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  1. Was the first place we started going to when we branched out from Clydebank, mostly because half the crowd were still underage and it had a reputation for being a little easier than most to get served in. Would have been around 2000 or so we were in there most Saturday nights.
  2. Has to be one of the most one sided cup finals I have ever watched. Fraser Forster should be walking away with 11 winners medals.
  3. 1999 I was served my first pint. Went for Tennents as it was the first thing I seen when the barmaid asked. Was around £1.70 a pint in The Douglas. Later graduated to Whisky Joes where they charged about 20p more. The Douglas is still reassuringly cheap compared to most other pubs in Clydebank, despite its modern day fame.
  4. It gives backing to the argument that independence is the only thing she cares about. That said, she couldn't really back down as it would have been attacked by those who think she isn't committed enough to pushing for independence. Can't really win so do as little damage as possible I think is the approach.
  5. They could always ask him outright if he is racist and then bring up some of his previous as evidence that he is...
  6. I can see a lot of merit in some of the arguments being put forward that the current trans movement online is very much misogynistic, as well as merit to the arguments over whether trans athletes should be allowed to compete against biological females. The whole self ID thing also needs a bit of looking into, in terms of the potential unintended consequences. A lot of those contributing to it do their causes no good in the way they go about things either. The fact so many try to conflate multiple issues as one and the same should be a massive warning sign also. Wings is a fucking crackpot but, if that there is absolutely no question.
  7. My plan is to take her instant camera in and get a photo or two with that. She has a load of albums with thousands of pictures taken over the last 7 or so years(Or whatever time has passed since I bought it for her) and they will all end up in there. The quality isn't great but I have to agree with her assertion that in some way the pictures generally look more authentic. Everyone else can put up with seeing photos of those photos.
  8. I lived on Holland St in Glasgow city centre for a while. This was generally the case with most fights I seen. I once seen a guy getting his head kicked in when he tried to step between a girl who was laying into what I assumed was her boyfriend. Both of them turned on the would be white knight and gave him a good shoeing before she skelped her boyfriend one last time and stormed off.
  9. The obvious answer is to get it down on paper, signed sealed and delivered. Not my idea of foreplay but if it keeps me from a murder charge then it's a small price to pay,
  10. Surely in these circumstances she IS the Howitzer?..
  11. I've put on about 4kg since she fell pregnant. I have a decent enough build but was nothing like "Cut" and do not plan on being so. I just don't want to look like a fat c**t in the pictures.
  12. She asked me to turn off the gas. What else was I meant to do?
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