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  1. Additional post to say I will kick f**k out of more emotional wee c***s tae - cry into my fist you soppy chopped child
  2. Shout out to aw the big hitters, the titty twisters and the ballers of Scottish football. None of your shite teams played a final today, you also haven’t taken those c***s to penalties so shut your puss. Square go any wee p***k who is less emotional than me
  3. As a Hearts fan we have bitched about a lot. looking at this shambles and comments though there is some fucking bending of facts and truths from posters. maybe we deserve it but don’t try and cry that what’s happened this week is reasonable because it’s blatant punishment for standing up for ourselves. Scottish football is fucked, the only upside is Rangers & Celtic are fucked too.
  4. I’ve said it before and I will no doubt say it again. Cut out the Fifer bashing, we have enough to deal with
  5. Is this shite still dragging on? Get Budge to f**k and usher in our procession to Championship glory!
  6. Same as it’s always been. Stooped and with an incriminating hard drive
  7. championship was my best season watching Hearts. As someone who goes home and away knowing I don’t have to go to shiteholes like Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Paisley & Glasgow is refreshing. Rather stay home in Kirkcaldy
  8. c***s like me who buy out of sentimentality and don’t give two fucks about this nonsense don’t care. Buying regardless. Same people who would buy if we were playing in the highland league. Matters not a jot
  9. We are bottom of the league because we have been shite all season, that means you get relegated and that’s Budge’s fault (for many reasons). Hearts fans wanting change at league level should be looking closer to home. Partick & Falkirk have more reason to be fucked off with this. Genuinely feel for their clubs and fans. None of this excuses Dundee for being snakey b*****ds. f**k them and their shit city. Bring on next year.
  10. You lasted a couple of weeks more than me. Welcome to the club, I’ll no be back until that c***s got his jotters
  11. Hi Bob, I don’t care about you down voting my post but I am interested in why. if you find some time to let me know I would appreciate it.
  12. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the British army, everyone is entitled to an opinion in remembrance (in any form). The two aren’t tied in any way in the world we live in now btw. maybe until as a country we can behave ourselves and respect others views we keep it away from football? For the record i think remembering sacrifices made by others is a good thing but listening to that moment be abused by others or jumped on with over the top celebration is pretty sickening.
  13. Let's not chuck the debt thing about......everybody does it. the only win is against those cheating c***s Rangers that started it. What ever happened to them?
  14. These are both low quality shite posts that should not be tolerated. Reddie ( eugh) each.
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