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  1. The reason for the reaction there has been to this virus is that the elites know that already.
  2. And he is an absolute tosser. Not going to gloat about anyone suffering from this, but the guy was quite willing to risk 200k plus lives for the sake of political ideology. My viewpoint is very much this:
  3. I’ve always hated doing push ups. Decided last week I would force myself to hammer them. Makes up somewhat for the lack of gym time. My target is to get to 20 sets of 20 and then see where I go from there. Spread out over the working day so not a massive task, but still feel the effort when I am getting towards the end.
  4. This is sort of what I am doing while working from home. Sets of 15-20 mind you. 225 is my best so far. On 120 at the moment but planning on another 100 at least before I log out. Got a bit side tracked with actual work earlier, miles behind as a result.
  5. The UK government response differed to almost every other country in Europe who were reacting at around the same time. The advice they were giving out was ambiguous at times and against advice that was being given out elsewhere. The approach changed several times, was rarely stated in definites and was reported alongside contradicting stories from all over the world. The government have a huge amount of blame to take for how things are turning out. British people being arseholes isn’t new. It hasn’t helped but it’s far from the top of the list of contributing factors to what is happening.
  6. Currently waiting on my missus going into at any point now. The two weeks that follow that will probably not register in my brain.
  7. Yeah, I’m not looking forward to it either. The nature of my job means that I spend my working time with either too much to do or nothing to do, and often on the same day. Been able to get so much done around the house during the quiet spells, as well as fit in time to get out for a run or a walk with the missus, do some weights, actually cook my own meals, and a lot else. Result has been more sleep and free time in the evenings, which I can’t recall having had for years. It’s been tremendous.
  8. That’s the wee man officially one day overdue and currently showing no signs of wanting to hurry that up. Definitely evidence that he is mines. As it stands I’ll be allowed in when it all happens, and be the only visitor she is allowed. Been told they will send her home as soon as they possibly can, unless there are any complications. Not ideal for a first timer but as long as both are healthy, I don’t really care.
  9. I’ll be honest, the last week has been tremendous. This lock down malarkey is a piece of piss.
  10. Got a short run(4.5k) which i have been managed 5 times in the last 10 days. Essentially just up and down two hills, then home. 105m climb over a very short distance and leaves me absolutely fucked every time. Taken my time down from 30 minutes to 26 minutes so far. Will keep at it and see if I can get under 24 minutes. Also been trying to do sets of press ups to break up the monotony of working from home. Started the week with 10 sets of 10, done 11x11 on Tuesday, 13x13 yesterday and 14x14 today. I want to get up to 20x20 before the end of next week and will see how high I can take it thereafter. Will need to make sure I stop whenever we are back in the office mind you. Don’t want to be the new office oddball...
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