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  1. Problem with Peasy getting on SFA band wagon is they the do not control the stadium in which they play, therefor would not be able to guarantee everything required please feel free to correct me if I`m wrong.
  2. If WOS don’t take action can see clubs banning their supporters as any visit from Kilbirnie May deter home supporters going to game or even worse attract the wrong type to come along looking for trouble feel sorry for club and officials but they should have dealt with this problem a long time ago hope person injured at game if true pulls through
  3. Starting keeper got injured and had to be replaced
  4. Trying to cause unrest with Scott wont work you keep sticking his name out their I'm sure the people who run the premier league teams don't need your scouting prowess
  5. Should apply for BGT your a better comedian than the guy who won it
  6. Heard his registration with Cumnock has already been lodged and approved ,the person to blame here has got to be the player
  7. Really don't understand what you mean, our near neighbours are Cambuslang ,what do they have to do with it?
  8. Are you sure Glenafton get awarded game only saying as I do not know but it may actually e replayed but again only asking as I don’t know
  9. May I ask who was rested I was under opinion they were injured
  10. Especially not Clyde after the way they left the Royal Burgh
  11. I can not disagree with your sentiments , I am just the type of person who believes in sporting integrity and I would be very angry if my team played a weakened team at this stage in the season if we had been lucky enough to be in a safe position, as I said I am possibly naïve but I do have my standards that I try to live up to in life.
  12. I couldn't tell you as I'm not a Rangers supporter I always follow Glencairn and always have I have no affiliation to any senior team other than Scotland
  13. So if Blantyre forfeit then Glenafton get the three points and how many goals
  14. What happens if any of the teams involved say they can not full fill the fixture due to lack of players and decide to forfeit game ( SURELY NOT )
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