. The season will have to be abandoned again if they do this. Any word on the Aberdeen games which are also scheduled for the quarantine period? I assume they have at least 1 other match in the next 10 days?
  4. Not long back in from another 10k. Sadly the cooler spell of weather has passed and it was back above 20c when I went out. Had to slow the pace right down and got round in 59 minutes. Just spent an age under a cold shower and still sweating...
  5. Download the Freeletics app and have a look through their workouts. A few on there which require no equipment and can easily be done at home.
  6. Public transport here is generally incredibly thorough and reliable. Unless you live halfway up a mountain, there is little need to drive. From the age of 22-30, before I left Scotland, I spent most of the time renting flats in the West End and City Centre of Glasgow. Again, little need for a car. Had Jennifer not fallen pregnant, I probably wouldn’t have bothered learning.
  7. My missus was OK with me having a bevvy while she was pregnant, but with her being pregnant the opportunities were far rarer, other than when I was home and then I would have a skinful. Last couple of months of the pregnancy I pretty much gave up in case anything happened and I had to drive her to the hospital. They have fairly strict 0% laws on drink driving during the first 3 years of having a license, so I had to make sure I was completely clean in that respect. Since then I just haven't really bothered, even when she has encouraged me to go and catch up with folk. The fact I would only be able to have 1 or 2 at most(Due to the driving thing) puts me off, as I have always been a bit of a binge drinker.
  8. Had less than a dozen beers since February. Not fussed either way about it.
  9. It's like that time Wolfgang Wolf was the manager of Wolfsburg, amiright?
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