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  1. Marshmallo starts a thread to celebrate the best posters of the site and half way through most of the high ranking posters get themselves banned. Nice work
  2. Got too big for their boots and were subsequently banned. "No kings" indeed.
  3. Weeperdee breaking his heart in this thread is one of the saddest things on the Internet. Pull yersel together FFS
  4. I refuse to believe that anywhere is more depressing than Methil.
  5. What case would that be? Are you trying to say that Joe Allen is shite?
  6. 90%of the Rangers fans i know are glory hunters so without the success I don't think they would have ever supported a team from Glasgow when they live in Fife so I think that would answer your question
  7. Contradicting yourself, so you want the state to have more money to support us but you don't want them to have money frm Rangers?
  8. And who does the state represent? Can it represent us as well with less money?
  9. Correction fucktard it's we, ultimately it is the British public being screwed over by Rangers
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