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  1. Surprises me. That said, I have made a point of only ever swapping with people who are in Switzerland also, because I know how reliable the Swiss(and their postal service) are. While I am here, I received the Lewandowski sticker I ordered from Panini, arrived yesterday. Book now completed!
  2. I know a boy from Malaga who I worked with here when I first moved over, worked in the same pub for a while. Spoke to him ages ago on Facebook after he posted about Brexit and the Brits leaving for home. A fair chunk of the local hospitality sector was being funded by folk earning cash in hand and when they fucked off the pubs and restaurants suffered for it. He was hoping they would be allowed to stay on because the local governments know how important the black market economy was to those working above board.
  3. At face value it sounds like an attempt to get all the cash in hand lot to come back and contribute just a wee bit more than they were previously.
  4. If there are any publicans posting on here there is a small chance they are still feeling the pinch from me taking my business elsewhere.
  5. Probably said it before on this thread, but leaving the UK is without question the best major life decision I have ever made and I have absolutely no plans to move back whatsoever at any time.
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