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  1. Friend of mines, on a football trip down south watching Cardiff, had his drink spiked with viagra. At one point in the game, most of the away end was singing “There’s only one Packie Bonnar”, with half of them coming to point and laugh at him while singing. I don’t think any of them knew who Bonnar is/was, other than someone whose name rhymes with “stauner”.
  2. Been a while since I read “The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson but I seem to recall it cropping up there and in other places that psychopaths tend to do well as business leaders because they can make tough decisions without feeling guilt or empathy for those affected by the decision they are making. Makes sense in many ways.
  3. Not a fan of their stuff and their bars are now exactly what they set out not to be, in that they are now the mainstream, but I’m not seeing a huge amount in any of the allegations that are worthy of the coverage they got. The hospitality industry is, by and large, a shite place to work in terms of money and conditions, but that’s pretty much universal across the industry. It strikes me a bit of them following up on the rumours, not really finding much to go on, and padding it out as much as possible just to fill the space. Disappointing from Daly, he is capable of a hell of a lot better.
  4. I can only assume this means you are not a "Half Man Half Biscuit" fan.
  5. An old acquaintance fell out with me a couple of years ago when I pointed out that some psychic she visited who seemed to know intimate family details probably just read her last years worth of Facebook posts before meeting her.
  6. Wordle 219 3/6 Roughly 35 minutes between guess 2 and guess 3 to come up with any word that could possibly fit.
  7. I assume you understand how the draw worked and that we wouldn’t have been drawn at home to them? Thought we were seeing the game out comfortably, really didn’t see that coming. Absolute kick in the c**t and then some. Trying to keep perspective on it all, we’ve come an astonishingly long distance over the last 15-20 years, and there is now a clear path to keep progressing, but it doesn’t help much right now.
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