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  1. Other Leagues 15/16

    Grasshoppers have largely been fucked since selling their old ground and moving into the Letzigrund with FCZ. A large part of their support have boycotted the ground since, and it’s not unheard of for them to take more to away games than they get at home. FCZ have been horrendously mismanaged also, and both are running significant losses year on year. The city of Zürich are due to have another vote on building a football specific stadium for the teams, as the Letzigrund really isn’t popular with anyone as a football venue, but it’s again looking likely that the public will reject it. Combining the teams and getting all the major Zürich companies involved in sponsoring a “Zürich Utd” is a suggestion that keeps resurfacing, and I’d say it’s far more realistic an outcome here than it would be in Dundee or Edinburgh. They would instantly lose most of the 10k or so hardcore that both teams attract at home between them now, but long term the Swiss are far more open to the “logical solution”. Zürich is more definitely more “banks, bribery and brothels”.
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    Touch and go on that one. I think right now it was more about getting a bit of momentum created again, which has been seriously lost while everyone gets stuck into Brexit. Would definitely say that it's a "Now or never" moment as far as Scottish independence goes.
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    So pension funds would be worthless as well? Depends on what the pension is invested in. Most will be likely be relatively unaffected, asset prices, particularly on stable, large cap stocks, will see their GBP price inflated as companies deal in so many currencies as it is, and will likely be hedged against any drop. Anything that is mostly cash based would be most at risk in the scenario I paint. In my particular case though I earn in CHF and the debt is in GBP, so if GBP drops then the value of the debt drops. Not a certainty, of course, but more than likely.
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    Comments on the BBC article are as expected. PS, in terms of the UK's balance of payments, North Sea Oil is absolutely huge. The prospect of losing that would see a similar, if not greater hit, to the value of GBP as we seen post Brexit vote. PPS, for the reason above, please vote for independence. All the debt I carry is in GBP and it would be borderline worthless if Scotland voted Yes. This would please me immensely.
  5. Belgium

    Just mind and pace yourself. Average ABV on the beers there was easily 7.5 to 8 %. Fair to say it felt like it too.
  6. Kieran Tierney

    Statistics don’t prove anything. They may suggest something, but that something crumbles completely under the most basic scrutiny. I will give you something though, he has definitely played a lot more for his club than he has for his country. Would never have expected that.
  7. Belgium

    Aside from sleeping we spent next to no time in the hotel. Location was handy for dropping stuff off after shopping and getting a change of clothes. Most of the time was spent walking around and nipping in and out of the cafes, bars, restaurants and pubs.
  8. Belgium

    Was updating my response as you posted this!
  9. Kieran Tierney

    The difference is negligible. Your point was that he misses Scotland games when fit. Statistics and the fixture list would suggest you are wrong. He misses Scotland games generally when he is also missing Celtic games. The international football calendar is almost entirely the reason for the statistical differences. What’s the saying again? There’s lies, there’s damned lies, and there’s fuds on football forums who keep coming back under different user names because they get banned for being fuds?
  10. Belgium

    Will double check later and come back to you... ETA: We stayed in the Hotel O Kathedral. Wasn’t exactly luxurious, but due to the location also wasn’t the cheapest. Very much right in the old town, which is what we wanted. If you google it, ignore the pictures of the bar, it looks much bigger than it is. Only other thing I can really remember about it was the ludicrous artwork on the wall behind the bed. Not everyday you waken up and see naked cherubs floating over your head.
  11. Kieran Tierney

    He was fit and available for Celtic in a period in which 3 Scotland games were played. He played in 2 of them. which is 67% The other 4 games were played during a period in which he also played no football at club level. Your point is that he misses games at national level when he doesn't for his club. That is why I am ignoring them, and disproving you in the process.
  12. Kieran Tierney

    2016/17 He played in 40 of Celtics 59 games, around 68 %. He played in 2 of Scotlands 7 games that I can see(29%) but given that 4 of those matches came between October and March, when he was also missing games for Celtic due to injury, it simply backs up the opposing view rather than yours.
  13. Kieran Tierney

    Working this out roughly, via Wikipedia. 2017/18 is a marginal difference. Had he played in 1 of the other Scotland games it would have been almost the same, % wise. 2018/19 he has missed a significant number of games for both club and country. The recent double header for Scotland, which he missed, is the only thing that means his % of games played for Scotland isn't identical to his club rate. Admit it, you just don't like him because FTOF. 2017/18 Celtic games: 61 Tierney appearances 55 % 90 Scotland games 9 Tierney appearances 7 % 78 2018/19 to date: Celtic games 58 Tierney appearances 37 % 63 Scotland games 8 Tierney appearances 3 % 38
  14. Kieran Tierney

    The stats lie quite frequently. How many matches has he missed for Celtic this season, through injury? This has him missing 18 since December, and that doesn't include the Hibs game at the weekend. Clearly though, he was only faking that so he had a good excuse to pull out of the Scotland squad.