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  1. 100% agree . First sign of Spring and the prices always go up due to increased demand......add the continued effect of COVID on holiday prices and the only direction for the price is up. Off to view a flat on Thursday that is in the price range that would leave enough left over to buy a camper also. Will see how it goes and take it from there. After today’s commute home from work I might buy a snow plow instead.
  2. Possible, but for the sake of the next car I buy and the conversations it will bring with the missus, I am blaming the commute and the answer is "Something a bit bigger and more luxurious".
  3. When I bought it this time last year I was only expecting to use it around town when doing the shopping or getting her and the boy to see her family. Done the work commute by train. Obviously, things went a wee bit weird and this is part of the result of that. Was in the office full time for 3/4 months for a bit around the end of the summer which is when I noticed it was causing me a lot of back and leg pain, but now back to 1 day a week in the office, which doesn't seem to bother my body quite as much.
  4. Tried buying a few extra bits and pieces to use at home so that when the snow kicks in here I'm still doing something. Almost everything is sold out and expected to be delivered in March at the earliest. Fucking wild.
  5. Currently looking to buy a house or flat over here, so have a fair bit of cash tied up in that. Depending on what we buy, the balance will most likely be going towards that. Apart from anything else, the last few flights we took between here and home were utterly horrendous and the missus has developed a bit of a fear of flying, more so since our son was born. Unless I can convince her otherwise, I will need something spacious and comfortable enough that we can drive home in it without breaking my back in the process. My Polo gets me about OK but I definitely felt it in my legs and back when I was doing 160km a day between work and home last summer.
  6. Had to get the turbo something or other replaced just before Christmas. New one fitted cost about 500 quid all in(600 CHF in real money). A bit annoying, but a lot cheaper than I expected here. Still considering buying a camper van. Prices appear to have dropped a couple of grand in the last few months. I guess a lot of people bought them at the beginning of Covid and are now regretting that decision. Will hold off another few months and see if prices fall further.
  7. That was a bonus, but not the main reason that I wanted us to keep going. The danger involved in stopping is that you might not get going again, and even if you do it can take a while to get up to speed. Continuing as much as possible to help avoid either of those situations was always my preference.
  8. Another 10k tonight, another 30 seconds back off it. Even with a few layers on, -4 is still quite fucking cold. Took a bit to get going.
  9. Cut the league down to a half season and play out the remaining 6/7 games that are left. Or call it on points per game and let whoever is top worry about getting licensed for the play off...
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