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  1. The ones I have had so far have all been comfortable enough, that said it has basically been the same trainer(Rio Branco or SDU Rec, going by Google) in different colours each time. This is the first time I have decided to try something else from them, so will see how it goes.
  2. I assume Inverness is relatively well off and the residents can afford to show people how much they care about the world? I get the impression that this is main reason they took off here, and the main reason I question whether or not I want another pair whenever I buy them.
  3. When I bought the first pair I had, I had never heard of them, just seen a pair of trainers I liked and that was it. Got home and a few days later I noticed one of the shops near the house was selling them. The shop nearby only sells stuff that is “ethically sound” I guess, all micro brands that are fair trade, use recycled materials and all that palaver. Have only bought them since then, whenever I need a new pair. Rarely seen anyone else wearing them until around 18 months ago, now they seem to be everywhere here.
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