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  1. Netflix

    Finished Russian Doll. Decent enough, though I thought the ending was a bit too obvious. Will watch Abducted in Plain sight next. After that I have no idea.
  2. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    Neither of us is funny.
  3. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    Not sure you got the joke.
  4. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    I feel you are failing to see how empathetic this girl actually is. If not for her and other girls like her offering comfort and a feminine touch, those young men out there who are killing, looting, raping and bombing for fun would probably go absolutely mental.
  5. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    She is 19 now, so has to deal with the consequences of her actions if she comes back.
  6. Underachieved how? Celtic are not a big team in European terms. Their performances over the last 5 years have them down as "Some time CL cannon fodder, some time Europa League latter stages", which is exactly where they should be when everything is considered.
  7. The Bethnal Green Schoolgirls

    You have to hand it to ISIS, this sort of thing is a tremendous recruitment tool. It's no wonder they get young men signing up when they can do so with the promise of some young bit to bang, safe with the knowledge that they don't have to deal with the fall out of not pulling out. 15 is a bit young mind you, so definite room for improvement. I like where they are going with it though. On a serious note, she is British, so Britain has to deal with it. Bring her back, give the wean to her family or put it into care, and charge her under whatever terrorism laws she can be charged under. Leaving her there to rot might be just in the eyes of some, but it would feed the propaganda of the type of folk she was taken in by in the first place.
  8. I agree. He should have won at least one Challenge Cup to go with every other domestic trophy he has picked up so far.
  9. Felt that Valencia were playing well within themselves last night. Happy to let Celtic have as much of the ball as they wanted, then pounced when they had the chance. Celtic really struggled with their short passing when put under any kind of pressure. Every second touch was a tackle and every other pass a hospital ball. Brown was particularly inept in the first half. Last 15-20 minutes, following the introduction of Edouard and Weah, the ball stuck a bit more up the other end. Until then, Burke had offered absolutely nothing, and the only threat being offered was from Sinclair, who had a decent enough game. Scoreline was a fair reflection on the match.
  10. Oliver Burke

    I'd expect the champions of the league ranked 16th by coefficient to be better than the champions of the league ranked 20th, so there shouldn't really be any backlash. Likewise, in this case, a team appearing in the latter stages of European competition should be better than a team sitting 4th in Englands second tier. The only people who make it an issue are either arrogant, ignorant, or looking for reasons to take offence at something. As for Burke, I think last night was more evidence that he is not a centre forward. The Valencia centre halves are both very good players, but they dealt with him far easier than they really should have been able to.
  11. Tinder

    She’ll get to you after she has sent a reply to the 71 other c***s who sent her that message today...
  12. A Celtic fan supporting the occupation?
  13. The get fit, stay fit thread

    I tend to stick to the fixed machines when I'm at the gym, because I don't trust myself to keep the correct form and shape. Would rather be slightly inefficient than end up doing long term damage.
  14. Oliver Burke

    Yeah, that looks a fairly certain outcome. Everything I have read from him recently he has pretty much been begging Celtic to make it a permanent move. Whether or not West Brom are willing to write off enough of their investment there for Celtic to be able to afford it is the question there I think, but if he continues performing for Celtic, particularly tonight and the 2nd leg v Valencia, you can see someone being willing to take the risk on him again.